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GUIDE Piso Wifi Vendo: Everything You Need to Know About It


on piso wifi pause

Piso wifi is the most eminent internet service provider launched by Pisonet in 2017 in the Philippines. Because of its quality performance and increasing demand in Iceland and the Philippines, it has become more prevalent in a concise period of time.

The routers of Piso wifi have the same IP address as many other brands. Furthermore, you can optimize your wifi settings by logging into the piso wifi.

However, each computer or device has a unique IP address, but is special as it can be used for multiple wifi network brands.

About 4 billion IP addresses have registered on IPv4 communications as a local IP address or a public IP address to that particular device. A public IP address can be easily accessed by everyone while a private IP address is not accessible to everyone, but only to the connected device.

Only 25% of the internet service providers use the latest Internet protocol version IPv6. has been assigned as the default IP address gateway to many router brands like Xfinity, Cisco, and Pisonet. But the IP address should be unique to each device, hence if you are using the router brand with the same IP address, you need to reconfigure the settings of piso wifi by logging into the web.

Before proceeding to reset the settings of your device’s IP address you must be familiar with the term

Let’s explore with us the term

About is the IP address assigned to the Wifi brands to connect wirelessly in a certain area to access on LAN and a private network can not be accessed by anyone publicly. Ping utility services are used to know the IP addresses of any routers.

The IP address of any device contains 4 sets of numbers from 0 to 255 as every device has its unique IP address and it can be used for tracking when illegal activity is performed by any device. It is designed as the first 3 numbers are taken from the network id and the last set of numbers from the device id. While elaborating on the IP address, it is found that 10. is the network id and .0.1 is the device id.

With many other internet service providers, Piso wifi service also uses this unique Piso wifi Vendo as its private IP address.

Piso is a leading internet service provider in the Philippines with millions of users across Europe. Philippines’ leading internet service provider Piso wifi is designed to make it accessible for everyone with less technical knowledge and for those who can not afford costly internet connections. Moreover, the services of Piso wifi are compatible with all devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.

When Can be Used?

Default IP address is used by many internet service providers. You can access them to change your personal settings, firewalls, and primary device that manages all your messages. You need to reconfigure it in your device to make it private which can not be accessed publicly.

Router Brands Using IP address

A number of router manufacturing brands use this unique IP address because of its simplicity and ease to remember. Traditionally, it is used in offices where a large number of devices are connected to one network. Moreover, this is also used for individual purposes or in homes for networking with more than one device.

So let’s have a look at the brands which are using this unique IP address as default are

  • Xfinity
  • Cisco
  • SMC
  • Technicolor
  • Arris
  • Aztech

Piso wifi may be used for business networks, while many use it for devices at home as well. For updating any settings you need to login into the piso wifi vendo portal. 

Benefits of Using Pisowifi

Using Piso wifi has numerous benefits, here we have listed out some of them:

  • Piso wifi is a very easy-to-use platform from where router settings can be done in minutes from anywhere by the admin.
  • No additional technique or lengthy procedure is needed to access this router’s admin panel as it is constructed perfectly.
  • Most importantly, the cost of a Piso wifi router is pretty much low and that can be affordable to everyone.
  • The IP address of Piso wifi is so easy that it can be remembered easily.
  • It helps in managing data transfer, capacity, their clients, and the timings of using the internet.

Piso wifi router is accessible to anyone who can use it to change their settings easily by setting up a Piso wifi router on your device.

Steps to Set Up Piso Wifi

Step1: At first, you need to connect your router with an internet connection

Step2: Now, you need to open your router’s web-based user interface and for this simply type “” on the address bar

Step3: Enter your default Username and Password, as prompted.

Step4: After entering into the web interface, you need to look for the “Wireless” or “Wifi” section in the router interface.

Step5: Make sure you have entered the correct information

Step6: At the end, tap on the “Save” button and exit from the interface.

You are done with it, and now you can connect wirelessly to your pisowifi wifi. 

Process of Login Into Piso Wifi

Let’s proceed with the steps to change your router settings by logging into the portal Piso wifi admin panel.

Step1: First, you need to open your desired browser

Step2: Then visit

Step3: A login window will appear on the screen

Step4: Enter your default Username and Password in the appropriate field

Step5: After that enter into the Router’s Admin Panel window

Step6: Once you have entered the admin panel you can change the settings of your router.

Step7: From here you can change wifi settings, LAN & WAN settings, Username, and Password that you want to change.

How to Reset Piso Wifi Password?

After logging into Piso wifi, you will be at the router setting menu page, from here you need to personalize your network settings. There may be minor variations in the design, menus, or submenus for different brands of internet service providers.

Step1: To open your router interface just type “” in the address bar

Step 2: Here you need to search for the “Administrator” or “Management” section

Step3: After that find the “Password” or “Passcode” section on the page

Step4: Enter your desired “Password”  in the change password section.

Step5: Finally, tap on the “Save” button to fix your new password.

After logging in you can make changes to various settings like LAN & WAN settings, Wifi settings, username, password, and secret code.

Default Username and Password for Routers

The manufacturer brands of routers use different combinations of common usernames and passwords. However, it is pretty difficult to list out all the usernames and passwords used by different brands, but still, we have listed out some of them to check out when changes in settings are needed.

Username Password
admin admin
admin Password
admin [none]
none admin
administrator password
administrator [none]
root root
root [none]

Issues While Connecting With

Let’s find out the issues to connecting with Piso wifi Vendo 

  • Unresponsive Gateway Device

All the devices can not be connected wirelessly to the router network with IP address Only a few routers have the facility to change the settings of the device. For this, you need to connect the router via an ethernet cable to your device. The desktop is equipped with ethernet cable while laptops are not. To overcome this issue, you need to purchase a long ethernet cable or an adaptor from any electronic store to get connected easily.

  • Incorrect Client  Address

As discussed earlier, the IP address for all IPv4 is only 4 digits, not more or less than that. Despite knowing the fact one can mistakenly type the incorrect IP address If you change the IP address of your router it may be quite difficult to remember. So, we suggest you not change the IP address and restore it again by the restore button given on the back of the router.

By giving the wrong IP address you will be unable to connect with your router. So, keep in mind the default IP address is, not this

  • Wrong Username or Password

All the routers are secured with a unique username and password combination. To avoid the glitches that may happen when a hacker will access your wifi connection, you need to customize your router settings according to you.

So first find out the correct username and password combination that may be given on the back of your router.

If unable to find the given Username or password, then scroll through the list of combinations of username and password that we have provided above. To know the correct username and password try it.

When you will find the proper username and password combination, then you can make changes in the setting of your router with IP address Pisowifi 

What is Piso Wifi Pause Time

Here we will talk about Piso wifi pause time.

Piso wifi is designed in such a way that it does not need much technical knowledge to access and is affordable to everyone even on a low budget. piso wifi is very helpful in personalizing your settings. You can change router password, Piso bandwidth, users, and their time-related elements.

With many other features, Piso wifi has a pause time feature on the Piso routers admin panel. If you want to save your bandwidth,  you can opt for the pause option. This will help you in choosing the users who can access your internet and who can not.

Advantages of Piso wifi Pause Time

  • Piso wifi pause is a feature that you can use when you want to stop your internet connection for a while. Whenever unlimited ads or any other distractions are bombarded on any site, you can set a time limit to reduce the uses of data of your Piso wifi.
  • Due to various security reasons where multiple devices are using the same wifi connection, which may reduce the speed of the internet, you can use Piso wifi halt to prevent unwanted users to use the internet connection.
  • Actually, Piso wifi pause time is a perfect way to take a break while you don’t, want to use the internet and don’t have to pay for that.
  • If connecting to a wifi network in your area is disturbed, then you can use Piso wifi pause time to save the unwanted use of your bandwidth and you can prevent the hackers too from guessing your IP address.
  • Using this amazing feature you can save money and data when you don’t use your internet connection. Want an internet connection without paying?  Then Piso wifi is perfect for your requirement, just go for it.

How to Enable or Disable Piso Wifi Pause Time

Whenever your break ends and you want to use the internet again, you need to disable Piso wifi pause.

For this

  • You need to log in to your admin portal
  • Click on the “Set Up” link
  • Enter your username and password
  • Here put the SSID of your Wi fi network
  • From here, you can change the amount of data you want to consume and Enable or Disable pause time

After logging into admin portal, you will be able to enable or disable Piso Wifi pause time. If you use this feature frequently, then, you can fix the time and duration when you want to pause your wifi connection.

This feature will allow you to change settings and time duration when you are offline or online and pause your wifi connection accordingly.

Wrap Up

Piso wifi is a prominent internet service provider in the Philippines.

In the end, we can say that piso wifi Vendo has come with unlimited benefits at an affordable cost and can be accessed without any extensive knowledge of technology.

It is almost a free wi-fi service provider network that just needed a browser and a router and you don’t have to pay for the time when you are not using the internet by enabling the Piso wifi pause time.

Multiple devices can be connected at a time but it may be resulting in a low speed of the internet as it is a private wifi network that is unable to bear very high web load.

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