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The 10 best free web series download websites.



web series download websites

Regardless of movies, series are a film industry that has gained ground year after year, stands out at fairs and awards, and is established as one of the sectors with the most demand among users and movie lovers. Web Series Download websites are currently becoming famous in the world. In their free time, everybody enjoys watching web series. We have revealed the top 10 best Web Series Download websites list to acquire a new Web series download websites for free.

Where to watch TV series online?

There are great series titles such as Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, or the recent work The Game of Thrones, to mention just a few of the blockbuster projects that are definitely worth seeing. It is not for nothing that world-class companies such as The Rolling Stone magazine or The New York Times have named and ranked them as the best in their class.

Due to the demand for TV series, there are more and more sites that offer us this type of content and where we can download them completely free, but they are not always pages that work correctly, have a wide variety of content, or offer good quality material.

Most of the time it may be easier to visit a website where you can watch your favorite series online, but the truth is that sometimes many of the servers are broken or if your Internet connection is not good enough you will have Problems playing the series. Therefore, it will always be better that you get all the episodes and seasons of your favorite series to watch your on the best web series download websites without any interruption and from wherever you are.

Best web pages to download FREE series

For this reason, in this post, we will show you the best pages to download series totally free and in a fairly easy way.

1. TorrentFreak

It is one of the best websites that mainly focuses on downloading series as well as movies and games through torrent files. It doesn’t have such a complicated interface since it’s very easy to find and get hold of the series or movie you’re looking for.

The site has a good download speed and the material you can get there is of good quality. Despite not being such a popular page among its kind, it is when it comes to series.


This page to download free torrent files is one of the best positioned for all kinds of multimedia content. It has a menu with different categories on the left side of its page, one of them, for example, is dedicated to series and TV shows.

In any case, you can use its search bar to locate any series you want and it will show you all the download options on your favorite web series download websites in a matter of seconds.

3. 1337x

One of the portals with the largest number of torrent files of the best quality. Its page has a very attractive, fast, and clean interface. Navigating the site is very simple, whether you search for your favorite series through the search bar or select one of the sections at the bottom of the page, among which are movies, games, series, TV shows, etc.

It is undoubtedly one of the best sites to download this type of content, it also offers you several download options and the possibility of watching your series online.


Another of the platforms specialized in series and television programs. The material that circulates there is largely related to its demand and popularity among users, so it is expected that it only has the most current series.

Its interface is definitely not one of the best, but it shows you in the form of a list the most relevant information for each file, such as the title of the series, the size of the file, the type of download, and the available “seeders”. Just click on the title and press the download torrent option.

5. Torrent Downloads

This page is one of the most practical regarding the search for files and the interface to explore the site. It has files of the highest quality and has one of the most current databases in the series.

Users constantly rate the links and files to leave only good quality and functional material circulating on the web series download websites. It also has the advanced search option that will save you, even more, the work of searching for your favorite series.

6. Lime Torrents

They say that the vast majority of the files and links found on this page are completely legitimate. Therefore, it is likely that if you find any of your favorite series on this site, it is pure quality material.

It has an element bar at the bottom of the site where you can select between series, movies, games, applications or others. In each title of the series, it shows you relevant information such as the health of the file and the date on which the document was uploaded or updated.

7. 01Torrent

This is one of the sites where the best series, TV shows, movies, and games are deposited. Its network of users is one of the most active communities in terms of the type of content it deals with.

All the material is very well organized in different categories and tabs. Without a doubt, it is one of the sites that has the largest number of series available, and the download speed that the site manages allows you to download files of very good quality.

8. Fast movies

This place contains the most current movies and series and the billboard on its home page is very attractive.

It has a slider across the top with upcoming releases and you can scroll down to explore great series content, it is assumed to be one of the best on web series download websites. The only downside to this site is that you have to subscribe to get access to the site’s content.

9. TVSeries Page

As its name indicates, it is a site dedicated to series and television programs, its community is growing more and more every day due to the good content they manage.

It has a well-designed and highly organized interface that invites you to browse the place for a long time, it even manages series from different countries. In addition, it also supports magnet links for downloading torrent files.


The interface of this place may not be the best designed for the convenience of users, but it has a lot of material that may interest series and movie lovers.

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