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10 Useful Tips Reducing Waists Excess Fat Causes



Reading the dress of choice but not feeling as good as before. Nowadays all the girls are facing this problem. Waist fat increases more quickly than other parts of the body. And girls have the most problems. So today we will tell you why there is excess waist fat and ways to reduce this fat.

Some effective tips to reduce excess waste fat

Let’s first know what causes excess fat in the waist

1. The main reason for the accumulation of excess fat in the waist is to eat fatty foods.

2. Plays alcohol and cold-drinks.

3. Eating too much sugary foods can cause excess fat to build up in the waist.

4. If you do not exercise regularly or walk.

5. If you worry too much, the desire to eat habijabi increases. So if you are very anxious, excess fat accumulates in the waist.

. Plays any fruit juice. If needed, you can make and eat it yourself. But eating fruit juice bought from outside accumulates excess fat.

I found out what causes excess fat to accumulate in the waist. If you do not eliminate these factors even after regular exercise, your excess waist fat will not be reduced at all.

Let’s know about some effective ways to reduce excess waist fat
(1) Fiber rich foods

Eat more fiber-rich foods to reduce excess waist fat. Eating fiber-rich foods such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, pears, etc. will reduce excess waist fat.

(2) Protein rich foods
Eat plenty of protein rich foods. You can eat fish, pulses, eggs and chicken. But eat high fat fish once a week. Other times you can eat small fish.

(3) Elimination of fatty foods
If you do not eliminate fatty foods, you will not lose excess waist fat in any way. So reduce the amount of fat foods in your diet.

(4) Walking
Never sit for long. Wherever you are in the office or at home, walk for a while. Excess fat accumulates in the waist when sitting for a long time. So walk as much as you can.

(5) Use of fat free oil in food

Be careful in choosing cooking oil. The oil we usually cook contains a good amount of fat, which will increase our body fat. So use fat free oil in cooking. You can use coconut oil if you want.

(6) Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar helps reduce excess body fat. So eat apple cider vinegar on a full stomach every day, it will reduce the excess fat in your waist.

(7) Eat green tea
Eat green tea every morning and night. Eating green tea every day will reduce your body fat by 40%.

(8) Elimination of sugary foods
No matter how much you exercise or diet, eating sugary foods will never reduce your excess body fat. So cut back on sweets from your diet.

(9) Adequate sleep
Adequate sleep is essential to reduce excess body fat. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This will increase your digestion and the food will be digested faster which will not allow excess fat to accumulate in your body.

(10) Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes in the morning or afternoon. It is better if you can do it twice. Today we are going to tell you about 2 effective exercises that if you do every day, you will start losing excess waist fat in just one week.

(1) Wall seat exercise
This is a very effective exercise. Doing this exercise regularly will reduce the excess fat in the waist. Let’s see how to do this exercise

First you have to stand with your back to a wall.
Now bend your legs and try to sit in the chair the way you should.
Sit in a chair without a chair for as long as possible. If you have leg pain, stop and rest for a while.
Doing this exercise 15-20 times a day will reduce the excess fat in your waist.
(2) Pelvic bridge exercise
This exercise is very simple. You can easily get rid of excess waist fat by doing this exercise.

First, lie down straight in a narrow position and bend your legs and place them along your shoulders.
Now try to gently lift the waist from the ground. Make sure the hands are on either side of the waist.
Lift the waist as high as you can.
Stay like this for 10 minutes. Breathing will be perfectly normal. Do this 10-15 times.
Doing this exercise on a daily basis will reduce the excess fat in your waist.
If you follow these tips regularly, you will get rid of excess waist fat within a month. Take care of yourself and stay well and stay healthy.

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