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10 ways to stand out with banner design




Here are 10 ways to stand out with banner design:

  1. Banner design: Less is more!
  2. Use contrasting colours and shapes to visual interest and convey a message.
  3. Remember the design will be small, so don’t use fine print or typefaces that are hard to read at such a small scale too!
  4. Keep it simple, this will make printing easier and also ensure your message gets across clearly.
  5. When designing banners always allow sufficient bleed (extra space around your design) to accommodate for trimming later on in the process – you wouldn’t want any unexpected cutting of important parts of your banner now would you?!
  6. Make sure color combinations work well together – if not, they can make type illegible and create an unprofessional and haphazard effect.
  7. If possible include a call to action – this could be something like “contact us” or “join us” – you want people to take notice and act upon the message you are trying to convey!
  8. Keep it simple – remember the print is small so your design needs to look good as well as being readable from a distance.
  9. Try keeping your design as symmetrical as possible, i.e. have focal points at either side for balance and elegance.
  10. Focal points can be added by making something bolder than those around it, using different colors or shapes for example – whatever works best with your brand’s story or message! Follow these rules and avoid any rookie mistakes and your retractable banner will leave a lasting impression on all who see it!

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What might cause retractable banner stand signage to wear out?

Environmental factors such as: wind, rain, and sunlight could all potentially damage retractable banners in the long run. Other than that retractable banner stands are typically made from durable material which would take a long time before any sort of breakdown occurs. That being said it is always best practice to retract your retractable banner when not in use or during bad weather conditions!

How much does retractable banner stand signage weigh?

Most retractable weigh anywhere between 2-4 lbs depending on size and material used for construction. It’s also important to note that the weight distribution should be balanced so please note this fact before hanging up your retractable banner! Weighing too light or too heavy will cause retractable banner stand to collapse or become unbalanced respectively.


The retractable banner stand is a staple of any advertisement campaign. Get your retractable banner stands with us and see why we’re such a fan-favorite retractable signage provider.


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