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3 Effective Yoga to Reduce Knee Pain



At present, knee pain seems to be our daily companion. Almost everyone is seen to suffer from knee pain. Especially older people. The ability to resist disease decreases with age. As a result, older people are more prone to disease and knee pain is one of these diseases. Older people as well as others are suffering from knee pain nowadays. In addition to increasing busyness, the tendency to get infected with various diseases is also increasing.

Yoga to reduce knee pain

Causes of knee pain

Knee pain occurs due to various reasons in old age. However, osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of knee pain. The bones of every joint in the human body are covered with soft and smooth flesh. Knee joints are also not an option. Arthritis or osteoarthritis causes uneven fleshy lining of the bones. As we age, our knee joints become covered with uneven flesh, so those over the age of 50-55 are more likely to develop knee pain.

No matter what the type of surgery, it can be seen to have an effect on the knee. As a result, patients with surgery also occasionally suffer from knee pain. In addition, many people suffer from knee pain due to weight gain. As you gain weight, your ability to bend your knees decreases. The knee is one of the most important organs in the human body. The knees carry most of the body weight. But the extra weight cannot carry the knees. As a result, knee pain increases with weight gain. In addition, even if the knee is injured, the pain is chronic.

Yoga for the treatment of knee pain

In addition to increasing the tendency of knee pain, there is also a remedy for it. There is no substitute for yoga for any joint pain. Knee pain can be easily cured through three simple yoga poses. So let’s find out about these three yoga poses.

1) Tadason

Tadasan is one of the earliest forms of yoga to cure knee pain. Literally, Tadasan is a very simple yoga practice that will help you to stand on two legs in a way that will naturally reduce your knee pain a lot. Tadasan Yoga strengthens your knees as well as your ankles, thighs and spine.

Let’s not know how to do this seat
For this yoga, first stand straight on the hard floor.
Keep your eyes fixed on a distant object. Remember that the vision of the eye should not go anywhere other than that particular object.
Now try to lift all the toes upwards and place the weight of the whole body on the ankles. Of course, keep the balance of the body.
Now stretch your shoulders and chest. Bring the hands together and lift them up. In this case, start coming back as slowly as possible. Hold this position for at least 5-10 seconds. Then slowly return to the previous position.
Do this Tadasana yoga several times. And of course increase the time little by little every day.

2) Trikonasana

Triconeation will help you shed excess body fat. The most important thing about this seat is that it controls the muscles of your legs through which the knee pain is reduced instantly. The easiest way to cure knee pain is to do Triconasone Yoga.

The method of triangulation
For this seat, first stand on a hard floor. Match the legs on both sides. However, be careful not to bend the knees later. The knees should be kept straight.
Now emphasize the right foot. Straighten the right hand and place it on the floor. Give the whole body mass with the right foot. And straighten the left arm upwards. During this asana, you must be looking at the left hand, that is, looking upwards.
Now turn right at a 90 degree angle. Keep your arms outstretched. And put less pressure on the left leg. Sit in this seat for a few seconds and slowly stand up straight.
Now do the same seat with the weight on the left leg and stay for a few seconds. Return to the previous state. Do this as many times as possible in a day.

3) Makrasana

This seat is the easiest and most common seat to relieve knee pain. It’s just as effective as simple.

How to do Makrasana
At the beginning of this asana, lie down straight on your stomach. Fold the arms in such a way that the elbows rest gently on the floor.
Now keep your head straight between the folded hands.
Then gently lift the head and shoulders upwards. Lift in such a way that the head and shoulders are parallel. Make sure that the lower part of the body is straight and on the floor.
Stay like this for a while then come back to normal position. Extending this yoga time will also stretch your leg muscles.

These yogasanas will not only relieve your knee pain, they will also give you peace of mind and free you from worries. There is no substitute for yoga to relieve knee pain. These do not require much time. No matter how busy you are, you can do these yoga poses at home in a very short time and get rid of knee pain.

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