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4 Yogas to Cure Breathing Problem



Asthma is a very common lung condition that can occur at any age. Although in most cases it starts from childhood. “Adults can also get asthma for the first time at any time in their lifetime,” experts say. There are several treatments available to help combat asthma. However, if we look at natural remedies, then there are some yogas that are much more effective in medical treatment as well as in the fight against asthma. Today we will tell you about yoga to relieve asthma. Then take a look!

4 yoga poses to relieve asthma

1) Sukhasana
Sukhasana relaxes the mind as well as helps you to focus fully on breathing control. Which in turn works very well for your lungs. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. It is also known as “Easy Sitting Pose”. This time, however, let’s do the Sukhasana exercise, so I don’t know. First sit on a yoga mat with legs extended forward. Fold your left leg and pull in the right thigh. Repeat the process in the same way with your right foot. Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Keep your spine straight and breathe normally. Hold this pose for as long as you can. This sukhasana exercise for a while every day is very good for your breathing and asthma.

2) Pabanmuktasana
This is a very simple seat. Many people know that pabanmuktasana is good for digestive problems. But did you know that it works wonderfully in yoga to protect against asthma by working with the abdominal organs? So let’s not know how to do this exercise! First of all lie down with your back to the mat. Then stretch your legs. Lift your right leg, bend your right knee and bring your right thigh close to your chest. Hold for a while. Now extend your left leg and bring it to the chest in the same way with your left leg. Hold the two knees close to your chest in this way. Hold for a while and stretch your legs again.

3) Pranayama
If you have any kind of breathing problem then yoga in my opinion cannot be better than pranayama. However, do not go without understanding pranayama yourself! Learn from a qualified instructor. “Nadi Shodhan” (alternative nasal breathing technique) or “Kapal Bhati”, any type of pranayama will help you to concentrate on your breathing. This can go a long way in ensuring that asthma survives. Now I am telling the rules of basic pranayama. First, sit comfortably in a comfortable position. Then close your eyes and place the palms of your hands on your knees. Now pay full attention to your breathing. Hold the right side of the nose with the thumb of your right hand. Breathe slowly through the left side of your nose. Fill your lungs with air. After inhaling, release the right side of the nose with the thumb while holding the left side of your nose with the little finger of your right hand. Exhale slowly through the right side of your nose. Repeat the same process with the left side of your nose.

4) Ardhamatsendrasan
This exercise is also called ‘Sitting Half Spinal Twist’ and is a part of Hatha Yoga. Ardhamatsandrasana not only helps you to tighten the spinal nerves, it can also increase the supply of oxygen to your lungs. In other words, it can help you reduce asthma. To do the seat, first sit on the mat, stretch your legs and keep your spine straight.

Bend your left leg so that the ankle of your left foot is next to your right toe. Now place your right foot on the left knee and place it next to the left knee. Bend your waist to the right and look straight over your right shoulder. You can place your right hand behind your back and you can place your left hand above your right knee. Keep your spine straight. Hold the seat for a few seconds and breathe normally. After a few seconds, return to your normal position and do the same with your right foot in the opposite direction.

Here are some simple seats. However, you must remember that these seats should be practiced after full consultation with a specialist doctor and a suitable yoga instructor. Nor is it right to do yoga to cure asthma on your own.

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