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5 Entrepreneurs to Look Up To!



The road to entrepreneurship is not an easy one. It comes with various obstacles and problems that can cause a person to give up on their objective. But there are certain entrepreneurs who, despite the difficulties, did not give up. They persisted in their efforts long enough to achieve their goal. Here is a list of some of the successful entrepreneurs! These people are not just making money but are also helping people on the way. Take a peek at the list and be inspired as you go.


Valentin Luboya


Valentin Luboya is the founder of Valentin Group Media- a company that helps people strategize, produce, and deliver the most outstanding enterprises. Valentin Luboya is one of the very few people who has been helping other entrepreneurs to become financially independent for over 15 years. His primary purpose is to help people achieve their objectives, for which he wrote a book called ‘The Wealth 2021: The Key to A Sustainable Lifestyle Build Your Online Empire.’

Aside from being a well-known author and businessman, he has assisted many people in launching membership websites such as list building, ad exchange, and traffic exchange by assisting them in publishing books for renown, legacy, and notability, while also giving them great pieces of advice.


Hannah Davis 


Hannah Davis founded BANGS right after starting college. She is an entrepreneur who sells shoes to fund entrepreneurs throughout the world. As a young entrepreneur, the beginning of her company seemed to center entirely around hustle, with little success. However, with some important personal development and key turning points, the growth of BANGS radically transformed. She has been funding many businesses for many years and helping people stand on their feet.


Clarence Tan


Clarence Tan is an EdTech entrepreneur who began developing educational games while still in college. He aims to revolutionize how kids learn and manage themselves by gamifying curriculums and emphasizing the value of creativity and play. Clarence’s Edtech startup, Boddle Learning, which he founded in 2018, provides Kindergarten to eighth-grade students with eLearning resources and automated software that assists teachers and parents in understanding how children learn. Clarence’s initiatives have resulted in youngsters who are more eager to study and increased levels of student involvement.



Blake Mycoskie


Blake Mycoskie is an entrepreneur, author, and a philanthropist who founded Toms Shoes. After visiting Argentina and witnessing the problems that children without shoes faced, Mycoskie founded TOMS with the purpose of delivering a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased from his firm. Over the years, the company has grown into sectors like eyewear, water, safe births, and anti-bullying programs. Tom’s has donated over 60 million pairs of shoes, restored over 400,000 people’s sight, and provided over 335,000 weeks of potable water.


Jeffrey Hollender


Jeffrey Hollender is the founder of Seventh Generation, a firm specializing in developing eco-friendly household cleaning goods and personal hygiene products. Along with developing chemical-free products, the company donated 10% of its sales to non-profit organizations and enterprises dedicated to social and environmental concerns. Jeffrey Hollender and his company are ideal examples of corporate social responsibility and how far a socially responsible business can expand.

These are just a few examples of entrepreneurs doing good while making money. People look up to them and admire their dedication to the community because of the consistent efforts that they have made.

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