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5 Suit Rules You Must Follow When Wearing A Suit



The trend of suit-boot-tie in our country has started from Great Britain. We become suit-booted by following their dress. However, I do not know the rules of wearing this dress. That is why many people who follow the suit rules when they set foot abroad by crossing the borders of the country, repeatedly look at those mistakes. And then naturally you will be embarrassed. Although boys wear more suits than girls, boys are also seen to make mistakes in wearing suits. Since the suit is considered as a formal dress, adhering to the suit rules properly will reveal the smart personality. Suit actually means shirt, pants, coat, waistcoat, tie / bow-tie. However, many do not wear a waistcoat. Let’s not know the suit rules to avoid the mistake of wearing a suit!

1. Shirt

Light colored shirts are usually worn as formal shirts. Usually a dress shirt is called a formal shirt. Casual shirts cannot be worn with suits in any way. Let me also inform you that the collar of the shirt is very important. There are different types of shirt collars. But it is better to wear spread collar shirt and point collar shirt in formal getup.

Spread collar shirt is perfect for various meetings. Point collar shirts should be preferred when wearing different party or dinner suits. Note that the tie is always worn on the spread collar. And if you want with point collar shirt, you can wear it without tie in informal program. Never wear a suit with a button-down shirt.

Do not select button-down shirts according to suit rules

2. Pants

The type of formal pants is – the fittings will be good. That is, the pants should be straight and the length of the pants should be such that the pants do not come to the soles of the feet and bend like a fold. The color of the suit pants is the same as the coat, the waist coat.

Step 2 of the Suit Rules Select the non-folding straight pants

3. Coat

Your coat is a good fit. Are you happy with that? Do you want to open or close all the buttons as you wish? Do not do this at all!

The 3rd step of the suit rules is to fasten the coat buttons properly

There are also rules to open and fasten coat buttons. If there are 3 buttons in the suit, the middle button should be attached all the time. The bottom button must be kept open at all times. And you can put the buttons on the top as you like and you can’t put them again. And if there is a coat of 2 buttons? Yes, if there is a coat of 2 buttons, the top button should be kept on at all times and the bottom button should be kept open at all times.

Step 3 of the Suit Rules to keep the sleeve length of the suit correct

Think about the sleeve length of the suit. This mistake is too much. The sleeves of the suit should be such that it does not completely cover the sleeves of the shirt or many parts of the sleeves of the shirt come out. According to fashion experts, the sleeves of the coat should be such that the sleeves of the shirt can be seen up to 1/4 inch.

4. Tie / Bo-tie

The first rule when wearing a tie with a suit is that the color of the tie should be darker than the color of the shirt. By no means should a light colored tie be worn over a shirt. The length of the tie will be exactly as it touches the belt of the pants.

The 4th step of the suit rules is to keep the length of the tie correct

If you wear a tie above or below it, it is out of the rules and it also looks inappropriate. Oh well! Thinking of wearing a thin tie or a thick tie? You can wear both. A thick tie is usually called a formal tie. And thin tie is called party tie. However, if you have a slim build, then you can wear a thin tie instead of a thick tie. You can also choose bo-tie if you want!

Step 4 of the Suit Rules to select the correct bow tie according to the suit and body shape.

This is the essence of the tie. Now let’s look at her accessories. Many people like to wear tie accessories. But he made a mistake by not knowing the correct rules. So now I will talk about tie-accessories. Tie pins and tie bars are used as tie accessories.

The 4th step of the suit rules is to use tie pins and tie bars as a tie accessory

But wearing a tie bar is better than a tie pin. So don’t wear tie bars wherever you want! The tie bar has to be stuck right between the 3rd and 4th buttons of the shirt. Apart from the convenience, the main reason for wearing a tie bar is that the tie should not fly or bend due to wind or any other reason.

5. Shoes, socks, belts and watches

You’re pretty formally suited, but what if you’re not formally booted? What makes you smile? Then think how bizarre it looks! The color of the shoes must match the color of the suit.

The 5th step of the suit rules is to match the color of the shoes with the color of the suit

Take a look at socks with formal leather shoes! Don’t think that you have to wear socks of any color.

Step 5 of the Suit Rules Wearing the right socks with formal leather shoes

Wear socks to match the color of your pants. And how to wear a belt? Barkle tiger, lion or any large barkle as desired? Don’t forget! Wearing a simple leather belt will give you a taste of your taste.

Step 5 of the Suit Rules Wearing the right belt with formal leather shoes

And yes, the belt and the color of the shoes must be the same. Sweat-booted? Well, now there is a formal watch like a chain or leather, then comb your hair and look at yourself in the mirror!

5th Step of Suit Rules Wearing a formal watch

That is why I am saying that to stand in 2019 and wear any kind of clothes is to think that it is foolish to show one’s stupidity. Again, it is not right to wear any dress that follows foreign culture. Before wearing foreign clothes, it would be wise and prudent to know its rules and regulations. So, wear the suit according to the suit rules. And express yourself as more smart and confident!

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