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6 Best Exercises to Reduce Waist Fat



Nowadays we are all busy with some or the other work. Some are busy with jobs, some are busy with studies. Again, those housewives are busy with various work and television. In this way we have to be busy in different ways all the time. And as if to give time to busyness, we seem to have forgotten about ourselves. We have to spend most of the day sitting. And as a result of this sitting, our body is getting very bad. Especially the lower part of the waist. Lower waist fat accumulates easily. Although it is very easy to lose fat in other parts of the body, it is necessary to get a lot of speed to reduce the fat in the lower part of the waist.

We may not realize it, but we can go shopping for work and try on new clothes. If we can’t afford to wear a dress just for the fat below the waist, there’s nothing to be upset about. Because even if you can’t go to the gym due to lack of time, you can get back your lean attractive body through just six simple exercises. These six exercises will help keep the whole body fit, not just the waist. So let’s talk about the six exercises for reducing lower back fat.

Lower waist fat reduction exercises

Although fat can be reduced in other parts of the body, it is very difficult to reduce fat in the lower part of the waist. Let’s know about some effective exercises to reduce waist fat.

1) Escape squat

Squat Escape To Lose Lower Fat

To do this squat, first you have to stand straight on the hard floor. Care should be taken to keep the back and waist straight and even. The feet should be placed at an angle of 40-45 degrees and the entire weight of the body starting from the feet should be given to the ankles.
Now start sitting down until you are parallel to the Thai soil. And try to sit as low as possible.
Now try to stand straight, that is, return to the previous position.
Now give as many squats as possible. Try until you are hurting the body. But there is no need to do it many times together. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can use dumbbells if you want.

2) Fire hydrant

Fire hydrants to reduce lower back fat

The first step in this exercise is to keep the knees and arms straight and parallel to the hard floor.
Now try to pull the abdominal muscles, that is, the pressure on the spine and bring it inwards.
Now lift the left leg as high as possible. Make sure the knee is at an angle of 90-100 degrees to the floor.
Now lower the left knee and return to the previous position. And lift the right knee 90-100 degrees in the same way and return to the previous position.
You can do this exercise for a specific period of time. For example, you have to do each leg 10 times.

3) The Bridge Exercise

The Bridge Exercise to reduce lower back fat

At the beginning of this exercise, lie down straight on the floor.
Now level the two knees 90 degrees along the floor. Keep both hands straight on either side or up.
Now apply pressure on the floor and lift the whole body upwards.
Now hold both ankles with both hands. Keep the chin touching the chest and the back straight.
Thus first 10 times. Then gradually increase the time 10 to 15 times and 15 to 20 times in this way.

4) Lateral step-out squat

Lateral step-out squats to reduce lower back fat

For this squat you first have to stand on the floor straight. Then the feet should be kept parallel to the floor. The back should be tilted slightly forward. Place both hands along the chin.
Now move all the body weights on the soles of the feet two steps to the left.
Now return to the previous position and go two steps to the right.
In this way keep increasing the speed slowly till you get tired.

5) Plank leg lift

Plank leg lift to reduce lower back fat

To do this exercise, first place both hands straight on the floor. Keep the body parallel to the floor. Emphasize the whole body on the toes. Try to bring as much inward as possible by applying pressure to the abdominal muscles.
Now lift the left leg up to about 2-3 inches from the floor. Now keep the legs parallel and bring them out to the previous position.
Now do the same with the right foot.
Gradually increase the time and try to do it quite loudly.

6) Lying leg lift

Lying leg lift to reduce lower back fat

For the Lying Leg Lift exercise, first lie down on the floor and make sure that all the weight is placed on the abdomen. Keep both legs straight and taut. The hands should be folded and brought in front of the head.

Now keep the left leg straight and lift it up from the floor as much as possible. Bring it down again.
Now return to the previous position and do the right leg in this way.
You can do this exercise 10 times by changing legs.

Busy! Here are six simple exercises that you can easily do at home in a short time and reduce the fat in the lower part of the waist. In addition to work, there is no substitute for exercise to keep the body clean and lean. So if you want to keep yourself beautiful and attractive and dress according to your choice, start these exercises today. Keep doing these simple exercises until you get the desired results. Of course you will get remarkable results.

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