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Custom tincture boxes

Custom Tincture Boxes

Custom tincture boxes are boxes for certain type of bottles of CBD products. These bottles have little droppers inside them and they are pretty fragile especially when shipped. You can overcome every kind of difficulty your product can face on the way to the other end of the consumer. There are 6 ways to make them more eye-catchy:

  1. Environment friendly and high quality material

You should never neglect the quality of the material you are going to use in your packaging boxes. They assure the safety and durability of your product. While trying to market or sell a product you have to be very keen about impressing your target audience through every way possible and that can be done by convincing them to buy your item through each and every sense of their body. Your box should be eye-catchy, full of beautiful fragrance, high quality material and printing used for the tactile sense.

Earth is our home and taking care of our home is duty of each and every one of us. That’s why, you should work on your part and others should work on their part. You can promote Earth love by making sure to make your product in a way that it is easy to be disposed of and should be of help to reduce land damping.

  1. Intelligent colour combinations

As it is stated in the above paragraph too that we have to convince the customers through every possible sense of them that can come in touch with the product. We take care of the looks very much in the first place after quality because it is the eyes that do the most primary scan of the products either throughout the retail store shelf or throughout the online stores. So, we should not forget the purpose of the product and the target audience’s psyche in this whole process because at the end of the day we all work for our customers only. Hence, keeping all these factors in mind you have to decide a colour or may be colour combinations for your product’s packaging. The colours should be appealing, relatable, soothing and beautiful to the consumers.

  1. Creative artworks

Creative artworks like graphics or drawings and illustrations etc can be done because why not? These creative artworks are also a tool to fascinate the buyers although they are not children or of less age but still we all have a kid inside ourselves who would never miss a chance to see something colourful, fascinating and new. Therefore, you have to grab this little moment of chance for convincing the consumer to put your item in their cart. You have to choose the type of lamination you want on your product for example matte looks dense, soft touch looks low-key glossy and gloss is like highly glossy but in a beautiful way. Decide what you want for your product so that you can decide for the other options.

  1. Add-on options

Plane box with plane colour can be enhanced in look and beauty by some add-ons options that Packaging Xpert also provides to you. These options include UV spotting, Gold and silver foiling and debossing or embossing the texts. A debossed or embossed text or logo can be redecorated by foilings or UV spotting. The type of box style used is also an important point where you can change the default according to your own choice or not.

  1. High quality printing

Setting up the thoughts and ideas and working on them day and night is all theory until and unless the final look come out to be the same as thought about by you as the business owner. For this purpose, you should know that before directly printing your whole order you should get a printed sample first to check out if everything looks good enough in real life just as it looked in graphic design or the soft sample. In that case, if anything unfortunately turns out to not look that good than you will have the time and option to change that choice immediately.

  1. Taking guidance from experts

Experts are always there for you to take you through your journey. Even if you don’t have anyone beside you, you should call in the company you partnered up with for the packaging project and ask them for people or crew of their company to help you or guide you through any problem you are facing either in choosing something or in understanding something. Not knowing something is completely okay as it is a completely awkward and foolish thing to expect everyone to know everything that’s why we tend to take help from each other. You should take guidance too if needed.


If you follow and keep the above instructions in your mind you might even increase your revenue. Dealing with every kind of risk in life is worth it and same goes for a business too. So, go for it.

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