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7 Serious Sources For Social Traffic



7 Serious Sources For Social Traffic

Are you using social media to drive traffic to your sites?

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If so, great! If not, why not?

You are missing out on some of the best and in a lot of cases free traffic available. Here are seven sources for you to exploit:

1) Twitter
Get an account if you don’t have one. Start using Twitter to generate traffic to your site. Send tweets on your business activities. Ask others to follow you on Twitter and include this in your Sig Line on your emails. Your followers will grow as they read your emails and so will your business.

#2) Facebook
Surely, you have a Facebook account, don’t you? Do you know that you can set it up to be your automatic money market that can work 24-7 for you? There are almost 1 billion users and they could potentially al be your market. Add a “Like This” button on your page and a request in your Sig Line for others to join your community. Your traffic will grow over time.

# 3) LinkedIn
You need to join this community of entrepreneurs and profit from them as much as they could profit from you. Get connected and stay connected. It’s easy to do. Join, set up an account and follow directions.

#4) YouTube
Have you prepared a video of your business opportunity for YouTube? Why not? It is easy to do. Anyone can access it and your business link or affiliate programs will go viral and it all starts by producing your first video. don’t wait. Do it.

#5) Squidoo
This is easy to do. Web pages in Squidoo are called “lenses’ and you should join the crowd, set up an account produce a “lens” or tow and get the word out on your business. Traffic is almost guaranteed from this source if you have a god product and link to it along with some compelling ad copy.

#6) MySpace
Get an account, set up your page and link it to all the others listed so far. Joining them all together in your ad campaign can maximize the traffic you get to your site.

#7) IM FacePlate
This is a relatively new social site. Check it out, join the program and quote your account name on all your ad copy for your webpages.

Social sites are popular online meeting places where onliners and others congregate for both social and business purposes. If you are not zoned in to these sites you are missing out on a lot of potentially free and quality, targeted traffic that could be visiting your site, if you were connected.

My advice is to check out these sites and see if they can help you market your busin

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