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8 Habits Increasing Skin Age



As you grow older, your skin will naturally be affected. But neither boy nor girl can accept this as normal. All people want to retain their youth. Again, many times it is seen that the age of the skin seems to be much older than the age. In the same way, the skin of the face or body of many people is so beautiful that one has to be amazed. If you are a little aware, the impression of age on the skin can be avoided a lot. At the same time, the youth of the skin can be retained through several habits. Today I will talk about the issues that are getting older or showing more age for some of the habits of our daily life.

These habits increase the age of the skin

1) Not using sunscreen properly
Many of us think that sun protection should be taken only when we go to sea. Besides, there is no need for it. Many people think that only girls will use it, boys don’t need it. Boys and girls who are out in the sun at this time from 9 am to 4 pm, that is, out of college, varsity or office work, each of them should use the right amount of sunscreen cream-lotion. If you are in the sun for more than an hour continuously, clean the skin and apply sunscreen again. Another important point here is that sunscreen is not just applied to the face. Sunscreen should be applied to any part of the body which is exposed such as neck, neck, arms, legs. Because the ultraviolet rays of the sun damage the skin in various ways, as a result of which the skin of the skin loses moisture and becomes dry, sunburned skin naturally looks old.

2) Lack of adequate sleep
Adequate sleep cannot be overstated by describing how beneficial it is for our body. One day, if you do not sleep properly, swelling under the eyes is seen, the impression of fatigue falls on the face. Again, if the sleep is fresh, then after waking up the body, the face becomes very fresh. So getting enough sleep every day removes body fatigue and keeps the body and skin beautiful and vibrant.

3) Temperature variation
Temperature fluctuations are one of the major causes of skin aging. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat in winter means using hot water heat or room heater due to cold and similarly prolonged exposure to extreme cold in hot AC is very harmful for our skin. This destroys the normal temperature of the skin and loses the beauty of the skin.

4) Lack of proper care of eyes and lips
The skin of the body and even the skin under our eyes is much more sensitive than the skin of the face. So before going to sleep at night, you have to apply good quality under eye cream under the eyes. It does not cause wrinkles on the sides of the eyes, reduces puffiness of the eyes and also reduces dark circles. At the same time using Vaseline or something like that on the lips does not cause cracking of the lips and the skin of the lips stays good. As a result, the skin can not get the impression of age.

5) Do not clean the makeup from the skin properly
Using too much makeup, no matter how expensive the brand is, is harmful to the skin. Because the chemical ingredients in makeup ruin the natural beauty of the skin. Many people use makeup again and do not clean it properly from the skin, which causes terrible damage to the skin. As a result, rashes, discoloration of the skin, wrinkles and other problems occur which leave an impression of age on the skin.

6) Excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol
Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol has a detrimental effect on the skin. As a result, the beauty of the skin is lost and youth is lost.

6) Excessive worries and anxieties
We all have more or less problems in our lives. Instead of worrying about it, we need to find a way to stay good. If you worry too much, it will show on your face. Anxiety, exhaustion can be understood by looking at people. A tired look on the skin, eyes, fatigue. It makes you look much older than your age.

6) Eating habits
In our daily busy lives we eat a lot of foods that are just as harmful to the skin as the body. Fast food, cold drinks, fried foods cause acne and rashes on our skin. So these foods should be avoided as much as possible. Again, there are many foods that are very beneficial for the skin, which helps to keep the skin naturally beautiful by brightening the inside. Such as- different types of nuts, fruits, vegetables etc.

Many of us may not know these things and many of us do not know them. By changing some of the bad habits of our daily life, if we are a little more careful, we can easily retain the youth of the skin. To protect our skin from aging. Because at the end of the day your beauty will be yours which will make you more confident.

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