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A Dive into the Exciting World of Commercial Product Photography



There is a wide range of photography out there. Some are into it so deep that they made a profession out of it. They have mastered the art of photography in certain areas and making living shooting photos in that area. A person who is specialized in wedding or newborn photography for example not much into commercial product photography or vice versa. While shooting images of a person or object carries the same concept, taking a picture. However, there are certain things and specialized equipment needed for a certain photography job. For example, shooting images of celestial objects fall in the genre of Astrophotography. If you want to learn Astrophotography, you would need to look for Astrophotography for beginners. However, this genre is far from shooting commercial images or newborn images. If you are into commercial photography, you need to know not only how to shoot the images but also how to edit them using clipping path and background removal.

Types of Commercial Photography:

Commercial photography is a world so deep that you are like in the middle of an ocean not seeing the horizon. Here, competition is so fierce that you literally swim with the sharks and hope not to get eaten alive. I’m not joking either. It is so true that if you are not into it, you would not grasp the concept of the competition I’m talking about.

There are various types of commercial photography. Some are lifestyle-type commercial photography. We men are so familiar with the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated. After all, what does a swimsuit have to do with sports of any kind? Yes, swimming is a sport but that’s not the purpose of the swimsuit edition. It is purely for commercial purposes. It just sells well, that’s it. Whatever it is to make some easy money. So, shooting pictures of women in bikinis and swimsuits or in birthday suits is a type of commercial photography.

Another type of lifestyle photography is fashion photography. Whether it is clothing items or makeup of jewelry, models are shot in the product for commercial purposes.

Another type of commercial photography is product photography. All the products we see on the supermarket shelf or in the retail shops are all commercial products. They are pictured for marketing purposes and then go through the process of clipping path services or background removal. Whether it is clipping path services or the process of removing the background, they are typically done by a retouch studio or sometimes known as a clipping path company. So commercial product photography is not just photography itself, the editing part is also included in it.

Photo Editing is a Part of Commercial Photography:

Just shooting the picture is not enough in commercial photography. They need to be edited as well. Pretty much all commercial photography goes through the clipping path or background removal process. Some go through extensive photo retouching to make the product image look polished.

Since this is a competitive world, images of products need to look polished and attractive so that it influences the buyer’s decision. If you are into commercial product photography, you must partner with a clipping path service provider so that your product images can be retouched before handing them over to your client.