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After the Bitcoin halving, what will GMUBS do to prepare



GMUBS CEO Per Kopf: The era of huge profits in BTC mining is over, and miners should consider adjusting their mining assets. While mainstream tokens are more prudent investment targets, lesser-known tokens are riskier and offer higher rewards.

Mining is a more prudent investment option prior to primary market investment. This is especially true for investments in general purpose mining machines. Therefore, investors should look at the universal mining machine as a potential investment option. In addition, with the further expansion of the business, GMUBS will also focus on GPU mining and FIL mining.

In terms of GPU, the current static payback period of GPU is shorter than that of S19 Miner, which is the most cost-effective BTC mining machine. Considering the high scrap value of GPUs, GPU mining is more profitable. GUP-based ETH mining is characterized by a low electricity bill as a percentage of the total cost, which means less risk. In addition, the mining difficulty of ETH has remained stable in the past two years. Given all of this, it is clear that GPU mining promises stable returns.

Regarding ETH, the coin has a solid track record this year. Additionally, the market is getting more excited about ETH as ETH 2.0 is about to launch in the coming months. If you are tracking the ETH to BTC conversion rate, then you know that the ETH price is at a low, which is why miners should hoard more ETH by mining and wait for a future surge.

The biggest opportunity for GPU mining is to retire 4GB GPUs from ETH mining. Currently, 60-70% of GPUs in the ETH network are 4GB GPUs. According to preliminary estimates, the computing power of the entire network will drop by 20-30%, and the mining revenue of 8GB GPU will soar.

The largest GPU mining machine manufacturer, the cooperative mining machine of GMUBS has made careful planning for the GPU market. If you have 4GB GPUs, please contact us to upgrade them to 8GB. Compared with the upgrade scheme that requires miners to do all the work, the SMT production line upgrade scheme we provide is hundreds of times more efficient and more stable. If you are an investor interested in ETH mining, we will choose the most suitable investment plan according to your budget, and help you produce new machines, refurbished machines, stable operation and maintenance of mining machines, and hedging.

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