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Aj Agrawal Achieves Success Using Marketing Experience At Young Age



It’s one of the largest names in the country for e-commerce Verma Farms– the well-known ‘hempire’ across the country that was recently purchased for an (undisclosed) eight-figure amount. Behind that name? AJ Agrawal, the 31-year-old entrepreneur that grew Verma from the ground up in just two years.

While that could seem like a breakneck pace, Agrawal has a background of expensive achievements a number of times. Cofounding a business in 2012 and ending up being a chief executive officer of another one by 2013– all before finishing the University of San Diego’s organization college– was just the start of Agrawal’s entrepreneurial success.

His approach, skillset, and acumen have actually established him aside from an early age. Hardly out of college, he was 24 when the globe first started keeping in mind his “high-risk” and also out-of-the-box management style– risks that repaid, clearly.

He founded (as well as still presently has) the advertising firm Verma Media– an organization Forbes called “unconventional” and “San Francisco’s biggest blockchain marketing firm.” Cutting his chops in branding, associate, and electronic advertising, he shares that he obtained his beginning at Verma Media, working with brand names like AmEx, Shopify, Juul, and Expedia. “This enabled me to have experience in scaling as well as building brand names, which provided me a significant benefit when beginning my very own DTC [direct-to-consumer] brand,” he says. “And aside from Verma Farms, I have actually built four other direct-to-consumer brands that correct $1M in income yearly,” he says.

But his following venture had not been something he planned on; the concept concerned him vacationing.

Claiming Aloha to CBD

On vacation to among Agrawal’s favored places– the lush, laidback islands of Hawaii– Agrawal encountered an unanticipated prize that would alter the trajectory of his job as well as legacy: CBD.

“The first time I tried CBD, I remained in Hawaii,” he states. “Hanging out in Hawaii is currently a unique experience– including an extra component of leisure with CBD made it so clear to me that I wanted to record the experience, bottle it up, as well as share it with the world.”

A brand was born because of the minute: the feeling of peace and tranquility several seek on vacation, easily accessible anywhere. “It assisted that I currently had a huge concentrate on wellness in my personal life,” says Agrawal. “I was a D1 collegiate, professional athlete, which was where I was first exposed to taking my wellness seriously– but in my late twenties, I experienced what a lot of young people do as we start to age: a battle to relax, recuperate well after exercises, and sleep.”

” As a way to give thanks to the state for presenting me to CBD, I based the entire Verma Farms brand off it– the culture, the charm, the lifestyle, the shades, the tastes,” he says. “Hawaii has such a special place in my heart.”

Verma Farms Is Born

Agrawal saw the opportunity in the hemp market, as well as shortly after his journey, the 2018 Ranch Bill passed. Hundreds of brand-new brands blew up into the once-fledgling market.

” I understood it was sink or swim,” he claims. “This assault of brand names surged into this room, the hemp and also CBD area, and also I knew if we didn’t differentiate ourselves from the beginning, we ‘d never make it,” says Agrawal.

Fortunately for Agrawal, branding was his bread and butter. “Due to the fact that there were many counterfeit, faux-brands from abroad that really did not also put CBD in their items, we clearly started the distinction process by emphasizing high quality and security; we were providing a costs item. Quality, regulated, and tested items utilizing US-grown hemp.”

A lifestyle brand name was promptly established with exceptional branding experience, creative strategies, and a genuine story to inform. “I determined to lean into the Hawaiian storytelling,” states Agrawal. “In our packaging, branding, the option of flavors and items– yet likewise in our strategy to the business, the farming, the entire thing. Hawaii is all about pureness, keeping the natural surroundings excellent– it feels so pure, untapped. We used a socially and eco-aware emphasis.”

CBD gummies with flavors like Blueberry Wave, Maui Melon, and Beary Coastline were offered together with dried fruit-plus-CBD offerings– pineapple, mango, and papaya. “We were offering people a literal preference of the island lifestyle,” he states.

The pledge of the aloha spirit– and also some relaxation– in a container or jar functioned; Verma Farms was building a substantial following. “We had regular 20% mommy development,” he states (which, deserves noting, primarily took place during a pandemic and an economic crisis). “We did $1 Million in revenue in the first year alone.”

At once, when Americans couldn’t see Hawaii, Agrawal offered them a preference of it in their home– a retreat from the reality around them. He rode the typical environment-friendly wave of hemp’s nationwide growth; the CBD gummy market alone is expected to reach $14B by 2028.

Growth and Sale of a CBD Empire

According to Agrawal, Verma Farms was entirely bootstrapped, which optimized success as he took no outside financial investments. He points out autonomy and efficiency as calculated rules of thumb that enabled his organization to survive the pandemic and flourish enough to acquire a 2nd firm: Penguin CBD.

The procurement of an additional company in 2021 permitted Verma Farms’ valuation to skyrocket. Six months later, mergers and purchases gigantic FE International led to a remarkable purchase, selling business (that as soon as had just $200) for eight figures.

” I couldn’t be more grateful for the past two years– as an entrepreneur and a specific,” claims Agrawal. “From the first time trying CBD on the coastline in Maui, to item screening and sampling the Verma Farms gummies we made, to maintaining an organization active in 2020, to obtaining Penguin CBD, to the sale currently, it’s been such an extensive trip. I can’t wait to share what’s next with the globe.”

Agrawal remains to have and also run Verma Media and has numerous DTC projects in the works.

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