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Amas Tenumah-Endorsing the Importance of Customer Service Through His Consultancy Firm



To run a profitable business, an organization needs to do a lot more than just manufacture and sell products or services. Amas Tenumah, who is a professional customer experience consultant, believes that for an organization providing excellent customer service to their customers before and after they make a purchase is even more important.

A company’s customers will associate a positive emotion with the buying experience if a company provides great customer service, and the likelihood of them doing business with the company again will also increase. Customer service is an essential aspect of an overall business that can affect a company’s sales and influence how an organization is seen in the public eye. Recently, a number of well-known businesses have been in the news because of their poor customer service policies. The good news is that we have professional customer experience consultants like Tenumah in the industry who are there to help these organizations and individuals develop strategies to improve their customer service and maintain their company’s leadership position.

When customers are satisfied with the service and attention an organization provides, they are likely to be more faithful and loyal to that brand or organization. Customers who receive exceptional customer service have a positive experience, which can also lead to referrals and repeat business. Simply put, an organization cannot survive without decent customer service. They can get as many new customers as they want by lowering prices and running promotions and marketing campaigns, but unless they retain loyal customers, their businesses won’t be successful in the long run.

Customers will be more satisfied with the overall experience with an organization if they offer great customer service. This will not only increase their likelihood of doing business with you again in the future, but they will even recommend your services or products to others through positive word-of-mouth.

Good customer service is essential for retaining customers’ loyalty in a world where it is all too common to switch brands. Even if competitors offer lower prices or better deals, many customers are more likely to remain loyal to their current provider if they feel valued by it. According to researchers, 70% of customers would be willing to spend their money on products and services offered by businesses they believe provide the best customer service. Customer service fosters trust and loyalty, which are essential to the long-term success of a business; therefore, it is extremely necessary for a company to make it its top priority.

Amas Tenumah has become a prominent name in the business sector after his customer-related guidance and consultation services to various companies and governmental organizations on how to improve their performance and connect emotionally with employees and customers. Apart from being known around the world as the vice president for brands like Teleflora and Cox Communications, he is famous for hosting podcasts and writing several books, including, Waiting for Service, The Joyful Stoic, The Curated Experience, and No One Wants Customer Service.

Tenumah, who was brought up in New York City, attended the University of Oklahoma to pursue education in the field of computer engineering. He stepped into the professional world as a customer service representative and, over time, rose through the ranks to become a retention leader, team leader, coach, and operations manager.

After gaining enough experience and knowledge about how the business world operates, Tenumah laid the foundation of BetterXperience, a consulting firm that focuses on assisting businesses in enhancing their customer and employee experiences. Through his company, he teaches techniques for utilizing technology to enhance customer and employee satisfaction. Because of his years of leadership, experience, and associations with big brands like Teleflora, IBM, Coca-Cola, Udemy, and Amazon, he has been recognized by a number of prestigious publications and business journals such as Forbes, A, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur over the course of his illustrious career. As a keynote speaker, he has appeared at various events over the years and written over 200 articles and reports.

Additionally, he has helped several organizations like Cox Interchanges, WeGoLook, Coca-Cola, Teleflora, and DirecTV by devising successful strategies. Tenumah is referred to as a polymath because he uses behavioral science, technology, and philosophy to help others. He has come up with a way for businesses to directly affect their financial goals by supporting their primary mission of helping people.

Through his consultancy services, he has not only cemented his place in the corporate world but has also helped numerous businesses attract and retain customers, which are an integral part of any business.

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