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America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and a hash of 2020



America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and a hash of 2020

Despite lean economic times, cannabis extracts are cleaner, more affordable, and legal than ever before.

710 Oil Day is here and millions of North American hash fans are shopping for budders, rosins, cartridges, and other dabbables in celebration of Independence Day and 710 Oil Day.

Numerous state-legal cannabis retailers offer deals, like buy two vape carts, get one free, including California, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan. Regardless of your tax bracket, there are great concentrates to choose from.

This heatwave calls for the best economical extracts in the country for celebrating, healing, meditating, and more.

Find deals in:

·         California

·         Florida

·         Oregon

·         Michigan

·         Colorado

·         Nevada

·         Illinois

·         Arizona

·         Half-price hash in California

California, the golden cherry on the top of the bowl of bargain hash in the US, has about 600 stores and delivery services offering the purest extracts, tested by third parties for solvents, pesticides, and mold. All the time, new brands and stores launch.

Cali vape pen cartridges

If you’re on a tight budget, Flav offers products such as the one-gram cartridge of Jack Herer oil (aka distillate) for just $13 at Los Angeles’ Green Cross of Torrance.

At Club78 in Reseda, oil carts from national brand Select start at $20 a gram for Mendo Breath Elite. For legal cannabis extracts, the national price floor is about twenty bucks a gram.

In their Los Angeles store, major cart brand Stiizy regularly runs cart deals, like Blue Dream one-gram carts for $20 and Birthday Cake distillate (“disty”) for $27. It costs $20 for a cart of Stiizy’s Biscotti 0.5g; it costs $25 for Gelato.

To take it to the next level, Pruf Cultivar offers a classic Blue Dream 0.5g cart for $30; Moxie has 0.5g Sour Apple Haze Dart pods for $30, or a Member Berry 0.5g pod for $25.

0.5g Blue Dream cartridges from AbsoluteXtracts cost $32, a staple. You can find Care by Design at From the Earth in Point Pleasant for $29.21 for 0.5g of 1:1 CBD. Hueneme.

If you’re ready to splurge, it goes as high as:

The price of a gram of Heavy Hitters Gelato #33 live resin at LA Cannabis Co in Inglewood is $70

Nuvata Strawberry Full Mind cart costs $48.99 for .5 grams

Lavender Kush .5g PAX pods are on sale for $30 at Legion of Bloom disty and live resin cart champs

You can buy half-gram PAX pods for $33 from Phat Panda

Cali dabs, sauce, wax, and diamonds

You can buy Clear Star’s Tropicana Zkittlez shatter, or Triangle Kush shatter, for $23 grams at Purple Star San Francisco.

Live resin grams of Humboldt Farms Mimosa cost $25 at Sherbinski’s.

The Green Cross in San Francisco sells AbsoluteXtracts’ Watermelon Kush live resin sauce for just $27 a gram.

Big brand Cresco supplies Alien Bubba live sauce by Strains Dispensary in Perris for $30 grams.

*Wox Extracts holds down the bargains with $32 grams of 24k Gold live resin sugar from Exhalence LA.

Look out for Balboa Caregivers of Chatsworth as well: Sour Pie Caviar Crumble for $35.

A gram of 1Lyfe Lava Cake sauce and diamonds costs $35 at The Green Cross in San Francisco.

And Eel River Organics provides bargain dabs for $37 like Fog Berry live resin grams.

However, for the real deal, California value belongs to Raw Garden, whose $35 live resin and carts offer real savings coupled with real quality. The Pottery in Los Angeles offers Raspberry Punch and Dosi Punch for $35 per gram.

California has so much more to offer. Do you love bubble hash? You can find Biscotti Resina’s Banana OG 1g for $30, or their Headband Super Glue Chem at Sherbinskis. Cali Hash really dominates the bubble sector with 28% of the market share; spotted at Coast Coast Collective. Make sure you don’t miss $20 a gram of Talking Trees kief!

Splurging a bit?

Sherbinski’s offers Raw Garden diamonds at $50 per gram

Reefer Madness of Palm Springs has GMO hash rosin dots for just $45.

The Hoties #7 Persy Live Rosin from 710 Labs is $90 a gram, while the Blueberry Haze Live Rosin from 710 Labs goes for $60 a gram.

Value vapes of Florida

The medical cannabis program in Florida is nascent, but its potential is immense. In 2020, only a few vertically integrated brands will grow, extract, and sell medical cannabis concentrates in Florida. It’s a huge improvement from just a few years ago. All deals are relative; they aren’t great.

For the most part, Florida residents use Surterra Wellness 1:4 Zen dispensable pens with 0.3g of oil, which are sold by Surterra Boynton Beach for $30. Alternatively, they have a 1:1 Otto-Heal cart for $40.

There is a wide selection of oil carts available at Curaleaf stores, including a 0.5g Blueberry OG disposable for $42 and a Gelato cart for $45.

Next, MUV Products competes with $60 G-Pen Gio pods of Jack Herer and other strains. Canna-Tsu offers a CBD-rich 0.5g cart for $50 as well.

Rythm’s Balance cartridge, featuring LSD, sells for $100 at RISE Hollandale Beach and would be the cheapest full-gram cart.

For splurges:

· Mary’s Medicinals has a wide variety of awesome pods, like the 0.5g 3:1 CBD PAX Pod for $75

It’s a deal to get 0.4 grams of Trulieve Blue River rosin for $60. Regardless of the extract, TruLieve is superior: TruWax, TruShatter, TruClear, and TruRosin

Bargain dabs of Oregon

The legal cannabis market in Oregon is highly competitive, driving prices through the roof, benefitting bargain shoppers. On Leafly, you can easily browse dabs in Oregon.

Sauce Boss Acapulco Gold disty carts start at a crazy $10 a gram at The Link in Portland.

At Green Front in Portland, Buddies Brand has $20 grams of Blue Lemon Thai live resin; or $24 disty one-gram carts of Love Bucket.

At Reefer Madness in Salem, you can find $ 20-gram carts of Harlequin from Willie’s Reserve, which sells for $20 each.

Curaleaf Portland also sells $20 grams of UKU Tahoe OG.

In addition to Phat Panda and Top Shelf, Bobsled Extracts and Double Delicious are also available in $10 half-gram or $ 20-gram carts.

Splurging around Stumptown?

Get the Heylo Volume 1 PAX pod for $60 a 0.5g at High-End Market Place in Vancouver, WA

Echo Electuary’s Huckleberry Web live CBD nectar cart from Phresh Cannabis for $60 a gram

· Chem Mint PAX pods are available for $50 per gram from House of Cultivar.

Oregon dabs, rosin, shatter

OG Processing is offering $9 one-grams of BHO Slymer, Purple Gelato, and more.

· A $10 bill gets you one gram of Original Extracts’ 501st OG Pull n’ Snap; Purple Punch hash from PDX Dabs; or Rosewalker shatter from HUSH.

· At Homegrown Oregon in West Salem, Hood Oil brand one-grams of Gelato shatter cost just $12.

At Fire and Frost Cannabis in Vancouver, Double Delicious offers Purple Lemon Haze RSO grams for just $13. Crazy.

Forbidden Fruit shatter is also available for $14.95 at Diem delivery and Dab Factory in Portland. Whaaaat?

Those who do not want to use solvents can get bubble hash grams for $15 at Happy Leaf from Green Dragon Extracts.

Now that you’ve bargain hunted, ball out with:

The Herbery sells Phat Panda’s Face-Off live resin grams for $40

At Greenhead Cannabis Vancouver, you can purchase Strawberry Banana rosin grams for $60 from House of Cultivar

Affordable oils of Michigan

In Michigan, medical cannabis manufacturers have made the switch to recreational sales just a year after it opened for adult use. Modern extraction processes are used on some of the best, most exotic strains. There is everything that you expect from California, just at a higher price point.

Michigan vape carts

Medical patients in Flint may purchase half-gram carts from Mary’s Medicinals for $20 at 3Fifteen.

The disty Fire OG from the brand Flav is available in Michigan for $ 35-gram carts.

Additionally, scan for PRUF Cultivar – they deliver $ 35-gram carts of Blue Dream to Michiganders.

However, forty dollars is the real price point: Stiizy’s carts of OG Kush are $40 gram. There’s even a Wedding Cake Gram Cart from Willie’s Reserve for $40.

Chem Dog carts start at $40 from High Life Farms at Holistic Health of Wayne.

At Green Door Alternative in Detroit, select Blue Dream carts to start at $40 a gram and Tropicana Cookies oil is $40 a gram.

Furthermore, Great Lakes Natural Remedies offers 45 grams of premium PMO dab dart for $45 dollars. Cannalicious’ 1:1 RSO grams start at $45 as well.

Mary’s Medicinals has Gelato Pax pods for $45 a half-gram, or Blue Dream PAX pods for $40 a half-gram, at the top of the list. Half-gram carts of Airo Vapor from GSC cost $35.84.

Michigan dabs

In Portage, Lake Effect offers a pack of trial Hammerhead Dab Tabs for just $13, and Clear Water Concentrates offers CBD isolate for $20 a gram.

The Sticky Kief from Golden Harvests, available from Sticky Ypsi in Ypsilanti, costs $15 for a gram.

You can get a 150mg trial dab from Brand Element for just $15.

Buying Purple Punch dabbale oil at Green Door Alternative of Detroit might be the cheapest way to buy gram-dabs in Michigan, starting at $40 per gram.

Apothecare Ann Arbor offers Fwaygo carts for a reasonable $40 per gram.

·         At BotaniQ of Detroit, North Extracts has Orange Daiquiri or Lava Cake wax at $45 a gram.

Going big?

Monster Extracts now offers gelato live resin for $50, an 18% discount

Pink Cookies Sugar half-grams are available for $36 at Brand Cannalicious

It costs $135 for 2 grams of Monster Extracts’ Lemon Tree Rock Sauce, and $90 for 2 grams of Watermelon THC-A

At Information Entropy, Element live resin carts of Skywalker are $51.46; GMO live resin is $80 a gram

You can get hyped at $55 for True North Collective Motorbreath motor resin batter grams; at $60 for Sticky Ypsilanti’s Heaven Scent sauce grams

For half a gram of Pineapple Skunk, Utopia Extracts runs $30.87 at Ann Arbor Wellness. Spend $45.45 a half-gram on Big Gas live resin Zookies

· Cannalicious offers terp sugar that costs $80 a gram called Berry Cobbler

Economical extracts of Colorado

There is perhaps no better place in the world to get pure, potent, tasty hash than Colorado.

Colorado carts

At Kaya in Colfax, Craft Concentrates Lemon G disty carts cost just $10 per 0.5g.

At Starbuds, Evolution Lab’s Chroma carts are available for $17 for 0.5g.

The Republic offers the affordable disposable Hybrid Berry .3g from Wana Brands for $24.98.

It is available at Quality Choice for $25 per 0.5g. of Lime Sorbet.

Going big for your birthday? Buying them from Sunrise Solutions in Bailey, CO, you can get The Clear’s Lobster Butter Elite carts for $60 a gram.

Colorado shatter, badder, diamonds, sauce

Dabbers can purchase Citrus Fuel shatter made by Concentrate Supply Co. for $22 grams at Ace’s Place in Fort Worth. Collins. You’ll always be supplied by Concentrate Supply Co. Rocky Road on Platte in Colorado Springs had 14.32 grams of Joker Kush shatter.

· Brand Binske is offering Sugar Rose Badder grams for $23.37 at Lightshade in Aurora, CO.

With Critical Phantom OG Diamonds & Sauce grams at just $31.16 from Berkeley dispensary in Arvada, CO, Binske may offer the cheapest diamonds in Colorado.

The same-store sells Trade City Kush Resin for $22.24 gram at Craft Concentrates.

Also see the extracts from Eureka vapor, and Nature’s Heritage.

Affordable hash in other states

In Nevada

There are half-gram sauce carts for $19 and disposable .3-gram pens for $40 at NuLeaf Lake Tahoe.

Seek out Melting Point Extracts deals in Nevada, like Lava OG wax 0.5g for $21.22, or alternative medicine carts and wax from Vegas Alternative Medical Association.

In Illinois

· Look for Wellness Joos carts and Nature’s Grace carts

For $120, you can purchase a Pineapple Diesel .3 g disposable cart and a splurge 0.5g cart for $65 from Verano

For example, Cresco liquid live resin goes for $ 60 for a half-gram; its High Supply indica oil pen is $ 30 for 0.25g, and their Pineapple Express cart is $ 60

In Arizona

Check out:

Branded DRIP Oils and Extracts

· Plus, Untamed Herbs has WiFi OG for $30

JARS Cannabis now offers Wifi OG #43 terp cartridges in 0.5g

Jack Herer live sauce at The Mint in Tempe

Herbal Wellness Center offers Vapen Blue Zkittlez 0.5g for $30

At $70 a gram, Zodiak’s Moonrock brand is a splurge at YiLo Superstore’s Lynwood Lemonade cart

And that’s it! We could never capture all of the savings out there for hash lovers within the dab world, which is so vast and so dynamic. Check out Leafly’s marketplace for concentrates and find the fire near you.

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The Rising Importance of Orange County Family Doctors and Family Medicines



family doctor

Are you thinking of getting an orange county family doctor? You may ask us, why do you really need one? Well, there are a ton of reasons why you need a permanent family doctor for yourself and your family. A family doctor is the first reliable and knowledgeable opinion source for your medical conditions keeping in mind your medical history, allergies, lifestyle, and preferences. A good family doctor not only looks into all your medical concerns but also facilitates the prevention of not just any physical but also all your mental, emotional, and spiritual dilemmas. Over the long term, you can form a bond with your primary care physicians that will give you motivation and encouragement to share all your problems and concerns with them without any hesitation. You can also get a solution to all your physical and mental problems. 

Having good primary care now is our best hope for a healthy future tomorrow. And one asset that can contribute to this healthy and prosperous future is the orange county doctors and physicians. From providing treatment to all primary and short-term medical conditions to diagnosing chronic and long-term diseases, family doctors hold an undeniably important place in everyone’s lives. A properly maintained and operated family community clinic isn’t only a blessing in a patient’s life but can also contribute towards social stability. It’s a prominent place where you cannot only consult your family doctor but also get all your tests and scans performed to detect any medical condition. This information can be handy for your doctor to treat and eliminate your health condition.

Why are Orange County Family Doctors & Family Medicines Important?

The need/reasons to have orange county family doctors & family medicines are endless. However, we are stressing the primary five reasons that make it clear as to why their presence can make your life healthier and tension-free.

Your family doctor does a lot more than you notice

 It would be ignorant to think that your primary care physicians just do some yearly medical check-ups. They treat and cure a lot more medical conditions than you think. The list goes on from taking care of emergencies to performing minor surgeries, treating infections and allergies, delivering babies, prescribing pills. Still, sadly a lot of their work generally goes unnoticed. Your family doctors are the bedrock of all your and your family’s immediate and long-term medical needs. 

Your family doctor knows you and your history 

Your family community clinic has all records and reports of your complete medical history. They know about all of your infections and allergies and any medical condition or disease that you may be suffering from. They also have a good idea of your psychological approach to different treatments or methodologies. This can be helpful in situations where you may need any advanced or specialist treatment for any reason. In such cases, your orange county physicians can recommend you to doctors or specialists that will be the most suitable for your condition. 

Family doctors team up with other healthcare professionals 

In case you are facing more than one medical condition, be it physical or mental, your orange county family doctor will easily co-ordinate with your other doctor or health care responder to keep in track of all your treatment to help you get back to your healthy and happy self as soon as possible. They can provide any proactive measures and precautions to your other doctors that can guide them to understand and remedy your condition more quickly and more accurately.

Your family doctor can save your life and your money 

Statistics have shown that your primary care physicians can detect up to 95 percent of their patient’s chronic medical conditions and diseases in their early stages if you keep up with your regular appointments and check-ups. And when these conditions are discovered at their preliminary stages, they can be treated in under 5 percent of the health budget of the amount it would take for the treatment of such diseases and disorders in the long term. Not to forget that any condition caught in its primary stages is more easily beatable than at an advanced and powerful stage. So the next time you or your family members have an appointment with your family community clinic, don’t skip it. 

Your family doctors can take care of you and your family for a lifetime 

Be it a case of simple flu or something as serious as a cardiac attack; it’s most likely that your first call will be to your orange county family doctor. Be it, infants and newborns, or senior citizens, your family doctor, can attend to patients of any age, gender, and medical condition and provide them with the proper diagnosis on time. If the situation calls for special attention, they can quickly connect you to a specialist keeping in mind your medical and family history. Your family doctor looks after you and your family’s unique and personalized needs and takes care of your health for any medical emergency

Now you must have understood how vital your orange county physicians are and what crucial role they play in your life. From providing immediate medical attention to assisting and supporting you through a major health condition, your family doctor always plays an active part in your life. They play a crucial role in identifying, explaining, and providing the best possible treatment of all kinds of health queries and concerns. Family doctors are the guardians of our life that can form a long-term relationship with their patients. You should keep in mind that no matter how technologically advanced things become, nothing can replace the human side of a doctor-patient relationship. So next time you see your primary care physician won’t forget to thank them for everything they do for you. 

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What is a Japanese garden? and types of Japanese gardens.



types of Japanese garden

What is a Japanese Garden?

The roots of the world-famous and widespread art event such as the Japanese garden today are lost in the darkness of ancient traditions. However, it is generally believed that with the adoption of Buddhism, a conscious garden art based on design principles began to be emphasized, and there is an average of 1500 years of Japanese garden art. Although Japanese gardens include many man-made landscape elements, they include the design that symbolizes nature with all its features and depicts its mystery with a philosophical expression. However, Japanese garden art has an understanding of absolute realism and naturalism,

One of the strongest and most distinctive features of Japanese philosophy is its interpretation of the relationship between nature and human beings. Nature is taken as a separate element of equal importance to man.

Japan has a temperate climate and a wonderful landscape. All these have brought the Japanese nation closer to nature. Maybe that’s why the Japanese have been nature lovers since ancient times. They believe that the condition of living in peace is not to oppose nature or to belittle these beauties that their country has bestowed upon them, but to assimilate nature.

Japanese garden art, which draws its inspiration from nature, such as painting and poetry, has three common elements. Rock, water, and plant. In Japanese garden design, we see that the synthesis of the natural landscape takes shape abstractly. In this understanding, the aim of garden art is to make the beauties perceived from the natural landscape with human effort. The Japanese have tried their skills at all scales and species, from national parks to a miniature forest grown in a single pot.

Japanese Garden Types

Japanese Garden by Form

The types of Japanese garden is divided into two.

  • Hill gardens (Tsukiyama)
  • Flat gardens (Hira-niwa )

Hill Gardens

It consists of hills and lakes. These gardens have formed the basis of the gardens belonging to the nobles for centuries. Water is the most important element of the garden and is found in various forms in the garden. It can be found in the form of lakes, streams, and waterfalls. The garden features hills, stones, and plants that support the water view. All this has been cleverly designed in a certain harmony and balance. Hill gardens are placed in front of the main building to cover a large area. An ideal Japanese landscape is a combination of mountain and water elements, as in hill gardens. The direction of water flow is important in hill gardens. If possible, the flow direction of the water should be in the east-west direction.

Hill gardens are divided into 5 styles among themselves.

These; the ocean, stream, valley, swamp, and reed landscapes.

All these styles emerge with the use of stones in various ways to provide the desired landscape.

Flat Gardens

 It is a style mostly used for planning flat areas between various buildings.

For a long time, both garden types developed together, and the selection was made according to the condition of the land. Especially in the times when the tea ceremony became a tradition, another variety from the flat garden type emerged, it is called chaniwa.

Four main garden styles emerged from the two main garden types, namely hill and flat gardens.

  • Dry Stone Garden (Kare-sansui)
  • Tea Garden (Chaniwa)
  • Promenade Garden (Kaiyu-teien)
  • Miniature Garden (Hako-niwa)

Dry Stone Japanese Garden (Square – Sansui)

One of the greatest developments in the history of the Japanese garden is the development of dry stone gardens. It developed at the end of the Muromachi Period. It is known as the classical form of Zen gardens.

The main elements in these gardens are rocks and stones. In this garden style, a strong water expression is created with no water, rock, gravel, and raked sand. The aim of Dry Stone Gardens is to create a large space in small areas. The biggest reason why this type of garden is considered unique in the history of garden art; is due to the fact that it gives the maximum effect with the least element that can be used. Dry Stone Gardens are poor in appearance but rich in content.

Many factors have been effective in the development of dry gardens.

  1. Economic Factors – After the Onin Revolution, a great deal of money went into the restoration of temples. Therefore, it was difficult to build large water gardens of the 15th century and karesansui type gardens were preferred.
  2. Water Resources – The difficulty in finding water resources, which have a very important place in the construction of water gardens, has pushed designers to create gardens where water is not used.
  3. Spiritual needs and Aesthetic Preferences of Zen Priests – Zen ideas in symbolism have produced dry gardens. Zen monks preferred deep narratives in simplicity. Therefore, perceiving the sound of water in the white sand had a mystical meaning appealing to the Zen spirit, and this was the most important feature of dry stone gardens.
  4. Proximity in Zen Architecture and Shoin Chamber Architecture – During this period, the temporary residences (hojo) of the high priests were built in the shoin style. The entire surface and patio was covered with tatami. As a result, they needed a landscape view close to the building that they could see from inside the dwelling. Therefore, Karesansui gardens, which do not take up much space and keep the streams and mountains alive in its small area, were preferred.

Dry Stone Japanese Garden Examples

Ryoanji Japanese Garden

The stone garden of the Ryoanji temple in Kyoto is one of the most beautiful and rare examples of this type. The Ryoanji temple garden was built in 1499 by the painter and gardener Saomi. It is the world’s most well-known of Japanese gardens.

10m wide, 30m long. One side is the veranda of the temple and the other 3 sides are surrounded by an earthen wall with a tiled roof. It consists of 15 large and small rocks placed on flat ground, covered with coarse-grained white sand. The rock groups consisted of 5, 2, 3, 2, and 3 rocks each. There is no other plant in the garden other than the moss formed over time.

An asymmetrical balance has been established, and rock groups have created certain dynamism within themselves and with other groups. The simple beauty of the garden evokes philosophical thought. This arrangement, in which fine white sand replaces water, creates one of the most elegant arrangements ever to be found. Because it evokes the movements of water flowing in different directions. Here, the landscape, complete with stacked stones, represents a tigress and her cub swimming on the river trying to escape the danger of the water.

Ryoanji Garden stands above all other Japanese gardens in terms of design. No one but the trained gardener can enter the garden.

Even walking around the garden is prohibited; one can just stop and contemplate. “Shinzo”, one of the Zen monks who lived in the 16th century, stated the philosophy in this garden was ‘to travel 30,000 miles in a single step’. Another Zen monk of the period described the garden with the words, “It cannot tire anyone to watch this type of garden, and one finds himself in a realm of thoughts without realizing the time spent here.”

Daisen-in Japanese Garden

It is a typical example of Kare-Sansui, made in Kyoto in 1513 by the priest Soho and the painter Soami. A section of 30 m 2 more 70 m 2 ‘is a ligand L-shaped spectacle garden.

The arrangement is created with symbols. Its soil is arid, and the impression of water created by fine stones contrasts with a bed of sand and moss vegetation. This masterfully designed garden was built not to be stepped into, but to be watched from the veranda. It is the most perfect type of illusion garden, that is, a ‘visual’ garden.

In the background is a mountain of pruned bushes. This image is highlighted by two standing rocks. There is a waterfall on the right. On the left is the turtle island made up of rocks and on the right is the crane island. The water pouring from the waterfall is symbolized by white-toothed sand. This symbolism stems from the Zen philosophy of reaching nothingness.

One of Japan’s most famous stones can be seen here. It resembles sailing ships in China and has been floating in a dry landscape river since the 1500s as a symbol of the passage of human life.

The karesansui gardens, which developed towards the end of the Muromachi period, are an entirely new style. It spread from Daitokuji and Myoshinji to the Monasteries of Gozan and from there to temples in the provinces. Its influence was also seen in the Zen-style monasteries of other sects in Kyoto.

Japanese Tea Garden

Tea garden style

This style, which first appeared in the Muromachi Period, reached its peak in the Momoyama and Edo periods, especially in the Edo Period, tea gardens were adopted as a garden style.

Tea philosophy

Tea philosophy, called Teaism, is not just an aestheticism but expresses views on humanity and nature through the partnership of morality and religion. Teaism is healthy because it requires cleanliness, economics because it shows peace in simplicity rather than complexity and expensiveness, moral geometry because it describes a sense of proportion to the universe. In short, it represents the true spirit of Eastern Democracy. Strangely enough, humanity has only ever met in a teacup. The tea ceremony is the only Asian ceremony that presupposes universal respect.

First tea room

The first independent tea room was the work of Sen no Soeki, the greatest of the tea masters, better known as Rikyu, who set the formalities of the 16th century Tea Ceremony and brought it to a high level of excellence. The tea room is quite plain in appearance. It is smaller than the smallest Japanese house, and the materials used in its construction evoke particularly refined poverty.

However, it should not be forgotten that all this is the result of deep artistic foreknowledge, and more attention was paid to all the details than to the construction of the richest palaces and temples. A good tea room costs more than a normal mansion. Because the craftsmanship and the selected materials require great attention and care. The simplicity and purity of the tea room are the results of imitating the Zen Monastery.

Tea house

The arrangement of the garden part where the tea room is located is also under the deep influence of the tea philosophy. Tea gardens, called Chanhva, are a small venue in a Japanese garden where tea ceremonies are held.

In this garden, which is gathered for the purpose of drinking tea, it is possible to come across a tea house, a study room, a covered waiting area, and Japanese garden elements such as water bowls, stone oil lamps, and stepping stones. When entering the garden, guests are directed to the waiting bench with stepping stones. After washing hands and mouth in water bowls, guests go to the tea room.

Anyone who has walked this garden path can’t help but wonder how his soul is lightened and risen above everyday thoughts as he passes over the neat irregularity of the path stones, through the dawn of evergreens with dried pine needles, and past the musty-covered granite lanterns. The ingenuity of tea masters creating these effects of purity and tranquility is indeed great.

Tea gardens appear as gate gardens (roji) for the first time in Japanese history. They are built in narrow spaces between buildings. What is important here is what is felt while passing through this area. From the moment guests step into the garden, they participate in the tea ceremony. The tea gardens are designed in such a way that the guests can give their full attention to the act of walking. That’s why stepping stones used in the garden are very important.

Starting from the Muromachi Period, many tea gardens were built. After the retirement of Sen no Rikyu’s eldest son, Sotan, the family tradition was divided into 3 schools, and each of them was headed by Satan’s son. These are the Ura Senke, Mushanokoji Senke and Omote Senke Tea Schools. Zangetsutei and Fushin’an Omote Senke tea houses in Kyoto are known as the best examples of their era.

Zangetsutei is a Shoin type building, with living room-style tea rooms inside, Fushin’an is connected to Zangetsutei from the east wing by a wooden floor corridor. Guests at the tea ceremony enter this house through a square wooden shutter that opens from the back. Inside is a room with only 3 tatami mats. Jagged, split pillars and mud walls are distinctive rural symbols determined by the wealth and power of this era.

Promenade Gardens

The emergence of the ride gardens, known as Kaiyushiki, dates back to the 17th century. It has emerged by combining the rural nature of the tea garden and the visual beauties of the old paradise gardens. Kaiyushiki includes almost all traditional design elements. Pools, mountains, islands, streams, bridges, lighthouses, and jumping stones are design elements used in this type of garden. The aim is to allow the visitors to have a good time by walking around the whole garden.

The main element in this type of garden is the pools with their islands. There is a path that goes around the pool. This road gives visitors a tour of the whole park, using jumping stones or a bridge when necessary, allowing the visitor to slow down and perceive the sights that require attention.

Pictures have been the source of earlier garden designs, so earlier garden styles tended to be pictorial, whereas we cannot say this for promenade gardens. Because the trend in this type of gardens is music. In this, it is effective that the garden includes the act of acting as in the tea gardens. Of course, the designers gave importance to the elements used in the garden, but they also gave equal importance to the best use of the space.

Promenade Examples of Japanese Gardens

Katsura Imperial Japanese Garden

Many examples of this type of gardens have been built since the second half of the Edo Period. The oldest extant excursion garden example is the Katsura Emperor Villa. Its construction began in 1620 and was completed in 1659. Made by the great tea master Kobori Enshu. It has incredible beauty in terms of scenery. The pond in the garden is fed from the nearby Katsura creek.

The area around the pond is covered with pathways. Some of these are covered with jumping stones, some with stone pavements, and some with pebbles. Access to 3 islands in the pond is provided by wooden, earth, and stone bridges. Attention was paid to the variety of materials used in the landscape and flooring. To create the effect of surprise, the landscapes are placed in such a way that they disappear and reappear as they walk through the garden.

There are 7 tea houses in the Katsura garden. This garden has been designed to meet many needs. such as aesthetic, spiritual, and recreational needs. Inside a small temple called Onrin-do, various fields for sports; There is a kind of football called kemari and a field for horse riding. The pond is large enough to hold boat parties in it.

There is a platform in front of the palace where the moon can be watched. The palace consists of 3 Shoin buildings. 42,900 grids on a field. Katsura garden set an example for the construction of many gardens later on.

Murin-an Japanese Garden

It is an example of a strolling garden built during the Meiji Period. Due to the absence of traditional plants in Murin-an, it is considered a turning point in the history of the walking gardens in Kyoto. Its construction began in 1893 by Ogawa Jihei and was completed in 1896. The garden has proven itself with its striking details. There is a 3-tier waterfall inside the garden. This waterfall spills into a wide, shallow stream. The mountains to the east can be seen through the trees.

Miniature Gardens

Since the Japanese garden constitutes a world created for religious purposes, the need to integrate with that world, with that cosmos, necessitated the incorporation of the image of these gardens into everyday life. So the Japanese developed a garden art, with some reductions adapted to all kinds of circumstances of their life.

They named the box with a miniature landscape made to be put in a doorway or in a shop.

The small lake with a small redfish was the main element of this composition. The name Ban-kei is rounding, oval or rectangular, measuring 0.90m with 1.20m. porcelain, bronze, and even cement were placed on trays; In them, a real landscape was created by placing dwarf trees and tiny bridges on a backdrop of soaked and molded-painted old newspapers, mud, and sand. The Haka-Niva (miniature garden) is a miniature model of the Japanese garden on a small tray scale.

How to arrange a garden? What is taken into account? We also recommend that you read the detailed article we wrote about it.

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