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Are You Traveling Between DC And New York? Consider Taking the Bus



It is true that we are biased when it comes to traveling by bus. It is, of course, our method of choice. When we opened Tripper Bus over a decade ago, we wanted to give New Yorkers and Washingtonians a better way to travel to and from New York and the DC suburbs without having to go to Washington, DC, and back. suburbs or vice versa.

For quite some time, traveling by bus was looked down upon as a means of getting to a destination. Fast forward to 2020, bus travel has changed as has its perception. Nowadays, traveling by bus is often preferred over other methods. Especially when traveling to a direct destination.

Passengers have the opportunity to board luxury coaches with all the comforts. The coaches are well-maintained and clean. New and comfortable. When Tripper Bus began operations over a decade ago, our goal was to be a part of something new. Our goal was to change the perception of bus travel and provide passengers with quality, affordable and efficient service to reach their desired destination. Now with over 5 awards for Best Bus to NYC from the Washington City Paper reader’s poll, a stellar review from the Washington Post City Paper readers’ poll, a stellar review from the Washington Post, and several other subsequent honors, we’re the best choice for residents of Arlington, Bethesda and surrounding communities and New Yorkers looking for an easy Access to the suburbs and Manhattan of the DC area.

Here are some things you need to know about our transportation service:

It’s all about the details. Each bus receives a detailed nightly report when it returns from a trip. Our buses are also cleaned between trips.

You will notice that our buses are well maintained and up to date. We continually add to our fleet and retire buses that have served us well.

Tripper Buses is equipped with complimentary WIFI and electrical outlets to keep you connected on the go.

On board, enjoy complimentary movie packages on most of our buses that allow you to access movies and TV series on your personal device.

Customer experience is a big deal for us. Customer service is one of our highest priorities. From the moment you check in until you arrive at your destination, we want you to feel welcome and well-cared for on board. Our team values ​​all feedback, both positive and negative. We like to know what you enjoyed and the areas we can improve to serve you better.

Passengers can choose between two options on Tripper Bus. Our standard Tripper Bus and our Tripper Elite Bus service, feature fewer seats, captain’s chairs, and more legroom. Both services provide comfort and convenience. It picks up and drops off in Rosslyn, Virginia, Bethesda, Maryland, and Midtown Manhattan, just outside Penn Station.

It’s wonderful to see familiar faces every week. Some of our passengers have been with us from the beginning and still use our service today. There is no higher compliment. If you need to travel between New York City and the DC suburbs, we invite you to try Tripper Bus.


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