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Basic Skin Care for All Type Skin at Office Article



Basic skin care in the office immediately! Aren’t you surprised? Our way of life is also changing with the passage of time. Girls as well as boys are not lagging behind these days. In addition to managing the house, the job office is doing everything at the same pace. Well! We spend most of our time talking about day and night skin care. But those of us who have to spend most of the day outside or in the office for work, don’t they do skin care? Have you ever heard that skin care cannot be taken while working in the office?

Even if you work in the office, you can do basic care of your skin by taking some time out. Before we go out, we go out with a little bit of makeup. But having this makeup on the face all day is not a very good thing. It is also important to re-apply sunscreen. Today’s post is mainly for those who think, “I’ve been in the office all day, how do I do basic skin care?” So let’s find out how to get basic skin care instantly from the office.

What are the steps of proper skin care during the day?

Before you know what an instant basic skin care routine will look like in the office, let us know what are the proper steps of a basic skin care routine for skin care during the day. Because it is important to know about basic skin care before instant basic skin care in the office.

Basic skin care routine of the day
(1) Cleansing (Double cleansing mast if using makeup related products on the skin).

(2) Exfoliation (at least 2 to 3 times a week).

(3) Toning (mast after cleansing day and night).

(4) Moisturizing.

(5) Sun protection (re-apply mast during the day).

(6) Face mask or pack (Put face mask or pack in weekly skin care routine).

(6) Serum application (it is better to apply serum according to the problem after the age of twenty).

What will be the steps of skin care in the office?
When you wake up in the morning, first use a good facewash according to your skin type. As a result, your face will be better cleaned. Next, apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Also, those who want to use something related to face makeup, can use it at this time. However, after coming to the office, there is not much need for skin care, but after a certain period of time, the face becomes dehydrated. And it’s time to re-apply sunscreen. So, the best time for basic skin care is after lunch. Many may be wondering, why re-apply sunscreen? Yes! Of course. Let’s find out first.

Is it a must to re-apply sunscreen during the day?
Yes! Mast. Notice that the word SPF is mentioned in the sunscreen. Because, SPF means – Sun Protection Factor. And how long your sunscreen can protect your skin from sun damage depends on this SPF. When someone uses a sunscreen of SPF 15, they will multiply SPF 15 by 10. Multiply by the number of minutes available, it will be protected from sunlight for as long as possible. The result is 150 minutes. That means you are safe for 2 hours and 30 minutes!

Just like that, multiplying the SPF you are using by 10 will get you how long you are protected from UVB sunlight. Basically, this is the reason why many people prefer sunscreen with high SPF when choosing sunscreen. So, when you go out, try to use more sunscreen with SPF. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Just a few products in the bag is enough. E.g.,

A facewash according to skin type
Lip balm
(1) Clean your face thoroughly with facewash after lunch
If you use a sunscreen with SPF 30 when you go out, it is estimated that its ability to protect the skin will decrease after 5 hours. So, re-apply sunscreen after 5 hours. But before re-applying sunscreen, the face must be thoroughly cleansed with facewash. Because, the face will be ready for skin care again.

(2) Moisturizer mast to keep skin hydrated
What is the function of moisturizer? The first function of the moisturizer is to help maintain adequate moisture when the skin is dry. And keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, after cleansing the face thoroughly with facewash, a moisturizer should be applied immediately. That is, the need for a moisturizer is essential for all skin types. However, there is no substitute for using moisturizer for dry skin. The moisturizer creates a layer on the outside of our skin. External harmful germs and dust do not easily damage the skin. For all these reasons, it is a must to keep a moisturizer in basic skin care in the office.

(3) Don’t forget to re-apply sunscreen during the day
As I said before, why it is important to re-apply sunscreen. Even if you are in the office, you have to apply sunscreen. After using a good moisturizer, apply sunscreen on the face according to the skin type. Many may say, I stay in the office! There is no light outside! Do you have to re-apply sunscreen in the office?

-Yes, must use. During the day, wherever you are, the sunlight is touching you in one way or another. So whether you are out during the day or indoors or in the office, you must use sunscreen!

(4) Lip balm to instantly moisturize and soften the lips
In the office, more or less, we all apply something on our lips. Isn’t it? Lipstick is given even if you don’t use anything on the face. As a result of keeping lipstick on the lips all day long, cracking the lipstick again causes cracking of the lips. So, after cleansing the face, apply a lip balm to keep the lips moisturized and soft. Then if you want you can apply lipstick again.

A few small hacks!
Facial wipes instead of facewash
One is using Groomy Face Wipes

There are many of us who may not feel comfortable to clean our face with facewash in the office. They can carry a facial wipes in the bag. Because, to remove makeup or to clean the skin instantly, makeup removing wipes is the easiest solution. And, if those wipes are suitable for sensitive or acne prone skin, then there is no point! Therefore, Groomy’s facial wipes may be the best choice. However, at the end of the day, you must go home and do double cleansing.

BB cream and BB powder to get light makeup effect
Also, those who prefer a slightly lighter makeup look after cleansing the face, can apply a light weight foundation or BB cream after applying sunscreen. Also, if the skin is oily and you want a light matte finish, you can set it with BB powder.

You see! There is no need for basic skin care in the office. Also, skin care is very rare. The word “skin care” sounds overwhelming, but it’s not that difficult. There is no end to our complaints about the skin! Isn’t it? “No time, when will I do skin care again?” This is a common complaint. Hopefully, today’s article will be able to resolve at least some of these complaints. Many of us don’t take care of ourselves on the pretext of being busy. But you need to be aware of this to keep your skin beautiful and to increase your confidence level, right? So even if you are sitting in the office, do basic skin care and stay graceful every day.

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