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Beginner’s Guide: The Most Common Objects In An Escape Room



Despite the fact that each escape room is different, there are some elements that are more or less common. If you are curious to know them before doing the first group escape room over zoom, or if you have done one, you loved it, and you want to know more, in the following lines we are going to study in detail the most common ones:

Objects You Can Find In An Escape Room


Probably, the padlocks are the most recurrent elements. They are used to close certain areas, although they could also mean nothing.

When you come across a lock, you already know that you need to find a way to open it, and that force is not an option.

The most classic ones open simply with a key, but there are also some that only open with a code, others are digital and require opening with a technological device, etc.


The cards give us a lot of information about the adventure. They can be hidden between the pages of a book, in drawers, under tables, a vase or any other decorative element…

Cards from a deck are also very common.

They usually have puzzles to solve, although remember that many of these supposed clues are only there to mislead us, and they really don’t mean much.


Another very common object is puzzles or puzzles; we will have to use our ingenuity to assemble them and thus obtain the desired track.

An example of this is the smart boxes that will have to be rotated to one position or another in order to reveal the content. Maybe inside there is a key to open handcuffs or locks, or maybe a new clue.

They are not usually very complicated puzzles (we would not have much time to solve them), but they are not very easy either.

Magnifying Glasses, Binoculars or Special Machines

These elements help us to solve certain mysteries: they can be useful to see a very small number, a code located at a great distance…

In some escape rooms they give us special equipment at the beginning with special tools that we will use from time to time. For example, they can give us an element with a pipe inspection camera: these tools have a cable with a camera that we can insert in different places, and a screen through which we will see what said camera “sees”.

And you never know in what dark place the next clue might be found.

Invisible Ink

It is usually a resource for police escape rooms or investigations. In some places in the room, such as in mirrors or on the walls, we could find phrases or numbers that we can only see with a special laser. And this is because it has been written with invisible ink.


It is one of the most enigmatic elements of the rooms: many of us make the mistake of thinking that they are only there for us to look at, when the truth is that they could be revealing very important clues.

Perhaps, through the mirror, we can visualize a number or letter backwards that will help us to unravel the mystery.


Many rooms have already incorporated this type of puzzle and we assure you that they are very complicated to solve. They are cylinders made up of letters and numbers that will only open if the correct code is written. Inside there is usually some message or clue to move forward.

These are the most common objects that we will find in the escape room.

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