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Belly Fat Reduction Exercise Tips: After Pregnancy



Motherhood is a very desirable subject for any woman. This is an important moment in the life of all women. At every stage a woman has to face many things from getting pregnant to having a baby. In addition to the time of pregnancy, even after the birth of a child, a woman has to go through various physical and mental problems. It is very difficult to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

One of the most common problems is accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Women are always aware of being overweight. The time after childbirth, women become frustrated with various issues. Weight gain is one of them. Then you can’t start gym if you want to, then you can’t even start diet in a hurry. The way then? How to reduce belly fat after pregnancy? You can get the solution of this problem only by becoming a little conscious and doing 6 simple exercises! So let’s know the details!

6 simple exercises to reduce belly fat after pregnancy

Mothers who are worried about weight and belly fat after giving birth. Today’s article is for them. You can learn some simple exercises to lose weight from today’s article. However, we have discussed 3 levels or steps to exercise carefully in the postpartum period. You have to follow 6 exercises through these 3 steps.

1. Beginner level
If you are new to exercise then this exercise is for you. These exercises will help reduce fat by moving your abdominal muscles. It can be started from two weeks after giving birth if you want.

1) Belly breathing

Lie down straight on the bed or on a yoga mat. Bend the knees and bring them close to the abdomen. Hold your breath in this position. Now press the abdomen with the middle of the navel with the fingers. In this case, exhale slowly. Inhale and exhale again. Hold your breath for 5 seconds while doing this. Then release again. Do this a few times. Do this for 30 seconds every day. By stretching and contracting the abdomen it will put pressure on your abdomen which will help reduce belly fat.

2) Kegel

There is one more beginner level exercise that will help you shed fat. This exercise helps to reduce pelvic muscle fat. Sit up straight on a bench or chair. Now get up from the bench or chair and stand like half sitting. Hold on like this for a few seconds. Do this 10-20 reps.

You can do this exercise a little harder, that is, at an advanced level. Sit up straight on the bench like before. Get up from the bench or chair as before and stand in a semi-sitting position. Now straighten the right leg, keep the left leg broken. Then straighten your left leg and stand up. Do this 12 reps. Do the exercise by changing legs if necessary.

3) Crunch Beat

This exercise is very effective in losing belly and leg muscle fat. Lie down straight on the yoga mat. Lift the legs upwards from both mats. Move both hands behind the head. Extend both legs, and at the same time extend both arms over the head. Do this 6 times.

2. Intermediate level
He started exercising and passed the primary level well. Let’s go to the next level. You can do this exercise two to three months after the birth of the child.

4) Plank

More or less everyone who exercises knows about Planck. Planck is a type of isometric or static exercise, the principle of which is to hold the body in a certain position. Plank and side plank will help reduce your neck and back fat. Plank also tends to strain your abdominal muscles. As a result, belly fat is reduced.

Lie on the floor or in a plank position on a yoga mat. Keep the back and legs in a straight line without bending. Stay like this for 30-60 seconds. However, make sure that the back and hip are straight. Once plank, place the knee on the floor for rest for 30 seconds. Then start Planck again. Do this plank 4-5 times. After doing this plank you can start doing side plank. Fold your left arm and lie down on the yago mat. Keep the right hand straight, both legs will be bent. Slowly place the body above the mat. Stay like this for 30 to 60 seconds. Once this is done, plank back from the left to the right.

3. Advanced level
At this level you can move on to your regular exercise. Start these exercises after six months or more.

5) Wide stance deadlifts

Hold a light dumbbell weighing 2 kg in each hand. Stand with your legs slightly apart, and bend your knees slightly. Stand firm with the soil in this position. Now move the dumbbells up and down. Do this a few times. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your stomach.

6) Walking Lunges

First keep both legs evenly spaced. Now place both hands on the hips. Stand one foot forward in front. Make sure the front and back knees are at 90 degrees. Now heel the hind leg and push it forward, come back and stand up straight. Change the foot right after the foot. Do this 10-20 reps.

Be careful before doing any exercise. If you find it difficult to exercise, refrain from doing so. Refrain from doing such exercises after pressure on the abdomen or body. Keep an eye on yourself. Stay well, stay healthy!

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