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Benefits of wearing Gold-plated silver chain with citrine gemstone



Gold-plated silver chain with citrine gemstone

The best Citrine Crystals are like the most beautiful sunrise, with the sun beaming golden rays of delight, glistening over the ocean. Sunrises, like Citrine Crystals, remind us of how beautiful the world is, what we can be grateful for, and the excitement of new beginnings. Imagine capturing all that beauty forever in a single scintillating stone you can carry with you forever.

Don’t believe me, take a look at Jumika’s high-quality Citrin Kette which is a Hand-finished silver chain having yellow gold plated. These beautiful golden-colored chains are precious in the jewelry industry for their dazzling hue.

Wearing citrine allows you to bring the citrine properties with you wherever you go, constantly connecting you with the light. When you live in the light, you are able to create all that you want, making citrine the ideal stone to use with others to amplify the intentions you set in them. Wearing a citrine chain with heart shape gemstone will give immense power to your intentions.

No matter what your intention is, a citrine crystal will help bring your intentions to life. The citrine properties provide the light and energy needed to create all that you dream of. Below are some of the benefits of wearing citrine stone.

Top 7 Citrine stone benefits

  1. The stone is believed to absorb and transmute solar energy to help the wearer. According to legends, the stone can affect the physical as well as the spiritual levels by transforming negative energy into positive. It is also one of the two stones in the world that do not need cleansing or recharging.
  2. The stone is also supposed to be excellent for business. It can improve cash flow, encourage business and prosperity, and encourages generosity as well. It can assist in all financial opportunities you seek. Also, it can balance financial and emotional stability. For the most benefits, it is considered ideal to carry citrines in your wallet or place it in a prominent place in your office.
  3. It is an excellent stone for improving interpersonal relationships. The citrine stone’s energy is said to improve overall health and happiness.
  4. It is considered ideal as a gifting stone as well. The gift of a citrine to a newborn can inspire intelligence, health, mental clarity, confidence, and curiosity.
  5. For some, citrines can increase physical stamina and energy. According to ancient Chinese therapies, the stone is considered beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and degenerative disease.
  6. It is also perfect for balancing the spleen and pancreas in the body.
  7. Citrines also seem to be great at balancing the chakra by ensuring all body points are in balance.

Physical Healing Properties

The physical healing properties of Citrine crystal are associated with its energy-boosting characteristics that increase stamina, energy levels, improve intelligence, concentration, wisdom, self-confidence, and mental clarity. It is also beneficial for stabilizing and balancing hormone production that is associated with growth. Citrine improves digestion, nutrient absorption, reduces food allergic reactions, and improves metabolism.

Wearing this crystal as a piece of jewelry may have a positive impact on improving your nails, skin, hair, sexual drive, reduce menopause symptoms, and reproductive organ issues and infections. The positive energy vibration of this stone will have a positive impact on your life and well-being.

Emotional Healing Properties

The emotional healing properties of the citrine crystal are directed toward the person wearing it. It promotes self-esteem, boosts confidence, individuality, and personal expression. This crystal will help you feel less sensitive to criticism from other people, it will help you develop a good and positive attitude. It will enhance your concentration levels, revitalize your mind and help you overcome phobias, depression, and fear.

Citrine is considered a great crystal that promotes the calmness and wisdom that comes with it. It is great for support, brainstorming, understanding information, and finding solutions. It is advised to wear jewelry made from Citrine gemstone if you are sensitive to your environment and people’s influence. It will bring light to your thoughts, happiness, and optimism into your life and help you face and overcome difficult situations.


Top 5 Female’s Clothing Wholesalers



If you have just begun your own women’s apparel shop, you may require some suggestions to aid you in finding trusted ladies’ clothing wholesalers or ready-to-wear wholesalers. And that is what you will figure out in this article – a few provided wholesalers of premium quality style ladies’ garments and wholesale clothing vendors.

Online ready-to-wear and also fashion wholesaler 

  1. China brand

China-brands is the China females’ apparel dealer system that uses drop delivery solutions and high-quality products at incredibly low prices. You don’t have to handle physical stock, delivering concerns, or item information. They will certainly do all the foundation. All you require to do is list your items on your online style shop. China-brands have a wide variety of wholesale women clothing items, including style devices, bags, natural leather items, etc. As for item research study, this all set to use dealer will certainly source your desired items from the industry and, as per your guidelines, ship the items to your clients.

  1. City goddesses

City Siren collections are taken on by big chain stores, stores, on internet-style sites. These ladies’ apparel dealers exist considering that 2003. And was developed by Thangarajah Kuganeswaran as well as Mina Melikova. Their expertise in ethics and advertising, and marketing has led to the rapid development of their service. City Siren’s online reputation as a ladies’ clothes wholesaler has been strengthened by the launch of its revamped commerce site. Their objective is to give a very easy yet exciting online buying experience.

  1. Parisian 

At Parisian, they are one of the leading female apparel wholesalers online. They supply a large range of outfits, skirts, tops, coordinating sets, leisure matches, one-piece suits, jeans, pants, blazers, knitwear, coats, and jackets. They take ideas from the world’s most elegant females and fashion designers to make their collections bestsellers. Their regular update of seasonal and trending designs will certainly update your range and keep your clients coming back. Because 2002, they have had the knowledge and sources to supply sellers and the self-employed with high-quality items that are exceptional worth for cash…

  1. Indian art is India’s biggest online style marketplace for small and average companies. The company supplies a platform and also devices to produce service contacts with professional customers that use it to find reputable and also affordable vendors. The firm has greater than 3,000 staff members in 55 offices throughout the country. offers products that make it possible for small and medium-sized organizations to generate company get in touches with (on the internet directories/ storefronts), develop reliability (3rd party validated depend on account) as well as utilize organization details (finance, info, exhibition, calls for tenders).

  1. Magnolia 

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is a business-to-business (B2B) online fashion store giving retail consumers worldwide the most effective tool to keep efficiently. It is situated in Miami, FL. They help merchants by providing them with among the fastest and easiest to use global eCommerce platforms. At the same time, Magnolia Fashion Wholesale offers shoppers 24/7 access to a big collection of wholesale apparel to make sure that they can purchase the latest fads at the best rate.

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Facial Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger



At a wedding that day, someone said to Anika, your face looks very dirty! He is upset after hearing this. When he returned home, he looked at his face in the mirror. Not long ago he noticed that the skin of his forehead was wrinkled, fine lines were seen around his eyes. The eyes are closed, looking brighter than before. The skin of the face is dull, dirty! Again, double chin can be seen under the jaw. Why is that? Where is the lost youth of the skin?

Many people face such a situation like Anika. Busy work every day, black smoke from cars, pollution, outside dust and dirt have an adverse effect on the skin. As a result, there is an impression of fatigue on the face, wrinkles appear. With makeup, this impression can be covered for a while, but the lost radiance of the skin does not return. You have to exercise to get radiance out of the skin, you have to follow some rules. Exercise for a youthful look, did you hear this new word? We all know how to exercise to lose weight, but you also need to exercise to get beautiful skin? Let’s take a look at how to do facial exercises to retain the youth of the skin, from a physiotherapy consultant.

Why is exercise necessary to maintain the youth of the skin?

1) For those who spend most of the day in front of the computer screen, there is some yoga. When the exercises are done carefully for a short period of time, then the body and mind become calm and concentration in any work increases.

2) Excessive work stress or anxiety causes headaches, neck pain and fatigue. There are some exercises that relieve headaches, work stress, travel stress, and even worries and bring a touch of peace to the body. Regular exercise can reduce the appearance of fatigue and make the skin look younger.

3) Facial exercises will tighten your skin, fix the sagging or wrinkled skin, increase blood flow to the face. This will increase the glow of the skin, the double chin will be removed easily. It will also retain the youth of the skin by creating new tissues.

Rules for exercising

1) Choose a secluded environment to exercise. Seat in a place where there is light and air. Wear loose clothing.

2) Inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Do this for a minute or two first. Then slowly increase the time.

3) Warm-up before starting the exercise and cool down at the end. Even if you exercise at least 30 minutes 7 days a week, you will definitely get positive results.

How to exercise?

A) Close the lips and pull the two cheeks towards the inside of the mouth as much as possible. Much like pouting lips while taking selfies. Hold this for 10 seconds. Do this exercise 3 to 5 times.

B) Fill your mouth with air like inflating a balloon. Hold this for 10 seconds. Then gently release the air. This will reduce the excess swelling of the cheeks. Do the exercise 3 to 5 times.

C) First turn your head to the left, as if you are trying to touch the left neck with your left ear. Try to reduce the gap between the ears and the neck as much as possible. Do this 4-5 times. Do the same on the right side.

D) Sit in a chair and look at the roof. Now make your lips like a kiss. Hold for 10 seconds. This exercise is more effective in eliminating the problem of double chin. Do this exercise 3 to 5 times.

E) Smile, smile openly. When you smile, every muscle in the mouth contracts and expands and blood circulation increases. Excess fat is reduced and radiance of joy spreads in the face.

Know the rules well while doing yoga. When to take deep breaths, when to exhale, as well as to keep the body / muscles relaxed. It is very effective in removing wrinkles. If you do these exercises regularly, your youthful radiance will come back again! You can do these simple exercises at any time while sitting at home to retain the youth of the skin. Remember that your youth will reveal the power of your mental and physical work. Let’s love ourselves, not take care of ourselves.

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6 Tips For Instant Slim Look



Many of you may have noticed that in the prevailing fashion trend in Bangladesh but one thing is not kept in mind. That is, the waist of the maximum girl in Bangladesh is not thin, but it is not worked on at all. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few.

But the reality is, there is a perfect dress for every figure, skin color that you will never look worse than that model. Diet, exercise, these reduce fat, but if you want an instant slim look, you need to wear a little smartly dress. And yes, they’re modest and comfortable too! Let’s share some tricks.

(1) What to wear – full length waist / coat / shrug; The waist looks a little thicker when worn short.

(2) The middle color will be light shade, dark shade on both sides.

(3) Wear a straight maxi cut dress instead of an umbrella cut gown. Wearing shrug makes you look slim.

(4) Wear long sleeves.

(5) Wear a flared dress from below the waist (cut straight, not gown) so that the side of the waist is loose.

(6) Wear at least 6 inches loose from your body measurement, so that the shoulders do not get bigger again.

You can follow these tricks.

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