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Bernie Ashman – Re-energizing Your Life with Astrology



“I think music is about our internal life. It’s part of the way people touch each other. That’s very precious to me. And Astrology is, in a sense, the very opposite thing. Instead of looking inwards, you are looking out, to things beyond our grasp.”

  • Brian May

Have you ever wondered if the stars hold the key to unraveling the secrets of your past lives? In the magnificent intricacies of the cosmos, Astrology stands as a profound example of wisdom, illuminating the complex connections between celestial movements and human existence. Among the luminaries of the astrological empire, Bernie Ashman shines as a guiding star, his contributions enriching our understanding of this ancient art.


The Birth of a Stargazer: Bernie Ashman’s Astrological Odyssey

Born on November 24, 1947, in Springfield, Massachusetts, Bernie Ashman boarded a life-changing voyage into the territories of Astrology. His encounter with French astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s masterpiece, The Astrology of Personality, in 1973, marked a fundamental moment. Rudhyar’s prominence on Astrology as a symbolic language of choice and growth inspired Ashman, pushing him into the pits of this mystical discipline.

Ashman’s exploration probed even further, linking the threads of Astrology with psychology. Guided by the thoughtful insights of Carl Jung, Ashman correlated archetypes with zodiac signs and planets, enriching his astrological interpretations. His passion and devotion led him to become an acclaimed author, with works like Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path and How to Survive Mercury Retrograde, opening doors to self-discovery for readers globally.

Ashman, who graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Florida in 1971, currently lives in Durham, North Carolina. His contributions to the literary world include several books and book chapters as well as articles written for several magazines including, The Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope, and Llewellyn Journal.

But Ashman’s contributions don’t stop at the written word. He’s also been a guiding star in the development of astrology software programs. These include “The Birth Chart Report,” “The Prediction Report,” and “Simpáticos.” The latter provides in-depth insights into romantic and non-romantic partnerships, utilizing the power of the stars to illuminate the dynamics at play in our relationships.

Astrologer Carmen Turner-Schott, the renowned author of The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House, has fittingly dubbed Ashman as the “Astrology past lives whisperer.” This title comes from his remarkable ability to naturally uncover past life patterns hidden within astrological charts. He’s become a beacon of wisdom in this mystical realm, guiding people on their cosmic journeys. 

Ashman’s prime devotion to the field of Astrology.

Ashman has authored more than 10 books apart from his scripting contributions. He has played a huge role in constructing modern astrological software for the younger generation to immerse themselves with, in order to capture their interest in the powerful proficiency of Astrology. However, at the end of the day, Ashman’s goal stays the same in educating the population regarding the strength of intuition represented by the celestial bodies. His scriptures have a lot to say regarding this aspect.

His literary works have transcended language barriers, with translations available in French, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, and Chinese. This global appeal underscores the timeless allure of Astrology and Ashman’s knack for making it accessible to people worldwide.

Currently residing in Durham, North Carolina, Ashman’s influence in the world of Astrology continues to grow. In recent years, Ashman has shifted his focus towards nurturing the next generation of astrologers. He serves as a mentor for students and fellow practitioners, imparting his wealth of knowledge and wisdom. By sharing his insights, Ashman ensures that the ancient art of Astrology continues to flourish and evolve.

In the cosmic dance of celestial bodies, we find the answers to unraveling the secrets of our past lives. Bernie Ashman’s contributions to Astrology, entangled with the essence of astrological indications, offer a philosophical perspective on our transformative journeys. As we traverse the complicated dance between celestial forces and human experience, let us embrace the knowledge of the stars. In this harmonious union, we discover the unlimited potential for self-discovery, healing, and spiritual evolution.

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