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Best free CBZ and CBR reader for Android



CBR reader for Android

More and more people are familiar with classics and new comics.  Digital comics are published in CBZ and CBR reader formats. This is a ZIP and RAR used exclusively for comic pages. Digital publishing has made it easier than ever. You can buy the new issue as soon as it’s released online, or you can download the old issue for free at the public library.

Digital comics are published in the form of CBZ and CBR.

However, I think it would be even more convenient if there was a digital version that could scroll pages and use bookmarks, like a paper magazine.

In other words, CBZ and CBR digital comics belong to the area where e-readers of electronic ink lose to reading apps on Smartphones and tablets.

In this way, CBR and CBZ digital comics are not the e-readers of e-ink, but the reading apps of smartphones and tablets.

There are two types of Android CBZ and CBR reader:

  1. A universal Android eBook reader app that supports multiple formats including CBZ and CBR
  2. An Android reader app designed exclusively for digital comics available in CBR and CBZ.

Choosing the best CBR or CBZ Android reader is up to each user, as there are many possible factors.

In this review, we will introduce an Android reader dedicated to comics and a universal e-book reader compatible with Android smartphones and tablets that are compatible with CBR and CBZ.


Supported formats. CBZ, CBR, PDF, DjVu, FB2, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, RTF, DOC / DOCX, HTML / HTM, XPS (OXPS), ODT, ZIP, RAR, 7Z, MP3

FullReader is a free Android reader for ebooks, documents, and magazines. This reading app can open and read comic files in CBR, CBZ, PDF, and DjVu formats.

When this free app acts as a CBR reader, it supports horizontal and vertical manual and automatic page-turning.

When this free app acts as a CBR reader, it supports horizontal and vertical manual and automatic page-turning. You can also share different pages with different apps and services. It also supports comic bookmarks.

Other features of Free Full Reader for Android.

  • Cloud storage support (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox)
  • Custom network library support
  • Display a shortcut for another book on the home screen of your device
  • Display widgets for your favorites and recent books on the home screen of your phone or tablet
  • Equipped with day & night mode.


Supported formats. CBZ, CBR, PDF, RAR, ZIP, FB2, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, HTML, CHM, UMD

Moon + Reader for Android is a free, high-performance reading app that supports the CBR, CBZ, and PDF formats used in comics.

This free reader’s file manager features a “bookshelf” skin with a list and covers display modes, tag (default and user-added) sorting, and custom collections.

As a CBZ or CBR reader, Moon + offers page scrolling in book and scroll modes, and a preview toolbar at the bottom of the book reading window for quick access to the pages you need.

The main drawback of this reader application is the lack of bookmarks for comics.

Other features of Moon + Reader for Android:

  • Cloud storage support (DropBox and Google Drive)
  • Synchronize your library across multiple mobile devices (such as mobile phones and tablets).
  • Possibility to add default OPDS directory and own catalog
  • Black theme for night mode.

These solutions are perfect for those who want to keep their comic collections separate. There are many free reading apps that support CBR and CBZ, many of which also support PDF files, and can even unzip RAR and ZIP archives.


Supported formats. CBR, CBZ, PDF, ZIP, RAR

ComicScreen is the most popular free Android CBR reader and CBZ reader. There is no traditional file manager, but it’s very simple and user-friendly. Instead, there is a file browser that allows users to do their main work with files and folders on their Android phones and tablets (files are highlighted with a long press to enable options).

This free reader does not allow you to create custom collections, but it does allow you to collect files in a custom folder and add that folder to your Favorites for quick access.

This app can memorize recently read files and pages and add bookmarks.

Other features of Comic Screen Reader for Android:

  • Access to external storage via FTP
  • Image filters (grayscale, contrast, sharpness, color inversion)
  • Reading comics from the archive (eg ZIP packed images, not one CB)
    • Image filters (eg ZIP packed image, not one CB).
    • 1-page and 2-page display mode
    • Image crop
    • Adjust screen brightness.

Astonishing Comic Reader

Supported formats. CBR, CBZ, PDF

Astonishing Comic Reader is one of the latest free Android reading apps for digital comics. This comic viewer’s file manager matches the latest design trends and also supports tags and custom collections.

The main drawback of this free Android comic reader is that it doesn’t have comic bookmarks, but it remembers the last page read in every comic book.

PDF format support for this Android Comic Reader is not very good compared to CBZ and CBR. There is no page preview, page scrolling is slow and you can use the volume buttons, but it only works with a swipe.

Other features of Astonishing Comic Reader.

  • Cloud storage (Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, DropBox, ComicStreamer)
    • Built-in screenshot tool for page sharing
    • Night mode
    • Sync between different devices via WiFi (not in the free version)
    • Manga right-to-left reading mode.

ComicRack Free

Supported formats. CBZ, CBR, PDF, ZIP, RAR

ComicRack is one of the oldest and most functional free comic readers for Android (desktop version is also available).

This free Android reader file manager has multiple screens with major categories (all books, new, unread, recent) and a supported format in the default folder (path set in the settings menu). The library is automatically compiled for all comic files.

This free application allows you to jump to new comic books directly from your current reading window.

This free application allows you to jump to new comics directly from your current reading window. The last page read is remembered and the user can add bookmarks.

Other features of ComicRack reader for Android.

  • Customizable tap zone for quick touch and long touch settings
    • Internal snapshot tool
    • Image color adjustment
    • Posting to Twitter from within the app
    • You can evaluate when the comic is read.
    • Browsing standard archives (if including images)
    • Sync with desktop version via WiFi (paid version

If you need to find the best reader for your Android-powered smartphone or tablet comic library, you can choose from more criteria besides being able to handle CBR and CBZ formats.

If you are a reader and have a lot of ebooks and magazines in different formats and want to manage them all in one app on your Android mobile device, you can use a universal reader such as FullReader or Moon +, or an ebook. Consider a free Android app for reading. Simply install them on your smartphone or tablet and choose the story you want to read in the library.

In any case, there are so many free variations that you can be sure to find the best CBZ and CBR readers for your comic collection and read them on your Android mobile device.

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