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Best uses of VACUUM TRUCK in construction industries.



One of the features that help the industry perform better is the use of tools for maintenance and cleaning. The vacuum truck– Dust Suction Collector/Dust Collector combined with Hydrojet is one of the examples of how to improve the efficiency of the service, and increase the productivity of the work team.

Due to the need to work with large machines, which produce large amounts of dirt and dust, it is necessary to make use of good cleaning tools. That’s why we brought these two pieces of equipment and we’re going to talk about them, what they are, and their uses in the industry, and advantages in the team’s daily activities.

The vacuum truck and its advantages for the industry

The VAC TRUCK is a resource used to remove any type of residue, whether liquid, dry, or even pasty, such as lime, cement, dust, and mud of various densities. This type of machine has great versatility with regard to the places where it can be used.

For example, it can act in sewage galleries, in the removal of ashes from industrial ovens, dust in filter chambers, among many other options. Gear Equipment Inc. provides this type of service that helps companies and industries to solve these problems and ensure better working conditions and productivity.

Some other Uses of vacuum trucks.

Vacuum trucks are used by city and municipal governments and commercial establishments around the world.

Human feces

Vacuum trucks serve various types of decentralized sanitation systems. VAC trucks are used for empty sludge from cesspools, septic tanks, septic tanks, wastewater pits, and communal toilets, for street cleaning, sewer cleanout, and individual septic systems.

Trucks are used for cleaning sanitary sewage pumping stations. Vacuum trucks are used to empty portable toilets. In commercial aviation, vacuum trucks are used to collect waste from aircraft toilets.

Industrial fluids

Vacuum trucks are used in the oil industry to clean up storage tanks and spills. Drilling is also an important part of oil and gas wells as they are located in the drilling field. Vacuums are used to clean drilling mud, drilling cuts, cement, spills, and remove the brine from production tanks. They are dumped in hopper pits, treatment plants, or if at safe levels, they can spread across farm fields.


Vacuum trucks are also used to expose underground services. The ground is sprayed with water and the vacuum truck sucks the muddy product. This exposes the buried utility without the possibility of damage as would be possible if a digging machine was used (i.e. tractor backhoe, tracked or wheeled excavator, trench witches).

How to choose the best option for your industry

The VAC trucks or dust collectors are alternatives that make your company more productive, both in terms of adapting to the environment and maintaining the well-being of your team. In order to keep up with this demand, Gear Equipment Inc. offers versatile suction excavators with both hydro and air excavation capabilities. They bring an internationally proven dry suction excavation technology for better performance.

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