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BIC GROUP: A Beacon of Support in Times of Crisis



“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

 — Mahatma Gandhi

Healthcare is among the most prevalent domains around the sphere that requires massive attention and advancements at every step. The healthcare sector now has improved a lot as compared to the position it had earlier during the medieval times. Aiding humanity with splendid health and saving more lives than ever since the advent of civilization.

Due to its extreme demand in all areas of the world, many try to excel in this field and devote their lives to serving healthcare establishments for the betterment of humankind. The enthusiasm for making lives better has given birth to many prestigious personalities and organizations like BIC GROUP, which have pledged to bring a revolution when it comes to healthcare. BIC GROUP Ltd is a private healthcare company in Tokyo, Japan, established in 2006, which engages in product sales, management consulting, executive search, and the delivery of innovative solutions. BIC GROUP’s primary areas of expertise are confined to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, IVD diagnostics, consumer health, and related businesses, ensuring the delivery of top-quality products and professional consulting services.

Thanks to industrialists like Indika Bandara, a Tokyo-based consultant, entrepreneur, investor, and founder who established the foundation of the BIC GROUP in Tokyo, Japan, in the year 2006, setting the stage for operations shortly after securing the recruitment license. In 2011, the company further expanded with the introduction of its management consulting business. In 2020, the BIC medical division, specializing in medical devices and diagnostics IVD, was launched, achieving initial sales of US$15 million in the first year. The BIC GROUP corporate headquarters is located in Japan’s most prestigious business district, Marunouchi. As a prestigious healthcare company, it excels in medical product development, management consulting, and executive search.

Furthermore, it has played a fundamental role in developing the healthcare industry. In the kingdom of medical products, the company has greatly attributed to groundbreaking innovations, improving patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

Through management consulting, it has offered strategic understandings, aiding healthcare institutions in traversing complex challenges and optimizing operational workflows. Additionally, the executive search services ensure the recruitment of top-tier talent, fostering leadership that drives innovation and excellence. Such a multifaceted approach not only elevates BIC GROUP Ltd.’s success but also impacts global healthcare by promoting cutting-edge technologies, efficient management practices, and the cultivation of skilled professionals. In essence, the implication lies in the all-inclusive enhancement of healthcare delivery, from product development to strategic management and leadership acquisition, ultimately contributing to the betterment of patient care and the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Like healthcare, philanthropy is a similar aspect that greatly improves the situation of individuals living in underprivileged lives. In the face of unprecedented challenges, BIC GROUP has emerged as a steadfast supporter of frontline workers and communities, showcasing a commitment to corporate responsibility that extends far beyond the boardroom. Owing to its major benefits to the community, BIC GROUP, in its commitment to making this world a better place, is strongly dedicated to leaving a positive impression on the communities it serves. They efficaciously serve towards more development in important areas like health, diversity, inclusion, diverse talent recruitment, and education. As part of their universal efforts to help children, they recently provided jump ropes worth $1,000 to kids in Uganda, adding happiness to their lives through play.

In 2020, BIC GROUP started the BIC Medical division to subsidize the global fight against COVID-19. They focused on providing testing products and services, supporting sports teams like the Japan Para-Volleyball Association by donating testing products. Additionally, in times of natural disasters, BIC GROUP has consistently demonstrated its commitment to solidarity with affected communities. A striking example of this was seen during a devastating tsunami in Japan, where BIC GROUP swiftly responded with compassion and support. The company’s immediate and empathetic donation efforts showcased a deep-rooted understanding of the profound impact such crises have on communities.

In an era where corporate responsibility is increasingly under scrutiny, BIC GROUP stands out time and again as an exemplar of a company that goes beyond the bottom line. Currently, BIC works closely with Japan’s medical industry to bring cutting-edge products from global manufacturers and promotes its own line of innovative and affordable medical products. This shows their strong commitment to making a meaningful impact on international healthcare. BIC GROUP continues its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, exemplifying a commitment to creating opportunities for growth, learning, and well-being for youth worldwide.


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