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‘Brandon Falls’ briefly lands on Google Maps at site of Biden tumble, as lawmakers question his faculties



brandon falls

Talladega race fans coined the subtly crude phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ last year

The site in Cape Henlopen State Park, Del., where President Biden paused to speak with passers-by and fell off his bicycle in June was briefly added as a landmark on Google Maps before it disappeared again late Tuesday.

Around the same time, House Transportation Committee member Troy Nehls, R-Texas, highlighted several blown-up photos including one featuring the Easter Bunny to question USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg on his opinion of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president.

While it had disappeared by Tuesday night, a pin appeared at the junction of the entrance road to the Gordon’s Pond area of the state park, with the address of “Brandon Falls; Lewes, DE.”

The spot was at or near the point where Biden took a tumble when stopping to chat with pedestrians – which the president later chalked up to getting his foot caught in a bike pedal’s toe clip.

A pin briefly appeared on Google Maps appearing to show the spot where President Biden fell off his bike (Google Maps Screenshot)

The “Brandon” reference stems from a chant at a 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, wherein NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast told race winner Brandon Brown that fans were cheering “Let’s Go Brandon” – when in reality the crowd on the frontstretch was actually chanting “F— Joe Biden.”

Before it was taken down, the new coastal “tourist attraction” had roughly a 4.9 out of 5-point rating and several politically charged “reviews” lampooning the president and his administration.

“People are too funny online,” “Hannity” host Sean Hannity told Nehls.


An image of Texas Congressman Troy Nehls from ‘Fox & Friends’ (Fox News)

“Meanwhile, more and more Americans are now raising serious questions about the president’s mental fitness,” he added, while noting how Nehls had grilled Buttigieg on Biden’s mental fitness.

Nehls said Buttigieg previously publicly questioned the cognitive abilities of President Donald Trump, and asked the witness to essentially analyze Biden with the same rubric.


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaks during the White House daily briefing. (AP/Susan Walsh)

“If our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape – Mr. Secretary I could not agree with you more,” he recalled asking the former Indiana mayor.

Nehls went on to tell Hannity that after 18 months in office, Biden has been “shaking hands with Casper” – in reference to the cartoon ghost – and had allowed the White House’s Easter Bunny to goad him away from reporters earlier this year.

“I thought it was a very fair question [of Buttigieg] because [Biden] is the leader of the free world and our adversaries are taking advantage of this weakness. And I thought it was a very fair question to ask Mayor Pete about the 25th [Amendment].”

During the hearing, an agitated Buttigieg shot back at Nehls, criticizing Trump in the process: “First of all, I’m glad we have a president who can ride a bicycle – and I will look beyond the insulting nature of your question.”

When Nehls’ time expired, he asked Acting Chairman Tom Malinowski, D-N.J. to give him time to let Buttigieg fully respond, but the New Jersey Democrat refused, calling his questioning “ridiculous” and telling the Republican if he would have yielded more time to Buttigieg during his questioning, he would have gotten a sufficient answer.

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