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Budget Friendly Best Quality Face Wash For All



Cleansing is a must in regular skin care! After waking up and coming back from outside, we first wash our face, then do all the rest! Good quality face wash according to skin type is very necessary for washing face. Since it has to be used every day, it is a matter of budget. Students often want to know about budget friendly but good quality cleansers. Quality will not be compromised, but the price is within reach, looking for a product? Then today’s article is for you!

Budget Friendly Face Wash and Personal Review

Rajkonna Acne Fighting Facial Wash With Jojoba Beads
In our country, the problem of acne or pimples is a little more in the weather. Princess Acne Fighting Facial Wash has a mild refreshing flavor, keeps the face hydrated even after washing face. It contains jojoba beads, which exfoliate the skin very gently. Hersh has no chemicals for the skin. The facewash contains Centella Asiatica (Thanksgiving Leaf) which has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight the acne germs. Feel free to take “Princess Acne Fighting Facial Wash With Jojoba Beads” to solve your acne problem. Budget Friendly Best Deals for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

LILAC Brightening Face Wash Dry And Sensitive Skin
This face wash works well for dry and sensitive skin. It contains green tea, aloe vera and many other skin beneficial ingredients. Many people have a hard time finding a cleanser for dry skin! This face wash of lilac will keep your dry skin soft and fresh, will also reduce the roughness of the skin, and will also clean the skin deeply. This will make your skin look much fresher. Those who are looking for a good product for dry skin within a reasonable budget can take it for granted.

Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
Simple skin care products are very popular. For those who are looking for a good brand face wash within a reasonable budget, this is a good choice. Gives light weight formula, gel based, refreshing feel and 100% soap free. This face wash with Pro Vitamin B5 cleanses the skin gently, as well as keeps the skin soft. You can also use it on sensitive skin as there is no artificial color.

Rajkonna Glow Booster Facial Wash With Jojoba Beads

Princess Glow Booster Facial Wash contains the properties of Rice Water Extract and Tangerine Extract, which are incomparable in skin care. It will suit all types of skin. Deeply cleanses the skin and gives a fresh feel immediately. By refining the pores, you will get many more benefits in this one product. One of the biggest challenges for our skin is to properly clean the skin as well as take care that the skin does not become overdried. This face wash does not dry out the skin, aging signs on the skin will actually target it as well. And the price is within reach.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Face & Body
Also great for non-comedogenic, clinically tested, sensitive skin. This is a very good product in the medium price range. Suits all skin types, cleanses skin as well as keeps it hydrated. It is soap free and has no artificial fragrance, which makes it quite mild for the skin.

LILAC Brightening Face Wash Oily And Combination Skin
Personally, this face wash of Lilac is my favorite. It works quite well on my oily skin. It contains activated bamboo charcoal which works for deep cleansing by removing dirt and excess oil from the skin surface. It also exfoliates mildly, making the skin look fresh and bright. If you have oily to combination skin, this face wash may be the best option for you.

So this was a budget friendly best quality face wash suggestion. Cosmetics are always by your side for any beauty related suggestion. If you want to buy authentic products for skin and hair care, you can visit two cosmetic physical shops, one located at Jamuna Future Park and the other at the Border Reserve. And if you want to buy online, you can buy from Everyone will be fine, healthy, beautiful.

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Impressive Health Benefits of Saffron



We all hear or know about saffron or saffron. Some even use. But it is so expensive that it cannot be used by everyone. But the benefits of using a small amount of saffron is so much more affordable if you think about it. The benefits of this natural and popular ingredient are many. Today we will tell you about the benefits and effectiveness of saffron.

Introduction to Saffron

Saffron is derived from an exotic or exotic flower called crocus sativa. It occurs mainly in parts of Iran, India and Greece. Because it is not in Bangladesh, the price is a little higher. It is mainly used as a food coloring agent in various foods and pastries. It has been cultivated for over 3500 years and has been used to treat more than 90 diseases. Colds, coughs, insomnia, cardio disease or heart problems, Pregnancy Trimester Development and many more problems are solved.

Saffron also contains manganese, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent which cures blood sugar and develops essential hormones in the body. There is also Vitamin C, which protects the face and body from infection. Extra taste brings its special aromatic taste to the food. It contains Antimutagenic and Antitussive Agent which removes toxication and removes skin sensitivity. In addition, its antisolar agent (Anti solar agent) removes sunburn dark spots and protects from sunburn. Works as a very good moisturizer on the skin. It removes irritation of the skin and hydrates the skin. It makes the skin glow from the inside and makes the skin more vibrant.

Health benefits of saffron
1) Saffron has wonderful healing powers. Just 1 pinch of saffron can save you from about 15 physical problems. Saffron contains potassium which cures high blood pressure and heart problems.

2) Saffron helps in overcoming digestive problems and any kind of digestive problems.

3) Potassium in saffron helps our body to form new cells and repair damaged cells.

4) Its various components help our brain to relax, it helps to get rid of stress and depression.

5) Saffron’s ingredient called crocin helps reduce excess fever.

6) Regular consumption of saffron helps to relieve various respiratory problems such as asthma, pertussis, cough and whooping cough.

6) There is no pair of saffron to relieve the uncomfortable pain of menstruation in girls and before the onset of menstruation.

7) Saffron has magical powers to eliminate insomnia. Drinking a little saffron mixed with hot milk before going to bed will eliminate the problem of insomnia.

9) It is possible to get rid of various problems of gums, teeth and tongue by massaging the gums with a little bit of saffron.

10) Studies have shown that saffron also works to improve eyesight and prevent cataracts.

11) Saffron’s anti-inflammatory ingredient is an infallible medicine for arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle aches and weakness.

12) A little saffron can relieve the problem of acidity.

13. Saffron helps in controlling cholesterol and triglyceride in the body.

14. The role of saffron in improving the structure of the brain is undeniable. It is very effective in improving memory and thinking ability.

15) It protects the central nervous system from oxidative stress by keeping it away from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

18. Saffron relieves kidney, liver and bladder diseases. Saffron is also very effective in curing cancer and tumors.

Also, each of us should mix a few saffron with 1 glass of milk every day. This will solve many problems unknown to us. 1 glass of saffron milk plays a big role in activating your baby’s brain. Also, if you want to brighten the skin from the inside, mix saffron with milk and eat it. Because whatever flies on the outside of the skin, we all want radiance from the inside. Saffron also helps to remove wrinkles on the skin. Also mixing saffron with milk and applying it on the scalp stops hair fall and helps new hair to grow.

Use of saffron in skin care
Saffron or saffron has some proper uses. Let’s know step by step how to use it properly.

1) Saffron and sandalwood mask
Preparation method
Put saffron in 4 teaspoons of milk in a bowl and wait till saffron turns yellow.
Yellow color is actually mixed with sandalwood to make a good paste and apply it on the whole face for 20 minutes.
This mask will cleanse the skin by exfoliating and brightening the skin from the inside out. Effective results can be obtained only by using it once a week.

2) To get rid of acne
First mix saffron and raw milk and leave it for two hours.
Now apply the mixture on the face, massage it a little, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.
If you use it 1-2 times a week, the problem of acne will go away.

3) Glow face mask

First mix 1 teaspoon of sugar, 3 teaspoons of raw milk, 4-5 saffron and a little olive oil in a bowl.
Now apply the mixture well on the whole face including the neck. When dry, rinse with lukewarm water. You will get radiant skin by using it once a week
4) Mask for dry skin

Mix sour yogurt and saffron with a little olive oil and apply on face at night and leave it for 15-20 minutes. When dry, rinse with lukewarm water.
Make a pack by mixing milk powder, saffron and rose water well. Now apply this pack on the face, leave it for 15 minutes and wash it well.
These two packs will eliminate skin dryness as well as skin sensitivity, rashes, and skin rashes.

5) Saffron and almond mask

First, blend the almonds and saffron together.
Now mix a little honey in it and apply it well on the face. When dry, rinse with lukewarm water.
Almond’s natural oil and saffron’s antioxidant combination removes dead skin cells, dark circles, black spots and makes the skin soft and healthy.

Learn about the effectiveness and benefits of saffron. By using it you can take care of skin and hair as well as health. Take care of yourself regularly and stay healthy and beautiful.

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Laser Treatment Working Procedure Acne Scars



I don’t think anyone can be found who hasn’t gotten into trouble with acne. In most cases, the acne scars remain on the face even after the acne has left. Acne or pimple scars or black spots are usually seen when the nail is pierced. Cystic acne usually causes hyperpigmentation that lasts for months, even years. Such stains and scars in many cases break one’s confidence. If you are suffering from this problem and after trying a lot but do not get any result, then laser treatment may be your ultimate solution. Our discussion today is about how laser treatment works on acne scars and different types of laser treatments. Let’s not look.

Laser treatment and acne scars

How does it work?
Laser treatment for acne scars works with the help of intense pulsed light technology. It increases the production of collagen and helps in the formation of new cells. Naturally through our body’s natural healing process it removes the damaged tissues of the skin and brings out the fresh skin from the inside.

Different types of laser treatment
1) IPL
One of the laser treatment options for pimples or acne is Intensified Pulse Laser or IPL. This laser light removes dark spots, which even out the uneven texture of the skin. In addition to acne or pimple spots, IPL lasers also treat skin wrinkles, age spots and inconsistent skin color.

2) Fractional laser
Fractional lasers work to create small zones or parts on the skin, commonly called micro-thermal zones. These small parts gradually return to the previous stage. This fractional laser accelerates the healing process of the skin. This is the most effective treatment for very deep acne scars.

At this point the procedure is usually started with a topical anesthetic. In most cases, there is very little pain, much like a needle piercing or sunburn. Cosmeceutical skincare products and treatments help in subsequent recovery.

Then you will see how laser treatment works to cure brown spots, that is, acne scars! I hope you like the post. So far today. Stay well, stay healthy!

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Hand Feet Care Using 8 Aloe Vera Packs



Many of us have black and dull hands and feet compared to other parts of the body. As some parts of the hands and feet are exposed, they are more exposed to the sun’s rays. Moreover, we do not take care of the hands and feet in the same way as we do not take care of the face. As a result, the face is fair and the hands and feet are black, uneven and dull. For this reason, many people wear long-sleeved clothes and shoes so that their hands and feet cannot be seen. Again, in winter, many of us do not only care for the face by applying moisturizer. But I forgot to take care of my hands and feet. So due to lack of proper care, our ankles get cracked, our hands become dry and rough, which spoils your beauty.

If we take care of our hands and feet properly, our hands and feet can become fair and bright. That’s why we don’t have to go to the parlor and take care of our hands and feet. We can easily take care of our hands and feet by using aloe vera at home. Let’s see why aloe vera is beneficial and how we can take care of hands and feet with aloe vera.

How to take care of hands and feet Aloe vera

Why is aloe vera beneficial?

A pair of herbal remedies for aloe vera or aloe vera. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E. There are also minerals, sugars, amino acids, lignin, salicylic acid and various beneficial enzymes. Which act as anti-oxidants. Aloe vera also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and cleansing properties. Due to which it is especially beneficial for skin problems. Aloe vera skin moisturizer retains the moisture of hands and feet and helps to keep the skin of hands and feet radiant. We can plant aloe vera in the tub at home.

Let’s find out how we can take care of our hands and feet using aloe vera.

6 packs of aloe vera to take care of hands and feet
1) Aloe vera gel
Cut the aloe vera leaf in the middle with a knife, take out the gel and apply it on the hands and feet for 30 minutes. This gel helps us get back the original skin tone of our hands and feet. Aloe vera is also very useful in the problem of foot cracking. Applying aloe vera gel lightly on the hands and feet and going to bed at night enhances the beauty of the hands and feet. Even if you apply aloe vera gel heavily on the ankles before going to bed on a winter night, then when it is dry, wash your feet thoroughly in lukewarm water and put on socks. This will keep the ankles soft and reduce foot fractures.

2) Aloe vera scrub

Mixing sugar with aloe vera gel and rubbing it on hands and feet removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin of hands and feet.

3) Aloe vera, turmeric and honey mask
In a bowl mix 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel with honey and a pinch of turmeric powder to make a paste and apply on hands and feet. After 20 minutes, wash your hands and feet thoroughly with lukewarm water. Using this mask 15 days a week will make your hands and feet bright and fair.

4) Use of lemon juice with aloe vera
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Blend in a blender and mix in whole lemon juice. Apply this mixture on hands and feet every day for 15 minutes and wash off. You can keep the mixture in the fridge for up to a week and use it. This mask removes sunburn.

5) Multani soil and aloe vera
Make a paste by mixing aloe vera gel, some amount of multani soil, half a lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of honey and apply it on hands and feet. Rinse after 15 minutes. It also brightens the skin of hands and feet.

6) Aloe vera, raw tomatoes and lentils

Make a mask by mixing aloe vera gel with lentil paste and take a peel in the middle of a raw tomato and apply it on the hands and feet and leave it for 15/20 minutes. Then wash your hands and feet thoroughly with cold water. The skin on the hands and feet is tight and radiant with the use of this mask.

6) Cucumber paste, tokadai and aloe vera pack
Make a paste by mixing cucumber paste with aloe vera gel, 2 teaspoons sour curd and 2 teaspoons honey and make a paste and apply it on hands and feet. Then wash off after 20 minutes. In this method also the skin of hands and feet becomes bright and soft.

6) Rosewater and aloe vera pack

Mix a little raw milk, a little honey, a little turmeric powder and a little rose water with aloe vera gel and make a paste. Apply it on hands and feet and wash off after 15 minutes. You will get the fruit in hand. Very quickly your hands and feet will be soft and bright!

In conclusion, the qualities of aloe vera are not worth writing about. With regular use, your dull, uneven hands and feet will become smooth, bright and spotless. But now, sitting at home, make yourself the owner of more attractive and beautiful skin!

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