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Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used in Court?



When an accident happens, it might be very beneficial to have an extra pair of eyes to capture everything that occurs. But is it legally smart to have a dash cam with you to record any accidents you’re involved in? Can the video be used to prove an argument in court, or is it a complete waste of time?

In most personal injury cases and car accident lawsuits, dash cam footage that’s captured is very relevant. Whether you’re the one injured or worried about who might be responsible for the accident, evidence like dash cam video can provide strong support for any legal argument. It can increase the chances of winning your case and finding a resolution in your favor.

How will dash cam footage be used in your case if you get involved in a car accident? Keep reading to learn all about the legality of dashcam videos and how they can help you out.

Dash Cam Footage in Court

The majority of top personal accident lawyers who represent you will prefer to hear you have a dashboard-mounted camera that can provide video evidence. This dash cam video can act as a witness to the accident you’re involved in, which can give exact details leading up to or during an accident. Car accident lawsuits can reach a settlement or a ruling based on the strong evidence a dashcam provides.

Dash cams are legal to have in private vehicles, and the footage they provide is always admissible as evidence in any court. However, a dash cam needs to be turned off when a vehicle is parked and passengers within the vehicle the cam is recording need to be informed.

Video footage of any accident is something a court will want to always review. If you’re in an accident and the other driver accuses you of being at fault, dash cam footage can set the record straight and show exactly who is at fault. Seeing the accident happen in real-time on video can provide all the evidence for a jury to decide what happened, as well as understand the context of the accident.

The Bad Side of Dash Cams

While having a dash cam record everything about an accident is helpful, its video evidence can also work against you. The opposing side in a case can argue that the quality of the video footage doesn’t show what happened clearly, and can also point out inconsistencies with your story about an accident.

This can be relevant for showing your actions and the other parties’ actions after an accident has taken place. A dash cam could capture you or the other person being angry or taking other hostile actions. Remember, the dash cam will record everything when it’s on, which also includes you.

Dash Cam Footage and Accidents

With our look at how dashcam footage can be applicable in court, you’ll have a better understanding of why it can be significant. If you find yourself in an accident, then you’ll want the most solid evidence to help win your case. Visit our website for more great articles!

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