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Closing More Sales: Cold Calling Tips to Follow



Remember that the goal of a cold call is not to make a pitch but rather to establish rapport. Using words strategically can improve or damage your chance of closing a cold call. Avoid using words such as “contract” and “we provide,” as these lower the chance of getting a meeting with a prospect by up to 22%.

Build Rapport Before Pitching

Building rapport before pitching is one of the best ways to close more sales. This is done by using a conversational tone and sounding like you’re just having a casual conversation. You can use a witty sense of humor or even make some jokes at your own expense. It’s a good idea to smile throughout the conversation and use this to develop rapport.

In addition to talking about yourself and your company, you should also ask questions about the prospect. This will help you build rapport and show interest in the person’s needs. This way, you’ll gain an insight into what motivates them and how you can help them.

It’s essential to be confident in your abilities when cold calling, but don’t sound aggressive. Instead, keep a friendly tone, even if the sales are going poorly. The key is to build rapport before pitching and ensure the prospect is interested in your offer. You’ll have a better chance of closing sales by asking relevant questions. In addition, try to make the call as short as possible. This will allow you to maintain a personal connection and save the prospects’ time.

Avoid Scripts

Scripts can be helpful for cold calling but can also make cold calling less effective. A script helps salespeople navigate the most common objections a prospect might have, such as whether or not the call is a waste of time. By creating a script, your sales team can make the most of each conversation while reducing distractions.

A good script will help you stay on track and avoid feeling awkward when speaking to strangers. Using a hand will also make you sound more professional and help you get more information. For example, if you call a stranger, you can practice your script on a friend or family member to get an idea of how it should sound.

Another way to improve your cold calling performance is to listen to recorded calls. Listening to your call recordings will help you improve your scripts, and you can use these recordings to improve your sales team’s performance. For example, RingCentral offers an automatic recording feature that allows you to listen to incoming and outgoing calls, so you can learn what works best for your team. You can listen to the recordings directly from your CRM dashboard.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Using open-ended questions when cold calling can significantly extend the conversation and close more sales. These questions help you gain valuable information from the prospect and allow them to take ownership of the problem or benefit. Using these questions and active listening skills will increase the chance of closing more deals.

Open-ended questions are more effective when you focus on the problem or benefit the prospect will gain from your solution. Using examples from their day, you can connect your product or service with their needs and concerns. For example, ask how many hours they spend scheduling meetings each day and then offer a solution to cut down on these hours.

The benefits of open-ended questions are many. These types of questions are more engaging than closed questions, and they are effective for building rapport with your prospects. They also enable you to identify pain points and needs and help you better articulate the value of your offer. To learn more about open-ended questions, read this article. It will help you understand the difference between closed and open-ended questions and highlight mistakes to avoid when using them.

Schedule Follow-up Calls

According to a Marketing Donut survey, it takes, on average, five follow-up calls to close a deal. However, almost half of sales reps give up after just one call. This is because a follow-up call requires many more variables and a more strategic approach. Luckily, there are several ways to make follow-up calls more effective. A follow-up script is a great way to build on previous interactions.

First, it’s important to schedule follow-up calls during off-peak hours. Many people respond poorly to a sales call if it’s made early in the morning. Likewise, those who work late at night are unlikely to pick up the phone. If a lead isn’t reached within an hour, a company could miss out on valuable business opportunities. However, research shows that companies that follow up calls within one hour of a lead’s call have a 450% higher response rate.

It is important to remember that your potential customers may have already received several calls about similar products. Therefore, you need to make a good impression on them. In addition to being polite and professional, try to learn about the pain points of your potential customers and tie these to your value proposition. This way, you’ll be more likely to close the sale.

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