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Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Skin When Washing Your Face



We think cleaning is a chore, isn’t it? But it is very important to clean the face properly with proper rules. You must be surprised! But because of the work you do in this way, problems like acne, redness, dryness, etc. may appear on the face. So you have to follow some rules for healthy skin. This is the first step in a basic skincare routine. Today we will know what mistakes can damage your skin while washing your face.

Face Cleaning Do and Don’t

There are various formula cleansers available in the market now. Gel, cream, or foaming face wash, mycelial water, and oil-based cleanser for double cleansing are all available. Now if you have oily acne-prone skin and you choose the wrong face wash that makes your skin more oily, then what will happen? That’s why we need to be aware of some things while washing our faces!

Tie the hair well while washing the face

Hair must be tied with a hair band to clean the face. If you do not tie the hair well, but the chic hairline, the j-line is not clean. Many people do not pay attention to this issue when washing their face.

Use of cleanser

Many of us buy new products and start using them without reading the instructions on the packet. Read it first, see how many products and how to use it. Many cleansers say that you have to create foam on the palate and apply it on the face. Suppose you use four drops written in the direction and you start massaging your face with more products than you can handle! Then the skin will be too dry. This is how your skin is being damaged. That’s why read the instructions beforehand. And don’t forget to check the expiration date.

Don’t forget to wash your hands with hand wash first!

Hand wash before washing your face! But why? A big reason for the problems that appear on your skin is to clean the face without washing your hands! Many of us do not wash our hands before doing face cleaning. No matter how good a cleanser you use, you are still putting dirt and germs on your face all day long. So keep this in mind.

Hot water or cold water?

Direct hot water can break the blood vessels and capillaries of the skin. And cold water closes your pores and in many cases, the skin becomes very dry. So use lukewarm water without using extra hot or cold water. It is tolerable on the skin and it cleans the skin well.

How to remove makeup?

If you do light makeup, then wash your face with cleanser. If the product you are using contains oil-soluble ingredients, first clean your face thoroughly with Mycela water or oil cleanser. Then wash your face with regular gel or foam cleanser. Before removing heavy makeup, apply an oil-based cleanser and gently press on the face to remove makeup. If you want to clean your face with oil, you can use jojoba oil, it acts as a natural makeup remover.

How many times a day should the face be cleaned?

Dermatologists usually talk twice about face cleaning, in the morning and at night before going to bed. But if you go out, you must clean your face in the evening after returning from work. Must sleep with a clean face! And yes, you should wash your face even after heavy work or workouts. Suppose you clean in the morning, then after work, your face gets dirty with sweat and dust. Will you wait till night then? If you sit on the skin with dirt, your skin will be damaged. So keep in mind the matter of face cleaning by understanding the work and time.

How to massage while washing your face?

Many people apply cleanser directly on dirty or dry faces. First lightly wet the face then use cleanser. It will also be beneficial to massage and the skin will be well cleansed. Find out now how to massage while washing your face.

1) Make foam with gel or foam-based cleanser on the wet palm of your hand. Then first apply on both cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin area.

2) Then gently massage with your fingers in an upward circular motion. Massage anti-clockwise circularly on both cheeks.

3) In the center position of the forehead, while massaging circularly with two fingers of both hands, bring it down to the very side of both cheeks.

4) Massage in a circular motion with the tip of the finger on the top of the eyebrows and nose. You have to massage both sides of the nose.

5) Many of us do not apply J-Line, ie jaw cleanser. It must be done. Gently massage from the neck to the jaw upwards and around the chin and lips.

There are many types of automated or manual brushes available in the market for face massage, with which you can easily clean your face without touching your hands! Use whatever you feel comfortable in. If you have acne on your face, use your finger. Many people use loofah or makeup-cleaning sponges. Whatever you use, always keep it clean and dry. Otherwise, it can cause a fungal attack which is harmful to you.

Is your towel clean?

Many people make a common mistake and that mistake can lead to skin damage. That is to clean the face and remove whatever you get in front of your hands! Then all the steps that were so long failed. And for those who have acne or rashes on the face, it causes more complex problems. Always use a separate towel for the face. If the body is wiped with the same wipes, the chances of bacterial infection are higher. If you want, you can wipe it lightly with a tissue.

The next step in face cleaning

After washing your face, then apply with your favorite toner cotton ball. After a while, apply moisturizer. If you follow these simple steps, your skin will be beautiful and youthful.

What mistakes to avoid?

1. One of the common mistakes we make in face cleaning is rubbing the surface up and down. But if you massage the skin in a downward motion, wrinkles may appear on the face and the skin may sag. If the skin is not well cleansed, then the rest of the skincare products (toner, serum, etc.) will not penetrate the skin properly.

2. Many people want to rub the cleanser on the face, that is, they want to remove the dirt by rubbing. Remember that the skin of your face is thinner and more sensitive than other skin of the body. So massage gently, so that the protective layer of the skin is not damaged.

After reading so many steps, you must be thinking that I will clean my face only twice in winter and that is all! Trust me, it won’t take even ten minutes. And if you pay attention to these things, you will see that the skin has improved a lot. Your complaint about the skin will come down to zero! We know the mistakes that can damage your skin when washing your face. If you want to buy authentic products, you can buy from two physical shops of cosmetics, one of which is located in Jamuna Future Park and the other at the border, and if you want to buy online.

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