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Consider Useful Practices to Protect the Digital Asset



Security is the most crucial consideration of people when purchasing and trading digital currency. People focus on the best method to secure and safeguard assets from unwanted access. People can buy, sell, send, receive and exchange digital assets via Indian crypto exchange and manage their taxes using the tax management apps like Binocs. It is the best place to perform every activity securely without any hassle. Exchanges also offer a wallet to keep funds safe. 

  • The wallet comes with a private and public key.
  • A public key is suitable for others to send and share currency publicly in a transaction.
  • Private key lets people spend a token.
  • When a third party keeps private keys, it may also hack easily.
  • Once it gets hacked, a private key can be stolen, and you lose funds.

Use hardware wallet:

A hardware wallet acts as a great physical storage option. People often rely on a hardware wallet instead of a hot wallet. The hardware device keeps the digital asset wallet private key separate from the computer. It is not vulnerable to common attacks. Crypto owners take complete advantage of utilizing a hardware wallet and tax on crypto in India.

  • It is easy to prevent common attacks like computer viruses, phishing attacks, malware and keyloggers. Apart from that, online exchanges and online wallets are vulnerable.
  • When using a hardware wallet, you can get complete ownership of the digital asset.
  • Private keys protect with solid encryption and never transfer out of the device in plaintext whether someone accesses the hardware wallet.
  • The wallet lets you send and receive currency via the secure user interface.
  • People use popular hardware wallets like trezor, keep key, ledger, and a lot more to send and receive payments and check transaction details.

Avoid keeping a digital copy of wallet details:

Beginner and experienced crypto users make the biggest mistake like keeping a digital copy of a wallet. It is necessary to prevent a digital copy of wallet login credentials, backup code, seed words and others. It is the best way to keep crypto safe in the right place. 

Digital copy of data may be vulnerable to risk. Hackers get access to the account and steal assets. You can note down everything on-page and safely keep it in a physical place. 

Enable two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication is the most important factor for crypto users. It is a useful thing to prevent the hack. The perfect form of two-factor authentication is to utilize Google authenticator on android and ios devices. 

It supports different services like Google account, crypto exchange, iCloud, and Facebook. A simple verification process requires certain information to grant access to the crypto account. You can take pleasure from an additional layer of security to service and prevent the malicious agent from accessing the account. So, you can maintain an account with strong security measures. 


Crypto owners follow a simple method to secure assets and avoid online attacks and hacks. A wallet is an essential thing to store and keep the investment safe always. So, investors go for the best platform and manage the balance between security and complexity. 

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