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Coronavirus is a risk for the world economy

Chris Rynolds



Just when the outlook for the global economy had been declared encouraging, a new threat emerges in the form of a viral outbreak in China. That was the warning message that Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell delivered on Wednesday after the Fed decided to keep interest rates low.

Powell said the signing of a preliminary trade agreement between the US and China, the resolution of Brexit and the low rates in the US and abroad they suggested that the world economy would expand more rapidly. That is now threatened by the virus.

Still, Powell said the extent of the economic damage that the virus can cause in China or around the world is still unknown.

“There is likely to be some disruption in activity in China and worldwide,” he said. “It is very uncertain how far it will extend and what the (economic) effects will be in China, for its trading partners, and around the world … We are monitoring the situation very carefully.”

However, Powell said he believes “there are signs and reasons to wait” for a global economic uptick. And he said that the initial trade agreement between the United States and China and a new trade pact between the United States, Canada, and Mexico that President Donald Trump promulgated on Wednesday could potentially boost the US economy.

Powell spoke after the Fed announced that it had maintained its key interest rate unchanged at a low range of 1.5% to 1.75%, well below the levels that were typical during previous expansions. The president and other Fed officials have indicated that they see that range low enough to support faster growth and hiring.

However, investors are increasingly betting that the Fed will feel compelled to reduce rates later this year, probably because of concerns that the US You will feel the impact of a global slowdown derived from the coronavirus. The chances of a cut at the September Fed meeting have increased above 70%, according to the FedWatch tool of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, compared to 40% just a month ago.

Paul Ashworth, chief economist on the United States at Capital Economics, said he saw nothing in the Federal Reserve statement or at the Powell press conference to change his belief that the central bank will maintain its benchmark rate without changes in the foreseeable future.

“Unless the US experiences its own epidemic, we doubt that the indirect effects of the disturbances in China are sufficient to guarantee a cut in US rates,” said Ashworth.

Indeed, the coronavirus has closed much of that nation and it seems that it will slow down the Chinese economy, the second-largest in the world, which had already slowed. The virus has now infected more people in China than were ill in the country from the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003.

Major companies around the world have responded to the virus by suspending some operations in China. Starbucks said it plans to close half of its stores in China, its second-largest market. British Airways has stopped all flights to China, and American Airlines suspended flights from Los Angeles to and from Shanghai and Beijing.

Hotels, airlines, casinos, and cruise operators are among the industries that have suffered the most immediate repercussions. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s suppliers in China have been forced to delay the reopening of factories that have closed for the Chinese New Year holidays until February 10.

Stock prices fell after the Fed issued its statement and Powell concluded its press conference. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed just higher after having posted stronger gains on previous operations. Bond yields decreased slightly.

The Fed’s statement, which its policy formulation committee approved 10-0, was almost identical to the one it issued in December, although this time it described that consumer spending increased only at a “moderate” rate rather than ” strong”. That change probably reflects a relatively modest expense of Americans during the holiday shopping season. The statement also noted that the Federal Reserve wants inflation to rise more. The Fed’s preferred measure showed that inflation rose only 1.5% in November from the previous year, below its 2% target.


California Sexual Harassment Prevention Tutorial Launched By DOFE

Chris Rynolds



Never in a million years would anyone say that they felt good after being sexually assaulted. Be it as they walk in the streets or as they work in an office. No one should be subjected to such treatment as it is downright degrading and disrespectful.

Unfortunately, over the years, there have been cases of sexual harassment in the sunshine state, and nothing is pleasing about that. And the sad part is that people chose to keep it under wraps in the sense that it solves the problem at that moment.

But have you ever stopped to think about the future repercussions? The abuser who is used to going scot-free may advance his or her urges to even rape! Sadly, this is just not just a story to scare you, but it has been someone’s reality, and if nothing is done, it will continue to be passed on.

Good news

The state of California made a bill back in the early 2000s to curb this creeping vice. And since then the cases have reduced immensely. Nevertheless, more had to be done, and that resulted in the revision of the bill in 2019 [see law changes here].

The following ways are how this bill has drastically changed for all employers and employees working in California.

Changes implemented

Notably, you would not understand the changes until you do a comparison of the before and the now, and that is how we will approach this.


In the years before the revision, the training was compulsory for employees with fifty-plus employees in their payroll. This involved part-time and full-time staff members. Of the fifty-plus workers, only the managerial team was to take the training that would last two hours a session. There would be a refresher after two years and for a new manager, six months after occupying the position.


Now it is very drastic as the number of employees has been narrowed down to five. If you think about it, this puts almost all retail and small businesses on the map of taking the training. Secondly, this time all members of staff, including the managers, the supervisors, and everyone else will partake in exercise. The managers will continue having their two-hour session while the others will seat in for a one-hour session.

Sure, you are wondering, what about the part-time worker? Well, that group will have to take the training if they work for the company for more than 30 days or 100 hours. Anything below that, the employer has no obligation to train them.

What is the urgency of this revised bill?

For starters, sexual harassment in the sunshine state is not a matter to be played around with. There have been so many victims, and this has to change. It was noted that a lot of the state’s workers who went through such abuse had no clue of their rights and most importantly, how to handle it.

That was a grey area that needed some light to shine upon.

Well, now there is one. Furthermore, employees have to have completed this free sexual harassment prevention tutorial course by the first day of 2021.

But what if you hire an employee on the 2nd day of January 2021, what happens then? In that case, they too get to take the training within their six months of employment. That is if they lack the certificate previously. But if they already did do the exercise, perhaps in the previous job, they will wait for the refresher in two years.

How will the training help and how to access it

The training will shed light on a few key areas that affect our everyday life today. These include gender expression, gender orientation, and gender identity. But that is not all, the training will include strategies to avoid this form of abuse, how to report it, and the resources at the victims’ disposal to handle the cases, among others.

The course is free and is available through webinar seminars, online sessions, and one-on-one arrangements. So far they are available in the English language only, but will soon be diversified.

Take away

People have to realize that it is not okay to abuse anyone sexually. More so while they are working with or for you. Harassment in the sunshine state of California is not right, and this bill is to protect those who feel they lack the voice to speak up.

All in all, the best option for victims, simply call for a consultation with a top sexual harassment attorney for California State. Do not die in silence; speak up! The law is on your side.


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Best New Websites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2020

Larry Segura



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Digi SMM

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China injects liquidity to support the market against coronavirus

Larry Segura



The Chinese central bank has announced that it will inject 1.2 billion yuan (about 157,000 million euros) in the market to try to counteract the adverse effects of this crisis on the stock exchange on Monday.

The Asian giant’s markets have remained closed since last January 23, the Chinese New Year’s holiday, and they were scheduled to reopen last Friday, although they will finally do so tomorrow.

Experts assume that it will be a very volatile session and with this measure, the Chinese authorities intend to support companies that could be most affected by this health crisis. The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has considered that the coronavirus will only have short-term effects on the stock exchanges.

305 deaths

Millions of Chinese return to their jobs tomorrow after the end of the holiday season, a situation that has put the government on top guard for the coronavirus that has already claimed the lives of 305 people and infected another 14,380.

Today, control measures at train stations, airports and access roads to large cities have multiplied in the face of the flood of people who are returning to their homes after the holidays.

To try to contain the spread of the virus in these times where there is the greatest human migration in the world, the Chinese government decided last week to extend the holidays until day 2, instead of until January 30, although schools in the whole country will still remain closed until further notice.

In some cities such as Shanghai, home to hundreds of multinationals, vacations have been extended until the next day 9, while the entire province of Hubei (center-east of the country), the epicenter of the focus, also continues to stop.

With this, the Government has achieved that the return to the big cities, where millions of people from rural China who take advantage of vacations to return homework, is more staggered.

Since the outbreak of the crisis and especially in recent days, railway stations, airports and highways have turned to carry out passenger control measures such as temperature taking.

328 have overcome the disease

According to the daily report of the National Health Commission, a total of 85 people were cured in the last hours and were discharged, so the number of people who have overcome the disease amounts to 328.

All deaths recorded in the last 24 hours correspond to the province of Hubei, where it is expected that tomorrow the first of the two large hospitals that have been built in less than two weeks to alleviate the crisis will open in the city of Wuhan.

It is Huoshenshan Hospital, with a capacity for 1,000 patients, and it will be operated by 1,400 members of the medical personnel of the armed forces, as approved today by Chinese President Xi Jinping, also president of the Central Military Commission.

Among military medical personnel, Xinhua news agency explained today, many participated in the fight against SARS in 2004 at Xiaotangshan Hospital in Beijing or in the mission against Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, so they have rich experience in the treatment of infectious diseases.

There, in Wuhan, there have been 849 new cases and 32 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to data from the local Health Commission.

The city of Huanggang, also in Hubei, is being one of the most affected and the authorities estimate that the dead will rise a lot in the coming days as many people returned from Wuhan before the city was quarantined.

A closure that was later extended to other municipalities in Hubei and that in Huanggang itself is total since the authorities have prohibited its residents from leaving their homes and only one person from each household can go out to buy food once every two days.

You can only leave to receive medical treatment, to carry out epidemic prevention and control work or to work in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Control of the dead

The Chinese health authorities are not only exercising control of the citizens, whom they recommend leaving as little as possible from home but also today an action protocol was published with those killed by the disease.

They cannot be buried where their relatives want or have a farewell ceremony but must be cremated at a designated funeral home and near where they are.

They will not be transported between different regions and will not be preserved by burial or other means says a protocol issued by the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Minister of Public Security.

Funeral traditions such as farewell ceremonies are prohibited and the bodies must be disinfected and placed in a bag sealed by medical workers and cannot be opened after sealing.

Until now all the deceased had occurred in China, where 99% of the infected people are also, but today it was confirmed that a man of Chinese nationality died on Saturday in the Philippines, where he had traveled from Wuhan.

Advances in research

All this while experts and researchers reveal some discoveries about the disease, such as the fact that it could spread through the digestive system.

This is believed by a group of Chinese researchers from the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who found viral nucleic acids in the feces and rectal swabs of the patients after they noticed that the initial symptom of some patients infected with the coronavirus was just diarrhea, rather than fever.

In another of the investigations, the expert of the department of respiratory medicine of the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University, Chen Zhimin, warned that there is a potential risk of mother-to-child transmission so that if a pregnant mother becomes sick her newborn baby also You run the risk of becoming infected.

The danger is high since the immune system and respiratory tract of neonates is not as mature as that of adults, the expert warns.

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