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Crystals Are A Great Addition to Jewelry



Everyone that is into fashion knows how important and vital is it to have your own personal style and vibe. And what better way of representing that style than with a crystal that matches your personality with either its history, color, zodiac association, or just plain aesthetic? Crystal jewelry is an easy way to add some crystal magic in a subtle and stylish way.

People use crystals and stones on necklaces, bracelets, and rings to name some examples and they are a wonderful way to carry with you an exotic one-of-a-kind accessory that is sure to give your outfit a unique and natural look.

Once you pick a crystal that suits your personality and look you begin to decide how to carry it around with you every day through fashion and jewelry. The more you get into crystals, you can learn about the different meanings they have, their history, and what jewelry to wear them to make the most out of your crystal.

Fans of crystals love using crystals as jewelry as an easy and snappy way to carry their favorite items with them throughout the day. It is a cool way of bringing forth a part of life that brings you joy and gives you identity with you in all aspects of your life.

Rose Quartz

Carrying a set of rose quartz earrings can give you a natural look with beautiful light pink vibes. Rose quartz is said to be the stone of love and various civilizations have used it for many purposes. In Greece, it was said to bring peace and was associated with the home of the goddess Aphrodite, the ancient Egyptians believed it stopped aging, and today it is known as a wonderful symbol of love, compassion, and tenderness. Putting into earrings can bring you into a style that has been renowned and used throughout the ages and is certainly a great conversation piece as well.


Citrine is called the summer stone. It comes in uplifting shades of pale tan to yellow. Its color sparks positivity and using it on a bracelet can bring a sunny look to you in an easy-to-carry way. Citrine also represents prosperity, so it is a great stone for small business boss babes.

Crystals as Bracelets

Crystal bracelets have been popular for a very long time and throughout many cultures, being used for protection, status display, and a general fashionable look. Crystal bracelets, especially a traditional beaded style comes in hundreds of stone options that can match any outfit color-wise, or any energy style you might be going for.

A piece of tiger’s eye on a stone bracelet, for example, would give you a fierce look, and tiger’s eye has been historically worn by warriors into battle to give them courage and strength.

Crystals as Necklaces

A piece of amethyst as a necklace is sure to give you a larger than life look as well as being gorgeous to look at. The precious stone comes in shades of purple and holds tons of sparkle or rainbows depending on if you go with a raw cluster or a polished piece. They are associated with calming and cleansing energies, and wearing them as a necklace can bring this vibe and history with you wherever you wish.

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