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DCTDAO Introduces the $2 Decentralized/Non-Custodial Cross-chain Bridge!



DCTDAO Introduces the $2 Decentralized/Non-Custodial Cross-chain Bridge!

The incredibly high gas fees of Ethereum have plagued crypto traders that want to trade on DEXs without the hassle of KYC and all the while keeping their funds safe on non-custodial exchanges. Hundreds and thousands of dollars are wasted on swapping and gas fees, eating away at the profits from the trade. Now with DCTDEX, users can finally trade with gas-less fees, leveraging the avalanche blockchain and beyond.

But before users can trade on a gas-less ecosystem, users will have to exit using a Bridge from the Ethereum blockchain and enter a low gas fee trading platform based on another blockchain like an avalanche, Polkadot, and more. This is more often than not quite problematic for casual traders who wanted to trade only a few hundred dollars worth of cryptos since almost all other cross-chain solutions cost hundreds of dollars in bridging fees alone.

Enter DCTD Bridge

Gone are the days of seeing your profits getting eaten away by Ethereum fees on Ethereum based DEXs. Now traders, big and small can move out from the Ethereum blockchain and trade on the gas-less DCTDEX seamlessly and affordably using the DCTD Bridge for a flat fee of $2 fees to exit Ethereum and enjoy all the benefits of the DEX, including gas-less trading as well as staking and many more options coming soon.

Key features of DCTD Bridge are :

  1. Highly affordable bridging fee of only $2 from Ethereum to Avalanche (Current rate : 0.00074 ETH). Rates will be adjusted on a weekly basis, so very small deviations from $2 will occur during the week with price fluctuations.

2. Seamless method to convert assets to the destination’s native token without having to use an external website or any centralized/custodial exchanging.

The bridging process is built in such a way to enable an easy and user-friendly bridging experience. You can get started on doing your first bridge now by following the tutorial below :


What’s Next

DCTDAO will not stop improving the bridge, the DEX, and the infrastructure of the DCTDAO ecosystem. As more promising blockchains like Polkadot emerge, DCTDAO will continue to adopt, integrate and improve the innovative tech and create the next iteration of DCTD Bridge, DCTDEX, and more!

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