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Decoration for Valentine’s Day 2020

Larry Segura



Although there is no special day to celebrate love, every day should be, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to forget all the stress and enjoy a special moment with your partner.

Why not create the right environment to have a romantic adventure for you and your special someone? Not only will it be fun to share it, but you can start enjoying it from planning and during execution. Here are some suggestions to stimulate your imagination.

Ideas for ambient lighting

Lighting is one of the essential points to create a romantic atmosphere. Using it intelligently we can modify an environment, stimulate sensations, and even control the mood of its occupants.

Always keep in mind that lighting directly affects what we feel and the way we perceive a space.

Mix various types of lighting with soft tones, candles are a classic for a romantic evening, and if they have an aphrodisiac aroma even better.

But if you have time to install them, the idea is to have additional lamps equipped with dimmer light switches that regulate the intensity so that it is easy to control and adjust for different needs.

Ideas to decorate the bedroom

It is the perfect opportunity to take a break from the mundane and rekindle passionate love once again. And what better place for the culmination of a magical Valentine’s day than a romantic dream bedroom?

Stimulates the senses, with rose petals scattered throughout the room. With this simple resource, you will be stimulating the view with the color of the petals and smell with its perfume.

The weeks before Valentine’s Day you will definitely find yourself in the shops with lots of bright red decoration items. It doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase or something that is permanent. Some silk pillowcases, a blanket to throw at the foot of the bed or even some new curtains to give a passionate touch to the bedroom. All shades of red are valid, from pink to purple.

Different lighting, soft music, flowers or rose petals scattered on the sheets are some of the most used resources. It is a good opportunity to surprise your crush, transform your house into a romantic den, create a suggestive bedroom to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

As you can see in the images that we have gathered, it is not necessary to introduce major changes or invest too much money. But pay attention, there is a common denominator that has been taken into account in almost all examples and is vitally important: lighting.

You may want to do something special for this day, such as creating an intimate and sensual environment to enjoy with your partner.

The colors for this day are pink, white and red, you can play with this range of colors to redecorate your bedroom or simply find some elements that inspire your senses. No major modifications are necessary, just give a little romantic touch here and there that revitalize the room and make it look different.

Ideas to set the bathroom

It is not necessary to have a spa at home, but you can transform everyday environments with the help of some small tricks. If you have a tub, you cannot miss it, it is the ideal day for a relaxing bath of two, but you must set it to be really special.

How about a dip in a tub surrounded by candles, flowers, and champagne-like this?

Or like this one, if space is enough.

Ideas for a romantic dinner

If the weather permits, a dinner for two in the light of a dim candle and the moon as a backdrop in the garden or in the countryside would be the most romantic atmosphere and the most memorable moment!

But if that is not possible because you are in a latitude where the days are cold in February, the ideal would be a dinner by the fire. A beautiful fireplace, good wine, and stimulating talk.

A very simple table but super romantic. Candles, petals and red flowers can work wonders.

The simple idea of ​​placing the cutlery forming the word love can be a detail.

Although red is the preferred color for Valentine’s decorations, being considered the color of passion, pink comes in second place. Although this detail of the glasses with rose petals admits petals of any color. Notice that the candles float in water.

Only a little good soft music remains, of the style you prefer, but if possible, it invites romance and relaxation. And the rest runs on your own.

On this special Valentine’s Day surprise your crush with a romantic dinner. For that, you must play with small details either in the decoration, the way of serving the table and even on the menu.

Fun ideas to decorate meals

This special date allows us to be very creative not only in decorating or when giving Valentine’s Day Gifts, but also in something as every day as preparing food for loved ones.

While the rest of the world is entangled in networks of scarlet hearts and fantasy flowers, to celebrate this day, those who enjoy the delight of good food will find here a lot of Valentine’s Day Decor ideas full of humor.

Apples whose skin has been removed forming a small heart.

Super simple, nutritious and made with a lot of love, to celebrate with our loved ones, to share among coworkers, to brighten a friend’s day.

Ideal to set up a nice table if you are organizing a party for Valentine. Something as simple as cutting the fruits with mold or presenting a heart-shaped cheese and vegetable board will make a big difference when presenting the food. And without a doubt for the smallest of the house, they will be a delight.

Surprise your family with an original breakfast, such as daily toast, fruits, pancakes, bacon or bacon eggs, but with a different touch.

Decorating a dessert with small hearts can be another inexpensive and beautiful way to serve a special dish to those who interest you so much.

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Valentine’s Day 2020 Ideas: Gifts and Tours

Chris Rynolds



Have you considered the ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020? The date that is celebrated every year often needs a revamped for the couple to get out of automatic. And nothing better, then, than having ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020, such as a romantic dinner, travel, or a different gift.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12 in Brazil and February 14 in other countries. But despite the symbolic date, not every couple has amazing ideas to celebrate and surprise their partner.

Are you one of those people who doesn’t know what to give to her boyfriend? So follow this article and get inspired by great ideas not to go blank on June 12th.

What is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

In countries such as the United States, February 14 is celebrated St. Valentin’s Day, in honor of the bishop of the same name, who lived in the late Middle Ages.

Valentin was sentenced to death on that date for clashing with Emperor Claudius II, who forbade marriage because he thought single soldiers fought better.

However, Valentin has not given up on marrying people, even under heavy pressure, and the date of his death has become a tradition over the years for symbolizing the struggle for love.

Here in Brazil, however, Saint Valentin is not well known, but the symbolism behind the date encouraged publicist and politician João Doria to create Valentine’s Day on June 12th.

It was a strategy to increase sales in São Paulo commerce, and the date was chosen because it was the eve of St. Anthony, the matchmaker saint.

Amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020

Don’t know what to give for Valentine’s Day and are tired of the old treats like candy boxes and flowers? There is a way to make the date special and creative even by using the classic goodies.

Below you will see ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 to delight your partner, check it out!

Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day 2020

Hmm, how about giving a nice dinner at home? To do this, you have to go well with the menu, with everything your boyfriend / she likes.

For example, Italian pasta or seafood are great ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020. To go with it, a bottle of good wine is excellent to give the couple a lively or, if you prefer, natural drinks. The important thing is to have a light meal so as not to spoil the night.

Trips for Valentine’s Day 2020

Does your partner enjoy a trip, visit new places or venture into trails and waterfalls? This can be a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

But you need to know the travel itinerary well, whether to another country or city, at the risk of turning Valentine’s Day into a chaotic day! Take a few days to search for romantic itineraries, hotels, and local restaurants.

 Valentine’s Day Outing Ideas 2020

Don’t have time for long trips and prefer a simple ride? How about then visiting museums or city sights if your partner likes art and culture? Attending theater can also be one of the great ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Another super cool idea is to book a beach house and enjoy the moments together far from civilization. Imagine waking up your boyfriend with a beautiful breakfast and enjoying a heavenly setting?

 Assorted Valentine’s Day Gifts

Since not everyone is adept at travel and romantic dinner, it may be a good idea for Valentine’s Day to choose gifts according to one’s personal taste.

One of these ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 is a gift box with everything your boyfriend likes. It can be chocolates, assorted sweets, teddy bears, perfume, even admission to that football or movie game.

Another very modern and innovative gift type is the Netflix kit, featuring popcorn, soda, sweeties and access to many series and movies together. Creative, no?

These are universal gifts, see? If you want something specific, take a look down here to pamper her and him.

For her

If the gift is for a woman and she is very vain, look for something that can be personalized. For example, a bracelet with pendants or a necklace with pendants that have everything to do with what she likes: travel, books, signs, fruit, etc.


If the girl is passionate about culture, how about a mug or blouse personalized with her favorite artist or writer? It can be a phrase, a piece of music or a picture that represents a movie. It’s different and fun!

For him

Men also like to receive personalized little things. Collector’s articles, however, win the hearts of many fans of movies, series, and games.

For lovers of a good drink, it is worth impressing with a craft beer kit. Practice sports? So a beautiful and comfortable pair of sneakers for what he needs can be wonderful.

Therefore, there are always good ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 that go beyond the conventional, can be economical and unforgettable. If you didn’t know what to give to your boyfriend on June 12 before, now there’s no shortage of ideas. Get inspired!

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Resident Evil 3 Special Developer Message

Bryan Nesbit



Resident Evil 3 is beginning April 3, 2020, on PS4 and PC. Every copy also comes with Resident Evil Resistance, the asymmetrical 1v4 competitive combat the series Capcom revealed back in September. If you compare Resident Evil 3 to the second installment, it leans more toward action. So we remade everything supported that premise,” said producer Masachika Kawata in an introduction video for the sport. Just like the original game, expect the new remake to feel more run-and-gun than RE2. Just don’t go full Hollywood action movies like Resident Evil 6, and you ought to be fine.

The new Jill Valentine looks fantastic—less CG supermodel, a more real person, and her new outfit trade out the truly awful late-’90s club attire with a casual-yet-intimidating pants/tanktop combo. She’s radiating 2013 Lara Croft in additional ways than one. The oft-rumored and leaked Resident Evil 3 Remake has been confirmed as a part of PlayStation’s final State of Play of 2019. the sport also includes the previously revealed cooperative multiplayer title Resident Evil Resistance and is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on April 3, 2020. Here’s everything we learned about the updates being made to the game and a glance at a Resident Evil 3 Special Developer Message, also as a trailer for the upcoming horror remake. Much like the highly successful remake of Resident Evil 2 released earlier this year, Resident Evil 3 modernizes the third entry within the long-running survival horror series, ditching the fixed camera angles and swinging the third-person viewpoint over protagonist Jill Valentine’s shoulder.

The announcement trailer (which you’ll watch below) shows the long-lasting heroine running through a burning building with antagonist Nemesis in pursuit, while the remainder of the trailer focuses on the story and characters. Resident Evil 3 is about amidst the outbreak of the T-virus in Racoon City and takes place within the hours leading up to and following the events of Resident Evil 2. the game stood aside from its predecessors when it had been originally released in 1999 by introducing the titular Nemesis–a towering humanoid bioweapon that stalks you thru much of the sport, hissing “STARRRRRRSSSSS….” as his pounding footsteps follow hot on your heels.

The horrific setting and new content are delivered to life with the RE Engine that previously powered Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5, which promises to modernize Resident Evil 3’s gameplay mechanics. Somewhat surprisingly, Resident Evil 3 also comes packaged with the cooperative multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical four vs. one survival game that was originally revealed as Project Resistance during the Tokyo giveaway earlier this year.

Four survivors must work together, making use of a spread of weapons and every player’s unique abilities, to face an opportunity of escaping an experiment that’s controlled by another player assuming the role of the Mastermind. The Mastermind can manipulate the environment and wields a deck of cards that allow them to put traps and deadly creatures, and even directly control elite bioweapons like G-Birkin and Tyrant.

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Kandi Burruss Gushes over Kenny Lattimore Who Visited Her Aunt Bertha

Nichole Kerr



Kandi Burruss has just sprung on Kenny Lattimore, who has just visited Aunt Bertha at the old lady Gang at Camp Creek. Discover his message of support: “Thanks to my brother @kennylattimore for being here and showing like to #AuntBertha @oldladygang today! #CampCreek, Kandi captioned his message. People sprung from the restaurant within the comments as if there was no tomorrow. A fan wrote, “I’m getting to visit just to return here!!! I see all the delicious food items and that I hear such a lot!!!

Kandi Burruss Gushes Over Kenny Lattimore Who Visited Her Aunt Bertha, A fan said, “These appetizers sound the bomb! You want to all ventures on the West Coast!! “And someone congratulated Aunt Bertha:” Aunt Bertha is my favorite. I like facial expressions. » A commentator wrote, “I love Kenny! I still play his songs! But I don’t like my Kandi anymore. UN “and another adept said,” this is often the primary time I see evvvverrr see aunt Bertha smile @kandi! Too funny! All the grins I see » An Instagrammer also sprang on Kandi’s aunt and said, “I see you, Aunt Bertha!!!. @kandi I’m trying to urge down there, I’ve heard tons of excellent things about @oldladygang. “Kandi was recently honored when the newest episode of the Bravo hit series the important Housewives of Atlanta shocked viewers. It’s crazy to believe reality stars Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker just welcoming their baby because their romance has been anything but smooth sailing.

Everyone has meddled in their business and there has been much drama, but they’re definitely during a good place now. So, how did this relationship start? If you’re a lover of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but still feel a touch out of the loop, that is sensible because their connection didn’t start ahead of the truth show cameras. The way Kandi and Todd met is a reasonable joke. They didn’t meet on the show, but they did meet during the filming of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

During a Bravo interview, Todd explained why this was pretty scandalous: “I was trying to play it cool in Africa as it’s against the principles to cross the road with the talent. In a production that’s an enormous NO NO! I loved her smile, she had an excellent butt! LOL! She seem extremely unassuming and genuine. So, how did Todd go from working behind the scenes, with instructions to take care of a distance from the cast, to chatting it up with Kandi? He has one among Kandi’s RHOA costars to thank for getting them together.

Phaedra Parks noticed Todd and pointed him bent Kandi and therefore the two ended up immediately clicking and staying up the entire night talking. The thing was, if Todd wanted so far Kandi, he couldn’t work on the show anymore. In an interview with Glamour, Kandi revealed that he did quit to pursue a relationship together with her. “He did find you quitting the show. That was an enormous decision for him to possess to form,” she said.

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