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Did Power Die? Power’s Death In Chainsaw Man Explained!



power death

Power, the beloved blood fiend from Chainsaw Man, didn’t take up much time to capture the hearts of readers and anime watchers alike. While her crazy girl personality won some hearts, there are many skeptics who would think twice before getting completely hooked on a character.

What if she doesn’t survive the perils that the Chainsaw Man series will throw at her? True, being set in a gruesome world, orchestrated by none other than Tatsuki Fujimoto, the fate of every character is on the edge. So the major question, before anyone completely fanboys on Power is:

Does Power die in Chainsaw Man?

For manga readers who know what’s about to happen, the question altogether has a different meaning. Makima did what she had to do with her finger bang. But, does that really spell the end of the character?

Before we get into the nitty-gritties, let’s cover up some generic stuff:

Who is Power?

Power was once a human but was possessed by the Blood Devil after her death, thereby becoming a Fiend. She became semi-immortal as a result of that circumstance.

Puh-Puh-Puh Power!
There isn’t an exact criterion for the amount of damage required to kill a Fiend but I assume their limbs and head need to be cut off and they’d be declared dead after a certain period of time.

Since this article delves into Power’s death in Chainsaw Man, let’s skip the generic profiling and recall some of the near death scenarios.

In order to handle more powerful Devil, training is required. Power and Denji were put under the tutelage of none other than the self-proclaimed strongest devil hunter, Kishibe.

Kishibe managed to kill Denji more than 20 times & Power would have died as well if it wasn’t for Kishibe feeding her blood to regenerate at the last minute.

Power almost died under the hands of the Darkness Devil as well but she had her limbs intact. She was missing from action while the gang dealt with the Doll Devil and later was seen sleeping on Denji with tears in her eyes (being terrified of the Darkness Devil).

Other than that, Power was at her mischievous and obedient best throughout. On to the main question now.

Does Power die in Chainsaw Man?

Yes. Power dies in Chainsaw Man. She gives up her life trying to save Denji from Makima in the final fight. However, before dying, she makes a contract with Denji, asking him to come find her.

Unlike what majority of the fandom might believe, Power did not die in chapter 81 when Makima used her finger gun to blast her into oblivion. Well, her existence as a fiend does cease to exist there. If that is the case, how did Power revive you ask?

Recall Chapter 71 where Power offered her blood to Denji to make it up to him. Denji takes up the offer and drinks her blood. This lets the blood devil’s existence to stay back in some form inside Denji.

Fast forward to the Control Devil arc where Makima was whacking up the Chainsaw Man left and right. Seeing its beloved friend in a tight situation, Pochita approached Power, making a contract with her to save Denji.

To answer in short, Power was able to revive by eating a part of the Chainsaw Devil (Pochita), after making a contract with the latter to save Denji.

If she revived here, how did she die?

How did Power die in Chainsaw Man?

After making a contract with Pochita, the Blood Devil appears out of nowhere from the Chainsaw Man’s body and starts to conjure weapons from her blood in order to strike Makima and her manipulated underlings.

However, she was quickly overpowered by Makima’s swarm of zombies and a “BANG”, ripping off the Blood Devil’s arm.

The Blood Devil initially consented to hand over the weakened Chainsaw Man in fear of Makima’s manipulative talents, but Power’s recollections of Denji led her to flee with him.

Here, a weakened Power (or the blood devil), makes a contract with Denji, instructing him to find, befriend and turn her reincarnated self into the Power he loves. She warned him that her reincarnation would think of him as an enemy (because almost all Devils hate the Chainsaw Man, aka, Hero of Hell). So it’s up to Denji to win her heart after pinning her down.

In exchange for making the contract, Power offers her blood to Denji, before disappearing, which implies that she died.

Just to jog your memory a bit; when a Devil (and extension a fiend) “dies” in the mortal world, it is reborn in Hell before reincarnating on Earth once again. Its power is determined by the amount of fear humans have of its underlying subject matter.

Being reincarnated means, they won’t retain their past life memories. That’s already implied by the birth of Nayuta, the reincarnation of the Control Devil.

So, did Makima kill power? Yes and no. While she willingly gave up her life to save Denji, the Control Devil too was heavily involved in the incidents that lead up to her death.

So where is the Blood Devil right now? Will we see Power again in future chapters?

Will Power come back in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

So far, there’s no revelation on who could Power’s reincarnated self be. But judging by the seriousness in the contract, Denji would do everything possible to bring her back.

Denji can easily identity or sense the reincarnated version of the Blood Devil through its blood flowing inside him.

It’s pretty obvious that he misses her a lot. Saving a cat rather than humans from the terrible Cockroach Devil implies that. Apart from taking care of Nayuta, I wouldn’t be surprised if his top agenda right now is to find the Blood Devil. And becoming famous help in the process…

Or is it…?

The above is one theory.

What if he slowly loses control of himself through this constant killing? What if he develops a stone-cold heart?

Don’t forget that Denji now has a heart of a Devil. In Chapter 29, the young man was contemplating what his reactions would be if <Insert Name> died.

He was sad when Pochita died. Himeno? Not so much. (“Am I a heartless jerk?” Denji questions himself)

What if Power died?

“Naah… Don’t think so.”

Well, that changed later on.

What if Makima died?

Denji assumes he’d be sad for 3 days but will be back on track easily.

It’s possible Denji might get carried away by his Devil side. Devils don’t care about others but themselves. And they care about being on top of the food chain. Currently, every human worships the Chainsaw Man.

It’s possible that would get into his head and he’d lose his conscience. Only time will tell…

So what do think of Power’s possible resurrection? Will it happen sooner or later? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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