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7 Different Types of Security Bollards and Its Uses



types of security bollards

Bollards are a very useful product not only for traffic control and management but also for the safety and security of a certain place. They are a simple and efficient way to restrict any type of unauthorized access.

Security Bollards and its Uses

Security bollards are straight vertical posts that are used to control and manage traffic, especially in high-traffic areas. Many people tend to cross lines when they are on the road. It happens many times that motorbikes come into car lanes. This becomes the reason for accidents and mismanagement of traffic. Bollards help to solve this problem by restricting access to motorbikes in the car lane.

It is also used to provide a visual barrier to restrict access. It is also used by high-security buildings for example a government building or an army enclave, to protect them against terrorist activities.

Bollards are also used by many other businesses for different purposes. They come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to serve different purposes. For example, many superstores use bollards to guide people about different sections of the store. Similarly, hospitals and clinics make use of the bollards to help keep the front clear for ambulances and vehicles of patients coming in an emergency.

Types of Bollards

There are many different uses for bollards and their types are also classified into different categories according to their use and purpose. The most basic and important types of bollards are given below.

1.     Removable Bollards

The name is describing the purpose of this type of bollard. These are removable and can be relocated easily when not in use. They are made to provide flexibility to the entrance criteria of a certain property. When there are places where access has to be restricted at some times and allowed at other times, then removable bollards are used. They can be placed when you do not want to allow access. Similarly, they can be easily removed when you want to allow vehicle entry. The security bollards installation of these types of bollards is very easy as they only need to be placed and removed and do not need to be fixed in the ground. This means that no specific installation requirements and no extra installation cost will be needed in the case of removable bollards.

2.     Bicycle Parking Bollards

These bollards are a very useful option for bicycle owners as they can easily lock their cycles along the post. They are designed in the shape of a post with an arm. The arm provides space for locking the bicycle with it. They are made of strong material to support the weight of bicycles. They are also a good option because they provide designated parking for bicycles and in this way abrupt parking practices can be eliminated. The parking of bicycles at abrupt places becomes the cause of disturbing traffic flow both for the vehicles and the pedestrians.

3.     Decorative Bollards

Decorative bollards are used for decorative purposes. They are usually made of plastic or wood etc. for example lighted bollards are used in parks on walkways. The people coming for a walk in the park at night can easily spot the walkway and it looks pleasant as well. Similarly, many bollards are placed to match the theme of the building or its architecture to provide a pleasant visual. Wooden bollards are placed in parks and gardens to guide visitors about different areas of the park.

4.     Anti-Ram Bollards

Anti-ram bollards are also known as retractable bollards. They are designed in a way to provide a flexible option for the entry or exit of vehicles. These are made to go into the ground when not in use or when you want to allow access to vehicles to enter a certain property. Similarly, they came out of the ground and provided a barrier against access or entry of vehicles. They are usually operated through a remote or a button. Some guard has to be present to operate the bollard.

5.     Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards are just like retractable bollards. They rise out of the ground to restrict vehicle entry and retract back into the ground when you want to allow vehicle entry. The only difference is that automatic bollards have motion sensors and they do not need a person to operate them. These bollards are for people who have busy schedules and do not have time to operate the bollard themselves.

6. Crash-Rated Bollards

The most recent technological advancement in the world of bollards is crash-rated bollards. They are checked and tested against different levels of collisions. They are used in high-traffic and accident-prone areas where the chance of collision is high. Storefronts are also protected by the use of crash-rated bollards. Many times it happens that vehicles come and collide with the storefronts and cause damage to the store and its customers. These crash-rated bollards can easily withstand such collisions and provide security against such incidents.

7.     Permanent or Fixed Bollards

These types of security bollards are used at places where they need to provide a fixed solution. These bollards are placed for a long term and do not need replacing even for years. These bollards are usually placed outside colleges or schools etc where you want permanent restrictions for the entry of vehicles. They are simply put into the ground with the help of concrete and cement. They are usually made of metal and provide maximum security and protection.

Concluding Comments

Bollards are no doubt a very efficient and effective solution when you need security against unauthorized access and also want to restrict vehicle entry into the premises. 

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