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DNA Facts That Just May Shock You – Home DNA Paternity



At DNA testing laboratories, we consider ourselves very fortunate to provide prospective clients with the opportunity to get a DNA paternity test that is affordable and accurate throughout the country. There are many individuals out there who, in the past, were uncomfortable or scared by the idea of having a DNA test done, but now they are choosing to have one done since it is so easy to access, and there are even simpler methods to connect with us.

  • Ancient Viruses 

After going through one of the deadliest pandemics of our lives not too long ago, it will come as a surprise to find out that the COVID-19 virus will eventually become ingrained in our DNA at some point in the not-too-distant future. You did read that sentence correctly. The fact that 8% of our DNA is composed of ancient viruses that used to infect people and make them sick is evidence of this. These viruses used to be a major cause of illness among humans. They are now ingrained in our genetic makeup and do not represent any danger to us at all.

  • The Offspring of the Earth, Their Mother

DNA is something that all family members, including parents and children, pass on from generation to generation. Discovering in DNA test labs that we are all 99.5% identical has a huge impact. Only 0.5% of the 3 billion pairs that make up the human genome can’t be found in any other organism. In addition to that, given the circumstances, why wouldn’t we share our DNA with the other children of this planet? Yes, we are 95% the same as other species of primates, and we even share 50% of our DNA with bananas! That is very awesome to hear.

  • Vacation in the Sunshine

Even though it is physically impossible to go even close to the solar, if our DNA were to be stretched to its limit, it would be able to travel from Earth to the sun. This is only an example. Even though you may already be surprised by this, it won’t only cover the journey once; rather, it will protect it 600 times. Our DNA would travel more than 100 billion miles, which is the equivalent of making hundreds of visits to the sun if we were to combine all of the cells that make up the human body, which is over 100 trillion.

  • Insufficient Travel Time

Even if you could claim to your friends that you work very quickly and put in eight hours of work every day, the truth is that this is not enough effort to merit boasting about. Do you know the reason why? Because if you were to write at a pace of sixty words per minute and labor eight hours each day, it would take you close to half a century to transcribe the complete human genome. Now that you are dumbfounded let’s talk about how incredibly fast that was!

  • Leaving Jurassic Park in Disgrace

We have all been there when Jurassic Park made us collectively lose our minds with the prospect of dinosaurs being awakened from their sleep owing to genetic mutation and DNA cloning. However, from a scientific standpoint, an incident similar to the one in Jurassic Park is only a fable many people believed after viewing the movie. Because of this, the age of the oldest creature that might be cloned is limited to no more than 2 million years. We will never see dinosaurs roam the Earth again since they lived more than that many years ago (I’m sorry whether this is a disappointment or a relief to you).

  • Go Abroad and See the World

DNA Testing in Chambersburg PA has proved that it can link you to places that, even in your wildest imaginations, you could never have imagined being connected to. If you give the lab permission to analyze your saliva, it may be able to tell you things about yourself that you had never considered finding out. For instance, you will be able to discover the areas of the globe where it is possible that your ancestors lived hundreds or even thousands of years the past.

  • DNA Testing and Human Existence

Have you ever experienced that moment when you suddenly questioned your existence, asking yourself questions like “who am I, where did I come from, and how am I still alive?” To some extent, therefore, the credit for your belonging to your DNA is proved by the DNA paternity test. The fact that DNA can faithfully repeat itself is the primary factor that makes it possible for humans to continue to exist. If you ever underwent stem-cell transplantation, you would continue to live with two distinct DNA testing profiles, each responsible for reproducing and duplicating it to keep you alive.

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