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Dr. Delbar Niroushak – Pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility for Internal Wellbeing and Performance




Dr. Delbar Niroushak, a Canadian innovator born on September 11, 1976, has carved a niche for herself as a distinguished Enterprise coach and the co-founder of Seamticx and Coaching for Change Enterprise. Seamticx stands out as an innovative and science-based organizational development solution committed to supporting companies in achieving and sustaining profitability. Dr. Niroushak is widely recognized as an MCC-ICF leadership and business coach, adding to her credentials as an HR performance strategist with over 18 years of hands-on experience.

Over time, we have often witnessed downfalls of massive organizations for unknown reasons. But if we delve in-depth into dysfunctional firms, we will come across multiple faults exhibited at the management level. Not every individual can achieve results in all domains, so it is wise to seek out help in such phases to accomplish growth in firms. Individuals like Dr. Niroushak have always been of great help in such cases as her proficiency in evaluating the flaws of the system works beyond one’s imagination. Her effortless research of countless years has helped her construct models based on brilliant policies that have been of great aid to numerous organizations.

Moving beyond her individual accomplishments, Dr. Niroushak has probed into the monarchy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by focusing on the CFR (Corporate Family Responsibility). Since the 1950s, CSR has been a central topic in management research, evolving with social movements. CFR has become a unique trend in CSR, emphasizing the value of family and balancing home and workplace to create an engaging environment so potential employee can perform at their best willingly. Dr. Niroushak introduces the other version of CSR, addressing wellbeing, performance improvement, and organizational and social responsibility internally versus externally. Her model seeks to reduce stress, increase employee engagement, and promote personal development.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Niroushak’s CFR model takes a distinctive approach. The shift to remote and hybrid work resulted in a drop in employee engagement and less workflow. Recognizing stress as a significant factor, Dr. Niroushak implemented strategies to balance work and life actively in order to create ongoing growth with accountability. The purpose of this project was to design wellbeing policies that will reinforce a growth mindset and enable employees to create more value willingly. She emphasizes engaging families as a core value, considering employees and the company as one big family that wants to achieve shared goals with a partnership approach which will serve both as a Shared leadership approach to success. 

Dr. Niroushak’s approach aims to deliver better results by managing and reducing stress. She views stress reduction as integral to wellbeing and sustainable performance. Individual development plans, reflective surveys, and reports are tools employed to understand and address the challenges employees face. Dr. Niroushak, as a result of implementing the CFR processing within the companies, designed and introduced a “Happiness Index,” ensuring individuals find reasons to stay within the organizations, fostering increased engagement and wellbeing with more intentional employee satisfaction.

Central to her approach is the notion of holding the company accountable for family responsibility as a core value; she aimed to help the decision-makers acknowledge how they can co-create their relationship with their staff as a bigger family and encourage transparency and vulnerability as 2 key factors to creating a safe work environment. Specific indicators within the CFR model measure the success of implemented policies, creating a three-cycle system applicable to in-house, remote, and hybrid work arrangements. The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between work and home life, reducing stress and uplifting wellbeing within the company.

In conclusion, Dr. Delbar Niroushak’s life and accomplishments underscore her groundbreaking role in the field of organizational development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Her advanced approach to CSR, particularly in addressing the challenges of remote and hybrid work, sets her apart as a visionary leader dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and performance of individuals and organizations alike by focusing on the internal values of the company and maintaining a promising result that is also sustainable.

Being proficient in her area, Dr. Niroushak co-founded Coaching for Change Enterprise, the Enneagram Empowerment School from the IEA (International Enneagram Association) and SEAMATICX. With over two decades of experience, she has conveyed more than 5,000 hours of executive and VP coaching to leaders universally. Notably, she offers ICF-approved Coaching Programs in Sales and Business Development Leadership Excellence Coaching at both Level 1 and Level 2 to enable professional coaches to deliver measurable results.

For over 18 years, Dr. Niroushak has been influential in nurturing organizational growth cultures. She specializes in implementing and measuring Organizational Behavior Change on a global scale, using it as a tool for success and business sustainability. Her impact extends to over 100 companies, where she empowers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) by creating measurable content and course objectives that cultivate impact and build resilience for team efficiency.

As an Enneagram Trainer, Personality Type Interviewer, and Integrated Coach, Dr. Niroushak excels in designing behavioral indicators to measure change and success. She creates operational strategies for companies and communities to enhance skills necessary for effective policy-making. Her Empowerment and Accountability Management System has effectively mentored and monitored leaders across diverse industries, ensuring sustainable growth.


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