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Dr. Fernando Martin Felice – Embracing Perfection In All Aspects



“Everybody does what she needs. And if you want plastic surgery, and then you feel better, why not? There is no law. I’ve nothing against using something to help your beauty – but do it in a good way, with intelligence.”

– Monica Bellucci

The progressing modern medicine of the present era requires perfection in all aspects, simultaneously increasing the demand for skilled and innovative plastic surgeons. This utmost request of the general populace from all corners has given birth to prestigious faces like Dr. Fernando Felice, born on June 19, 1976, in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He can be seen making great contributions in the realm of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. This article sheds light on his journey from early education to his current role as a professor, surgeon, and advocate for responsible medical practices. His contributions to the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery have left an ineradicable mark on the medical community, particularly in Latin America.

Dr. Felice’s journey into the world of plastic surgery commenced with a sturdy foundation laid during his academic years at the University of Buenos Aires, from where he earned his medical degree. This set the stage for Dr. Felice’s steadfast career in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Career and Professional Achievements

As a professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Dr. Felice has been quite a revolutionary in teaching postgraduate courses since 2015. His role as the director and scientific coordinator emphasizes the significance of rigorous training and scientific understanding for aspiring doctors in facial aesthetics. His groundbreaking approach includes practical sessions using cadavers, live demonstrations, and theoretical conferences, revolutionizing medical education across Latin America.

Active in various national and international scientific societies, such as BA Plastic Surgery, ISAPS, WOSIAM, and AACE, Dr. Felice is a sought-after speaker at prestigious events worldwide. His expertise in mini-invasive facial rejuvenation techniques and reconstructive surgeries has positioned him as a key influencer in the global medical community, particularly in Europe and Asia.

In 2008, Dr. Felice founded a private practice for aesthetic plastic surgery and medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His pledge to excellence is apparent in his plan to launch a diploma in the Facial Rejuvenation program at the University of Buenos Aires in 2024, further highlighting the importance of rigorous training and scientific knowledge for doctors in this field.

Master Hub Congress

A notable facet of Dr. Felice’s career is his role as the director and organizer of the Master Hub Congress, a prominent international event in aesthetic medicine. Sponsored by the University of Buenos Aires and multiple scientific associations, this congress brings together over 2000 professionals from around the world, showcasing the latest developments in the field.


Dr. Felice’s offerings extend beyond the operating room. His publications, such as “The Anatomy of the Frontalis Muscle Revisited” and “The Lateral Nasal Artery Pedicle Nasolabial Island Flap,” reflect his commitment to advancing the scientific understanding of plastic surgery.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Felice demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility through charitable work. He offers reconstructive surgeries to individuals without resources, helping them reintegrate into society after accidents or tumors.

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Felice’s dedication to medical and scientific dissemination has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, he received the Martin Fierro Award for “Medical and Scientific Dissemination” on digital platforms, as well as the Best YouTube platform for medical and scientific dissemination.

Dr. Fernando Felice stands as a beacon in the modern era of plastic surgery. His contributions to education, research, and philanthropy have not only elevated his status in the medical community but have also positively impacted the lives of people experiencing poverty. With the increasing demand for skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Felice’s work is an embodiment of the innovation and excellence needed in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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