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Dry Skincare Routine in Winter For Flawless Makeup



Winter! Dry skin on it? Do not want to put makeup on the face in any way? What to do then? As there is a problem, there is also a solution to this problem. Winter skin needs some extra care. For example, it is a must to have a good quality moisturizer in your winter skincare routine. In the same way, if you take care of some things in your skincare routine, you can easily get rid of any skin and makeup-related problems. Today we will know, with some skincare tips for dry skin in winter. We hope that our skin will be as good as it is, and those who face various problems while applying makeup will also get rid of it. Here are some life-saving tips to take care of dry skin in winter to get the perfect makeup.

How do I know if the skin is dry?

The skin becomes very rough and itchy
The skin will look dirty and pale all day long
After taking a shower, the body will feel very tight
Many times there will be problems like itching or itching
Wrinkles can easily fall on the skin
Redness may appear on the skin many times
Problems such as skin rashes often occur again. The skin becomes white. The amount of dead cells increases.
The normal radiance of the skin becomes pale and appears darker.

Winter dry skincare will make some changes in our daily routine but many problems will be solved automatically. From waking up to going to bed again, if you can get in the habit of doing certain things regularly, then there is no problem.

Winter dry skincare to get the perfect makeup

Do not forget to do those things as soon as you wake up
1) Each of us has a different skin type. So first we have to wake up in the morning and clean our face with a good facewash according to our skin type.

2) If the face is properly cleansed, you should immediately apply a moisturizer according to the skin type.

3) Scrub or exfoliate must to take care of dry skin in winter. Exfoliate the scrub after using facewash at least 2 to 3 times a week. This will easily solve the problem of dead cells. As well as the darkening of the skin will be reduced.

What to do before you go out

Many of us are reluctant to use sunscreen because the sunlight is not very bright in winter. But then I don’t understand how much damage we are doing to our skin due to this slight negligence. So,

1) Don’t forget to use sunscreen even in winter sun. Sunscreen can be cream or lotion but in no way can it be skipped from our day care routine.

2) When going out, try to use sunscreen that has SPF 30 or above.

3) It is very good if moisturizing sunscreen can be used.

Skin care before going to bed at night

No matter what skin care I do all day, skin care cannot be skipped in any way before going to sleep.

1) Apply moisturizing lotion on the face more than the amount of moisturizing lotion used during the day.

2) You can use olive oil before going to bed at night to maintain the brightness of the skin. Or you can use petroleum jelly.

3) Those over the age of 20 can use night cream or serum in their night care routine.

Many of us who love to do makeup face various skin problems in winter. It is good all year round but winter actually starts skin problems. Just a few things to keep in mind in your skin care routine will help you to get rid of these problems and create a mind-blowing makeup look.

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