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E- Home Loans: Features and Benefits



Buying and living in a home that matches your preferences is a dream for many. However, now that not many have access to hefty funds, they apply for a housing loan. With digitization meeting almost all aspects of modern life, an interested applicant can now avail of a home loan online. Gone are when people must visit bank branches and follow the tedious home loan application procedure. Almost all lenders have perfected the home loan application process online through different websites or texting applications like WhatsApp. This article sheds light on the features and benefits of e-home loans.

Features of E- Home Loans:

Since digitalization is changing the landscape for home loans at a much faster pace, borrowers should make efforts to familiarize themselves with the process of home loans online apply. The below-listed are some features of e-home loans:

  • Remote applications: With the emergence of Covid-19, people are forced to recede into their homes, but the home loan online application procedure still allows people to buy their dream homes while relaxing at their homes. The online instant home loan application has around 8 to 10 fields that can be filled in within 10-12 minutes. Also, many banks even show their customers a pre-approved offer while providing them a conditional sanction letter, which further allows borrowers to commence the home buying process with the lender’s funding backup.


  • Quick procedure: Quickness is one of the key features of the online home loan application procedure. Once it is ensured that you meet eligibility criteria, the home loan application is processed quickly, and the approved loan amount is disbursed upon document verification. The Best home loan lenders ensure home loan approval within 24 hours and disbursal of the loan amount within 72 hours. Speedy home loan application mechanisms streamline the home buying process and ensure that you don’t lose out on your preferred property due to delays in required funding.


  • Borrower-friendly application format: Although digitization is a necessary step in modern banking, it must also account for those individuals who are unfamiliar with the internet or have a negligible online presence. Therefore, lenders have come up with easy-to-understand and hassle-free online home loan application formats to be more inclusive of all borrowers. From expensive to Cheapest home loans, the steps to be followed for applying for a home loan online are self-explanatory. In addition, many banks have made their home loan applications available in various regional languages to ensure that borrowers aren’t deprived of the benefits of e-home loans just because of language or usage restrictions.


  • Unparraled versatile channels: Lenders offer borrowers the versatility and flexibility to apply for an online home loan across a wide array of digital platforms, including official websites of different banks, customer portals, a variety of social media platforms, online applications, and even texting platforms like WhatsApp. This makes it easier for borrowers to access any digital channel according to their convenience. In addition, the online ecosystem has made it seamless for borrowers and lenders to contact and interact with each other and maximize the number of online home applicants.

Benefits of E- Home Loans:

The below-mentioned are some impeccable benefits of e-home loans:

  • Comparing the home loan alternatives: Applying online for a home loan allows the borrower to conveniently research lenders online and make substantial comparisons on the home loan options offered. Now there is no need for you to visit different banks and review their readymade portfolios to choose the Low-interest home loan. Instead, you can make comparisons based on different aspects like- adjustable-rate mortgages, refinancing options, fixed-rate mortgages, reverse mortgages, and more. Also, you can browse different lenders’ websites or social media pages to know more about their home loan services. Information about annual percentage rates, extra charges, or fees levied on the different types of home loans will help you save a good percentage of money.


  • Easily accessible features and tools: Applying for a home loan online can be a more rewarding experience as you can get your hands on some handy tools like an EMI calculator, home loan eligibility calculator, and more. For instance, with the EMI calculator as available on the official website of the best home loan lenders, you are required to fill in necessary details such as the total amount to be borrowed and for what duration, applicable interest rates, processing fee charged by a particular financial institution, and more. Once the required details are filled in, you will know the amount to be paid for each EMI and the total number of EMIs. Moreover, you can get your credit ratings and documents verified online.


  • The streamlined home loan application process: Whether a working professional or an entrepreneur, you need not affect your schedule and hop from one bank to another to apply for a home loan. The online home application enables quick access to paperless home loan disbursals with just a few clicks and successfully uploading and verifying necessary documents. The best housing loan online application process is seamless that involves few qualms in terms of the duration, total home loan amount, each amount and number of EMIs, repayment or prepayment options, and more.


  • Seamless communication: It is usually not possible for everyone to take time out from their busy schedule and drive down to the bank to solve their queries or submit required documents for a home loan. This is why online home loans and Health Insurance plans in India seem like a boon for many. Now you can connect to your home loan representative at any time according to your convenience. Moreover, you can contact the loan provider through several channels, such as phone, message, website, or email, for your concerns or queries.


In today’s modern world, each industry is looking for online tools and solutions, and the home loan industry is one of them. You should apply for a housing loan online to make the most of the banking industry’s best pricing and exclusive offers. The e-home loan application process is easy to access and hassle-free, but also it allows you to compare different types of home loans online and choose the best one.



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