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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pimples



Pimples, acne or acne, rashes are common skin problems that children of all ages suffer from more or less. But did we know that skincare techniques and steps vary with age? When a teenage girl has acne on her face, the cause and type of care will be different from that of a middle-aged woman. We use some creams, medicated face washes, and homemade face packs to get rid of acne. It is very important to know and understand why this skin problem is happening, how old it is, what products are used to take care of the face, before rushing to tell someone about any treatment or trick. Is there any effective way to get rid of pimples and get rid of pimples forever? Let us know the details about that today.

Why are Pimples?

The sebaceous glands of our skin secrete an oily substance called sebum, which is naturally present. Acne is when the mouth of this glandular duct is somehow blocked and the secretion of sebum is obstructed and it becomes swollen. Bacterial infections cause it to become quite large, with pus-like lumps inside, which can cause echinacea and redness. Propane bacterium Echinacea may be responsible for this, experts say. Acne mainly affects people in the pores of the mouth due to accumulation of dirt, digestive problems, reaction to wrong skincare products, hereditary or hormonal reasons. In addition to the face, there may be pimples on the chest, back, and thighs.

What are the causes of acne in teenagers?

Tropical acne and premenstrual acne are more common in adolescents. Tropical acne is caused by weather, pollution and overheating. One of the main causes of acne at the age of 12-16, which is the sudden increase in hormones during adolescence, is natural. At this age there is not much idea about skin care. If the skin is not cleaned properly, dust accumulates and acne easily develops.

What can be done to get rid of acne in teens?

1) During adolescence, no active ingredients such as kojic acid, benzone, niacinamide, etc. can be included in the skin care routine. There is no need to use serum at this age.

2) Follow simple and basic skin care routine.

3) Clean the face well with oil cleanser and foam based gentle face wash.

4) If there is active pimple on the face, scrubbing cannot be done.

5) You can spray rose water as a toner. Then apply moisturizer to understand the skin type. Avoid oily creams and choose light, gel type formula moisturizer which is good for pimple prone skin.

6) Sunscreen with sun protection mast, SPF 50 can be used before going out. Back home, the skin should be thoroughly double cleansed. Otherwise, the pores will be clogged and the skin will suffer more acne. With unclean skin but can not sleep!

Acne can have serious psychological consequences, especially for adolescents, so no worries! Drink plenty of water, acne is strictly forbidden. Avoid oily foods, eat nutritious food, take timely rest. Baby products can be used up to 12-14 years.

Causes of acne at a young age

After the age of 18, the incidence of acne naturally decreases a lot, but in many cases it does not. Acne Cosmetics means this type of pimple is seen due to any cosmetic trial. Acne Deterginex is caused by excessive mouthwash with soaps. At this age, girls usually buy and use hot-hot skin care products after hearing from their girlfriends, if they do not suit it, acne may appear. Acne can be caused by stress, study pressure, poor skin care, sun exposure, poor water intake, digestive problems, excessively oily skin, etc.

What are the ways to get rid of acne at this age?
1) Salicylic acid should be included in skin care. Salicylic acid is a type of beta hydroxy acid that penetrates deep into the skin and reduces excess sebum production, thereby reducing the risk of acne.

2) Basic skin care can be used properly after 20 years. With Serum, the problem is solved very quickly by becoming a pin point, if there are spots, it also decreases, and the skin becomes exfoliated. If you have pimples, you can’t use a physical exfoliator, that means you can’t rub with a Hersh scrub!

3) Green tea, tea tree oil, aloe vera, cucumber juice, these ingredients work great to reduce pimples. You can check for these ingredients when buying skin care products to prevent acne.

4) Clay masks have a direct role in drying acne and reducing blemishes. Use multani soil or healing clay pack once a week. You can massage tea tree essential oil on the acne, it will be beneficial.

5) Do not apply any kind of spice such as clove, garlic and lemon juice directly on the acne. This can burn skin cells.

At this age, without trying it, you will take care of your skin properly by understanding your skin type and problem. Don’t forget to see a doctor if you get a lot of acne or not, because you also need to see if you have acne due to hormonal reasons. Sleep well, drink water, keep skin clean, select products according to skin type, busy!

Causes of acne during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a hormone called androgen is increased which increases the sebum production of the skin. Bacterial infections with excess oil, external dust accumulation and skin pores become clogged. This increases the incidence of acne. Many people have digestive problems during pregnancy, sleep is not good, these reasons can also indirectly cause pimples.

What to do at this time?

1) Many active ingredients pass directly through the placenta and can harm the baby. So you should be careful about skin care at this time. The ingredients used in acne treatment are mostly not safe at this time. So knowing, understanding, talking to the doctor will make the decision.

2) You can follow the basic skin care routine. Use a good moisturizer according to mild face wash, multani mud pack, rose water, skin.

3) Use silicone free, paraben free, natural ingredients products. Keep your face clean, drink more water. Buy the product by looking at the ingredients list. If you have acne problems during pregnancy, it usually goes away after the baby is delivered. So there is no reason to worry!

Acne mainly affects people in the middle ages
Hormonal problems, ovarian cysts, dehydration, early menopause, etc. can cause acne after 35-40. Much of the skin and hair is hereditary. Many people find that pimples occur all year round, but it does not decrease with age. Genetic issues are related here, but even then the skin needs to be taken care of properly, then a lot will be under control.

What can be done to get rid of acne at this age?
1) Adhere to proper skin care routine, choose products according to skin type. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, serum, sunscreen, clay based masks are a must. Salicylic acid skin care range will be best for you.

2) Consult a specialist doctor, if necessary he can give hormonal test. You have to take treatment accordingly.

3) Specially formulated cleansers for acne, gels are available, you can try them. Before trying a new product in skin care, do a patch test, there is no fear of breakout.

This is how you know, how to do skin care according to age can get relief from acne. This basic self-care can be done to get beautiful skin after getting rid of acne, isn’t it? It is not possible to reduce acne overnight, but if you take care of your skin properly, you will get the benefits very quickly. Love yourself, stay beautiful and healthy!

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