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Embracing Challenges to Achieve Success – John Eric DeTitta



The aspect of motivation drives the framework of perceived value and success. The receptive personality of learning new skills and exploring the other side of the world creates positivity in life. A combination of a few setbacks and achievement is normal when getting introduced to a new skill.

While engaging in new activities requires more effort than performing repetitive tasks every day. Sometimes during the struggling period, the identification of the passion gets vague, while the negativity seeps in through the cracks of pain and harsh realities. The mind stops to acknowledge the fact that, eventually, challenging times will serve a purpose. Contrary to the following notion, some individuals possess the ability to face the situation and embrace growth. John Eric DeTitta, a New York-based writer, producer, director, and independent filmmaker, fearlessly transits from the challenging journey to attain success. DeTitta’s measureless passion for music and movie ignited his motivation at the age of 18 to pursue a career producing movie scripts and songs.

Over time, as the market for real estate reflected a sign of growth, his interest in investing in real estate amplified. His small business of purchasing and selling real estate, including complexes, condominiums, service stations, apartments, hotels, and more, enhanced his knowledge.

“Learning is great for your brain at every age,”

–Dennis Buttimer.

With the emergence of digital marketing, De Titta’s determination to learn and experience new ideas got him involved in the learning of marketing products when he was 31 years old. His personality doesn’t allow him to stay confined within defined parameters but rather explore every aspect of the world. He gained popularity and became a famous personality after he filed the patent for an invaluable cardboard chair and displayed it in numerous amphitheaters, including the contract with Parkin, New York City.

Nonetheless, his passion for writing never subsided despite exploring other fields. In 2022, he presented a distinctive vision of creativity by writing a screenplay of 150 pages. The writing wasn’t in itself wasn’t sufficient to achieve success in the production industry – it required more than the usual efforts.

Therefore, he presented his story to various producers while also learning the dynamics of the film industry, which he was barely aware of. The struggles blessed him with the treasure of learning experiences that molded his personality and perspective to think positively.


Eventually, his consistency, perseverance, and hard work gave him recognition in the industry, and as a consequence, he received financial grants of $5,000,000 to bring his script into reality. However, due to an unexpected turn in his life, he had to halt the operations of the film in order to be present for his daughter. Later, one of the producers rewrote the screenplay and produced the film, receiving the limelight at the box office by grossing over 200,000,000 as well as winning the Academy Awards. He witnessed the dark reality of the industry, as he wasn’t rewarded with profit or royalties from the film.

His personality shines a ray of positivity, which induced him to bounce off the failure and create an ethical channel of funding that would allow artists to own their creative projects without being dependent on finance from external sources. The subsequent event led him to file a provisional patent for the following process in 2004. Society doesn’t teach us to embrace mistakes, while failure shapes the personality through the journey of ups and downs. Similarly, the setback in DeTitta’s innovated the patent of owning the process of creative projects. In a nutshell, his experience in various fields has strengthened his foundation of knowledge as well as made him a notable personality.

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