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Essence and Cream to Get Bright Natural and Clear Skin Article



Here it is! Exactly one month ago from now. For various reasons, my skin was losing its glow. Besides, the skin seemed to be dirty. On top of that, there was a spot on the face. So, I was looking for something that would help me get a brighter look by reducing the spots on my face. During that time, I learned about Neko’s Brightening Essence and Brightening Cream products. The benefits of using these two products in just one month, it seems, are not without its share of experience. By reducing the spots on the face, it has given a bright and natural look, at the same time, the skin has become much smoother than before. The Korean band was working with some confidence before buying. Let’s not know today, let’s talk about the benefits of these two products.

(1) Neko Mao Rejuvenation Premium Gold Brightening Essence

Neko Mao Rejuvenation Premium Gold Brightening Essence is a very good Essence to reduce the spots on the face and bring back the Bright Natural Look. Light weight therefore merges into the face very quickly.

Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin moisturized.
Provides nourishment to the skin.
Bring back the radiant glow of the face.
This essence contains snail secretion filter, which increases the collagen production of the face.
Regular use of anti-aging benefits.
Also face wrinkles, fine lines come down.
Smooths the face.
Reduces puffiness under the eyes.
Due to the presence of Ganoderma lucidum extract, it rejuvenates the face.
There is no irritation on the sensitive face.
It contains red gingseng, which strengthens the outer covering of the face.
This essence gives a very mild smell.

(2) Neko Mao Rejuvenation Premium Gold Brightening Cream

Since, I have actually benefited from Neko’s Brightening Essence. So after using Essence, I thought, using Neko Mao Rejuvenation Premium Gold Brightening Cream may improve my face more. The funny thing is, that’s exactly what happened. By using the essence and cream together, I have reduced the spots on my face and got a bright look. Besides, I have got many other benefits. And using the cream, it seems that the essence and the cream complement each other.

The cream brightens the face by reducing the dark spots on the face.
Moisturizes the face for long term. As a result, the skin is rejuvenated.
Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it protects the face from free radicals.
Helps to regenerate face cells.
Smooths the skin.
As a result, it helps to increase collagen production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
If there are freckles or any kind of rash, it reduces it and brightens the face.
The smell of this cream is also very nice and refreshing.
What will the price be?
Although the price of Korean brand products is a little higher, I think the price of these products is very reasonable.

Why do I like the two products so much?
Another reason to feel so good with so many benefits is its cooling effect. After applying, there is a very cold feeling on the face. It seems to me that an essence and a cream are suitable for use in hot weather. Comes with a comfortable feel after use. The color of the essence and cream is also very nice, it looks a lot like melted gold. And being small in size has been great for me, I can easily carry it in my bag when I go out.

There is another cream of Neco brand, Neco Whitening Cream. Since I like both the products of Neco brand, I am thinking how to try this cream in the future.

Where to find?
In fact, a friend of mine suggested me to inbox on the cosmetics Facebook page to report my skin problem. They will try to solve the problem accordingly. So, I inboxed the cosmetics Facebook page, pointing out my problem. And they suggested me this brand’s product. You can also easily order this essence and cream from Cosmetics is my hope for all authentic products. You can also buy them from two outlets. One of the two outlets is located at Jamuna Future Park and the other at the Border Reserve. You can also buy any skin or hair care related product from cosmetics.

Hopefully, today’s review was helpful for you. Stay well, stay healthy.

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