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Facial Exercises That Will Make You Look Younger



At a wedding that day, someone said to Anika, your face looks very dirty! He is upset after hearing this. When he returned home, he looked at his face in the mirror. Not long ago he noticed that the skin of his forehead was wrinkled, fine lines were seen around his eyes. The eyes are closed, looking brighter than before. The skin of the face is dull, dirty! Again, double chin can be seen under the jaw. Why is that? Where is the lost youth of the skin?

Many people face such a situation like Anika. Busy work every day, black smoke from cars, pollution, outside dust and dirt have an adverse effect on the skin. As a result, there is an impression of fatigue on the face, wrinkles appear. With makeup, this impression can be covered for a while, but the lost radiance of the skin does not return. You have to exercise to get radiance out of the skin, you have to follow some rules. Exercise for a youthful look, did you hear this new word? We all know how to exercise to lose weight, but you also need to exercise to get beautiful skin? Let’s take a look at how to do facial exercises to retain the youth of the skin, from a physiotherapy consultant.

Why is exercise necessary to maintain the youth of the skin?

1) For those who spend most of the day in front of the computer screen, there is some yoga. When the exercises are done carefully for a short period of time, then the body and mind become calm and concentration in any work increases.

2) Excessive work stress or anxiety causes headaches, neck pain and fatigue. There are some exercises that relieve headaches, work stress, travel stress, and even worries and bring a touch of peace to the body. Regular exercise can reduce the appearance of fatigue and make the skin look younger.

3) Facial exercises will tighten your skin, fix the sagging or wrinkled skin, increase blood flow to the face. This will increase the glow of the skin, the double chin will be removed easily. It will also retain the youth of the skin by creating new tissues.

Rules for exercising

1) Choose a secluded environment to exercise. Seat in a place where there is light and air. Wear loose clothing.

2) Inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Do this for a minute or two first. Then slowly increase the time.

3) Warm-up before starting the exercise and cool down at the end. Even if you exercise at least 30 minutes 7 days a week, you will definitely get positive results.

How to exercise?

A) Close the lips and pull the two cheeks towards the inside of the mouth as much as possible. Much like pouting lips while taking selfies. Hold this for 10 seconds. Do this exercise 3 to 5 times.

B) Fill your mouth with air like inflating a balloon. Hold this for 10 seconds. Then gently release the air. This will reduce the excess swelling of the cheeks. Do the exercise 3 to 5 times.

C) First turn your head to the left, as if you are trying to touch the left neck with your left ear. Try to reduce the gap between the ears and the neck as much as possible. Do this 4-5 times. Do the same on the right side.

D) Sit in a chair and look at the roof. Now make your lips like a kiss. Hold for 10 seconds. This exercise is more effective in eliminating the problem of double chin. Do this exercise 3 to 5 times.

E) Smile, smile openly. When you smile, every muscle in the mouth contracts and expands and blood circulation increases. Excess fat is reduced and radiance of joy spreads in the face.

Know the rules well while doing yoga. When to take deep breaths, when to exhale, as well as to keep the body / muscles relaxed. It is very effective in removing wrinkles. If you do these exercises regularly, your youthful radiance will come back again! You can do these simple exercises at any time while sitting at home to retain the youth of the skin. Remember that your youth will reveal the power of your mental and physical work. Let’s love ourselves, not take care of ourselves.

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5 Tips For Men For Oil Free Fresh Skin



Boys skin care again! Anything else? Boys do not need so much! Skin care is only for girls, ”he said. But have you ever wondered how ironic this kind of thinking really is? Have you ever seen, after going out with a boy, dust on the skin of the girl, bad condition after sunlight but the boy’s skin is still as it was due to some divine power? Or as the age progresses, girls are more likely to have age-related impressions on their skin, but not boys’ skin. Not at all. Isn’t it?

So why do we think that skin care is only for girls, boys do not need it at all! Be it skin care or hair care! All of us, boys and girls, need it. Due to the lack of acceptance of this simple matter in the society, many boys are ashamed to talk openly about the solution of any problem. So today we will learn about some of the very common problems of boys and their solutions.

The questions we often get from boys

Every day we have various questions about skin problems and their solutions. Girls as well as boys are constantly asking us questions and what the solution will be. The most common problems that guys face are:

Blackheads and whiteheads have a lot of problems. How to get rid of it?
Skin oils are sticky and oily, how to get fresh skin pub?
Regular saving makes the skin rough. What if the skin will be soft again?
The skin is very dirty and pale. What if you look lively?
Acne mainly affects the face and leaves acne scars. What can be done to reduce acne and acne scars?
Today we will learn about some simple solutions to these common problems of boys.

(1) How to eliminate the problem of blackheads and whiteheads?
Not sure at first, what are blackheads and whiteheads and why?

Blackheads or whiteheads are basically a kind of spots that look like small nodules. It can also be called a type of acne. As you can see, the pores of our skin are always open. So dust, dirt, these easily accumulate in it. At some point, these lumps harden and close the pores of the skin. These later oxidize together with various germs and dirt and take on a dark color. This is what we call blackheads. And compared to girls, boys tend to go out a little more. So more or less, all boys have problems with blackheads and whiteheads. Now let’s not know what the solution is.

Since the problem of blackheads and whiteheads is basically, the dust and dirt on the outside accumulates on the skin. So try as much as possible to keep the pores of the skin clean.
Guys don’t want to maintain too much skin care routine, but at least 2 times a day face wash with face wash is a must. It cannot be skipped in any way.
However, facewash cannot completely clean the dust or impurities inside our mouth. For this, you need to have a scrub along with face wash in your skin care routine. The first task of an exfoliator or scrub is to remove the old dead cells in our skin. This easily removes the problem of blackheads and whiteheads from our skin. However, it is better not to use exfoliator or scrub more than 2 to 3 times a week.
Nose pore strips can be another excellent solution to the problem of blackheads and whiteheads. There is no need to worry about it. Instantly cleanses the blackheads on our noses and gives a clean look to the face.

(2) How to get fresh skin pub by removing skin oil sticky and oily feeling?
Boy or girl, we mainly have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin type. However, most people in our country have oily skin. And there is no end to these oily skin problems. You can’t wake up or look at the face back home at the end of the day! As soon as you hold it with your hand, it seems that the oil is rising. Isn’t it? So, let’s find out now what to do.

It is a must to use a facewash that is suitable for oily skin. The face should be cleansed using facewash at least twice a day.
While this may sound a bit of a hassle, for those whose skin type is oily, it is important to keep a clay-based mask in your weekly skin care routine. Good quality clay masks of various brands are now available in the market. These masks control the sebum production of our skin and give a fresh look to the skin.
Face packs can also be a great solution. Besides, you need to drink plenty of water regularly, especially in summer.

(3) As a result of regular saving, the skin is getting rough! What if the skin will be soft again?
Many of the boys are accustomed to regular save, while many prefer to trim. Although trimming does not cause much damage to the skin! However, as a result of using razors, the skin of many boys becomes very rough. This does not mean that soft skin can be found in any other way. After saving, if you follow some rules and regulations, but this problem will be solved. Let’s not know how?

After saving, you must use after save lotion, balm or gel.
Is it enough to just use After Save Lotion? But no. After save lotion is applied only in the area where it is being saved. So along with After Save Lotion, apply a good looking moisturizer on the rest of the face as well. It will have a soothing feeling on the skin and the skin will be good.
Refrain from using razors that have been used for a long time. This is a bad habit for many boys. But it can also cause serious skin damage.
After using the razor, try to keep the razor dry and clean. It will not have the tendency to rust or rust. If the razor is rusty or rusty, the chances of itching or pimples on the skin are much higher.

(4) How to look dull and pale skin?
Boy or girl! Who doesn’t want vibrant, youthful and glowing skin? The older he gets, the more he loses his youth. So let’s know some simple ways to make the skin look vibrant.

First of all, we have to change our lifestyle. You need to be more aware of everything from going to bed on time at night to getting up on time, eating and drinking routine and exercise.
In addition to drinking more water, make it a habit to eat fruits and vegetables.
Reduce excessive exposure to sunlight.
Be sure to use sunscreen before going out during the day.
Clean your face thoroughly before going to sleep. And make it a habit to use a sleeping mask at night.

(5) What to use to reduce acne and remove acne scars?
The most common of the boys’ questions is acne and acne scars. This is a common problem for all boys and girls. As well as those whose skin is oily, this type of problem is more common. Let’s know what to do if you do not know.

Try to keep the skin clean at all times. Dirt should not be allowed to accumulate on the skin in any way.
Use a facewash with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a type of BHA or beta hydroxy acid. As many people know, this ingredient helps to get rid of acne.
Must use facewash before going to bed at night. Also use a good quality moisturizer according to skin type.
You can use aloe vera gel. The anti-bacterial properties of aloe vera help a lot in reducing the incidence of acne.
Use a face mask or face pack that will control the oil.
Avoid oily foods as well as drinking too much water.
Acne scars should not be scratched or touched at all.
If you use acne spot removing gel or cream, you will get good results quickly.

It is not right to think, “If you are old, your face will be a little like this”, “Boys’ skin is like this, this is normal”. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. “As you grow older, problems will appear, so it is better to be aware now!” Is it very difficult to think so? In most cases, the cause of excessive oily skin is genetic and hormonal imbalance. It also depends on the weather and the diet. If oil-producing hormones are more active in the body, then excess sebum is produced in the skin. There is no such thing as a boy or a girl !!

We all have skin problems and we all want our skin to be beautiful and fresh all day long. Hopefully, after today’s article, those who have not been able to understand what to do for a problem will benefit at least a little. In addition to skin and hair, if you want authentic products for your personal care, you can visit two physical shops of cosmetics. One of which is located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Reserve. And if you want to buy online, there is


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Solution for Suntan Faced by Bike Riders



Boys have to leave home every day for their own needs, for livelihood or for various activities. Many people prefer to ride a bike for the speed of travel. Send it now, ride sharing like Uber bike is very popular in Dhaka city. After wandering around in the sun all day, he returned home at the end of the day and saw that his skin was burnt and turned black by the sun. I know, this is a very common problem for bikers or those who ride outside. Going after the suntan on the skin while riding the bike? Then today’s article is for you!

Do you have skin color inconsistencies?

Most girls are very conscious about their skin, but many boys are not yet concerned about basic skin care. If the boys go to the sun and return home with dirt on the skin at the end of the day, then why not skin care for boys? Take a look, is there any color inconsistency in your body skin? The part of the body that is covered, it is bright! And the part that is exposed to the sun, it is relatively dark! This inconsistency in skin color shows you how important it is for you to have basic skin care. Skin Care and Sun Protection is not just for girls! It is equally necessary for everyone.

Suntan on the skin after riding the bike!

What is the solution?
Sun exposure, pollution damages your skin quickly. Darker skin, younger skin age, dirty and dry skin are all happening but for sun damage. How long will you protect yourself from the sun after wearing a full sleeve dress? With a little care, wearing suntan on the skin can be easily prevented. How? Find out now.

1) Use sunscreen
Must apply sunscreen! When leaving the house during the day, apply sunscreen on the face, neck, hands and the part that is exposed to the sun. Suncare products that have at least SPF 50 will give you good coverage. Sunscreen has to be re-applied every 2/3 hours. This is the most effective way to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

2) Cleansing back home
If the skin is not cleaned properly after returning home, the pores of the skin become closed due to dust and sweat. This can cause problems such as dark spots, roughness, acne or rashes on your skin. So taking a good shower back home is a must. Use a soap or shower gel that gives a refreshing feel while bathing. You can use body scrub to clean the dust well. This will clean the dead cells and dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin.

3) Keep the skin moisturized
Those who ride bikes, their skin is quite rough, right? If you stay in the sun for a long time, the skin gets dry as soon as you wear suntan. You can use aloe vera gel before going to bed at night to keep the skin hydrated. This will gradually reduce the tanning, the skin will be repaired, the feeling of roughness will be removed. After the shower, use a body lotion according to the needs of the skin. Boys’ skin is relatively hot, but with a little care, your skin will be better.

Yes, very easily but you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of sunlight. You have to apply sunscreen and go out and carry the sunscreen with you. For those who are bikers, and those who ride bikes to their destination, I hope today’s article was helpful.

You can get variety of men’s care products from Visit now to get authentic suncare products, body lotions, shower gels / body scrubs, perfumes or even get your desired product at two cosmetics shops located at Jamuna Future Park and Border Storage.

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Which Serum is Suitable for Your Skin



I understood the need for skin care, how many types of products according to the skin care routine. But it is difficult to know which product will give the best solution to my skin problem. That often happens to me. It must have been with you! Isn’t it? The skin care product that we are all more or less confused with is Face Serum! It is important to use serum in skin care after teenage age, it contains very powerful ingredients, which work by targeting some specific problems of our skin. Got it! But, how do you know which serum is right for you? Many of us do not know the function of any of the ingredients in the serum. So, today we will find out, if there are any ingredients, you can easily understand what can solve your problem.

At first I didn’t know in a nutshell, what is the function of serum?

Serum is basically high concentrated powerful ingredients made in the form of many light or thin formulas. Ingredients work by targeting any specific problem in our skin. The serum can reach the innermost layer of our skin. So it works very fast on our skin. In addition to regular skin care, some common skin problems such as-

Problems with spots or pigmentation
Sun Tan
Acne scars
An even skintone
Wrinkles problem
Serum works to address these issues.

Serum Ingredients and Problem Solutions
At a certain age, it is a must to keep the serum in the skin care routine. Serums like facewash, moisturizers or scrubs also become more necessary for our skin than hobbies. It is important to understand which serum will work for you and your problem. Besides, you should not use the product without knowing what an ingredient does. So let’s find out how to understand which serum is right for you.

(1) What is the function of “niacinamide” in serum?
• Basically, this niacinamide helps to boost the collagen production of the skin.
• Niacinamide helps in making a lipid called ‘ceramide’, which maintains the protective layer on the outside of our skin.
Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
• Those who have problems with open pores. It helps to minimize pores.
Keeps skin smooth, moisturized and healthy.
• For those whose skin is extra oily, niacinamide helps to control skin sebum production.
Helps to reduce skin redness.
Does not make the skin sensitive at all.
Helps to get rid of acne.

Therefore, those who have problems with excessively oily skin, open pores, age marks on the face or are prone to acne can easily choose a serum containing niacinamide and put it in skin care.

(2) What is the function of “alpha arbutin” in serum?
Alpha arbutin is a safe brightening ingredient. It can provide excellent solutions to problems like hyper-pigmentation or pigmentation of our face.
Helps to reduce dark spots or various spots on the skin.
Brightens the skin by reducing spots. Helps to bring natural glow.
Helps to change skin from uneven.
Reduces acne scars or old spots on the face.
• For those who have problems with blemish or redness on the face, this is the best choice.
Those who have sensitive skin can also use it safely.

Many of us are familiar with the name of this ingredient “Alpha Arbutin”. But many do not know, if we have any kind of problem in our skin, we have to use serum with alpha arbutin. So, basically, serum with alpha arbutin may be the right choice for those who have various spots or blemishes on their face.

(3) What is the function of “Vitamin C” in serum?
Vitamin C is very helpful in solving various skin problems and repairing damage. Vitamin C works to repair our damaged skin cells.
Helps to remove the impression of age.
Reduces melanin production in the skin, giving a natural glowing effect to the skin.
Helps to reduce various skin blemishes.
Will help to retain the youth of the skin.
Will make the skin smooth.

Vitamin C is a very effective ingredient in skin care. So those whose skin glow is lost, pale or dirty, damaged due to various reasons will try to use a serum with vitamin C.

(4) What is the function of “lactic acid” in serum?
The main function of lactic acid is to act as anti aging. This can be a great solution for those who have wrinkles.
Breaks down dead skin cells. Broken dead cells come up a lot like dandruff. So, it works a lot like peeling serum.
Works like scrubbing on the skin.
Helps to remove acne scars.
• For those who have problems with freckles, this is the best serum.
Helps to remove dark spots on the side of the lips.
Reduces the problem of old age spots or pigmentation on the face.

Lactic acid is a very powerful ingredient. Since it is used for peeling and skin scrubbing, it should not be used more than 3 to 4 times a week. It is enough to apply any one time to get good results. It is usually best to apply at night.

(5) What is the function of “salicylic acid” in serum?
Salicylic acid is an effective ingredient for acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.
Salicylic acid acts as a keratolytic agent on our skin.
Breaks the keratin layer of the skin and penetrates inside and dislodges the clamped dead cells.
• Dead cells can be easily exfoliated.
Salicylic acid penetrates the lipid layer of our skin and reduces excess sebum production. As a result, those who have extra oily skin reduce the oil production of their skin.
Salicylic acid helps to cleanse the dead cells by penetrating the sebum inside the skin. So it is easy to get rid of the problem of acne or pimples.

People who have not suffered from acne may not be able to find it. So, for those who have problems like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and problems like bumps or bumps on the forehead, they should include salicylic acid in their skin care routine.

(6) What is the function of “hyaluronic acid” in serum?
Over time, our skin begins to age. Hyaluronic acid works to treat these skin problems and prevent premature aging of the skin.
Fine lines of the skin, reduces the problem of wrinkles.
Reduces skin dullness, roughness.
Retains skin youth.
If the skin is not hydrated, it will dry out after a while. It works to keep dry skin moisturized.
Hyaluronic acid draws water from the external environment and supplies it to our skin. So, for those who have dry skin, it is a must to keep in skin care.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients that works the most to create our skin layer.

However, sunscreen must be applied during the day
No matter which serum you put in your skin care according to the skin problem, apply sunscreen during the day but must! In no way can this be skipped from your day-care skin routine. You can use sunscreen at night instead of sunscreen during the day, but it won’t do any good.

Well! How many times a day can I use the serum?
Many people do not think that if you use 3/4 of the serum in one day, you will get the solution of all the problems together. Although written on the packet, the serum can be used twice daily, day and night. However, in the climate of Bangladesh, it is better not to use it more than once a day. However, if it is not a very powerful ingredient, it can be used once a day and once at night.

How much serum will I use each time?
There are many who apply with a full handful of serum. Many people use it in very small quantities as the price is high. However, never use more than 4 to 5 drops of serum. If you use a throat serum, it is more than 2 to 3 drops extra, that is, 6 to 7 drops in total is enough.

Of the various ingredients used in the serum, the above ingredients are the most well-known and effective. I hope those who will buy a serum after today’s article, did not understand! Some of them will help. It is better not to use serum before 21/22 years. And you can routinely use niacinamide or alpha arbutin at the beginning of serum use. And of course don’t forget to use a good moisturizer after using the serum!

Authentic products for skin and hair care. If you want, you can visit two cosmetic physical shops, one located at Jamuna Future Park and the other at the Border Reserve. And if you want to buy online, you can buy from Everyone will be well, be healthy and be aware of themselves.

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