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The rise in popularity of social media influencers has seen the rise of a whole industry of social media influencers. And this industry is growing and becoming an ever-increasing market. Social media influencers were once considered a fad in marketing but as time passed, they proved to be a potent marketing tool. Today, in the social media world, we have a variety of influencers, both micro and macro, who are available to access.

Influencers have a long history in marketing. Originally, companies used compelling figures like personalities and athletes to help sell their things through TV and radio advertisements. The upgrade of social media has made different types of influencers more popular.

The bulk of influencer marketing moments occur in social media. Micro-influencers and bloggers are a further cost-effective way to pierce instant credibility for growing brands.

Influencers like Floonafit who has 883K followers on her Instagram page daily influence and entertain her audience with valuable content.

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