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Fitness After Pregnancy: Expert Opinion



Pregnancy and being a mother is a special time in every girl’s life. From the moment he realizes that a new life is growing in him, the matter of taking care of oneself is created automatically. It is very normal to gain weight at this time. Because for the growth of the fetus, the expectant mother has to consume extra calories, get adequate rest, and a heavy workout is also forbidden. Many people become anxious about gaining weight after delivery. In addition to taking care of the child, you have to be fit and take care of yourself. Here are the answers to some common questions about post-pregnancy fitness.

Fitness after baby delivery

It is often seen that the weight gain that occurs in pregnancy does not decrease with time after baby delivery but increases. For those who are breastfeeding, there are some restrictions on dieting. At this time mothers are worried about their excess weight, many can not lose weight even after wearing a belt. Especially in the case of cesarean delivery, mothers face problems reducing belly fat. What exercises can be done at this time, when to start exercising, such questions keep coming to mind.

Mushfiqa Akhter Bithi, a fitness instructor at the National Gymnastics Athlete and BetterLife Yoga and Aerobics Center, will give us some basic information on how to get fit after getting pregnant and how long after you should start exercising.

Get expert advice on post-pregnancy fitness

1) How many days after delivery can the exercise be started?

A. The start of the exercise depends largely on the pattern of delivery.

If there is a normal delivery and uncomplicated pregnancy, it is possible to start light exercise after 10-15 days. However, if Laceration, Episiotomy / Mini Surgery is done during normal delivery, then Low Impact Exercise can be done after 4-5 weeks of rest.
In the case of Caesarean section and complicated pregnancy, it depends on the recovery of the 6 layers of the abdomen. It will take 9-10 weeks to start low impact exercise and 14-16 weeks to start high impact exercise.
2) What are the problems if you start exercising without following this time?

A. Bleeding, Incisional Hernia, Infection, Back Pain, Muscle Injury.

3) What are the benefits of post-pregnancy exercise for women?

Reduces depression
It Will help to lose weight
The mood will be good
Istamina will increase
It Will help to tone the body
It Will help reduce stress and improve sleep quality

4) What types of exercises can be done?

Low impact aerobic exercise
Lightweight training
Bodyweight exercise

We will learn more about how to exercise later. If you know anything about post-pregnancy fitness, you can comment. New moms will take care of themselves, eat nutritious food, try to stay worry-free. Best of luck to you and your little sweetheart.

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