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Foshan Aolisheng Hardware Co. – Manufacturing Premium Furniture Hardware Since 2009



Furniture hardware is the supporting foundation of the design plan, just as any organ of the human body. It may seem an insignificant element of the overall residential or industrial design plan – but the right choice may create a greater impact holistically.

The durability of furniture hardware matters as well. The subsequent factors will allow the drawers to operate smoothly for a long time, primarily due to the fact of the shielded mechanism that mitigates the intrusion of debris and dust.

The various sizes of furniture hardware depict the functions accordingly. For instance, some drawers are appropriate for light items while some are sturdy to bear the heavy weight of the items. Similarly, in this context, the features of the drawer slides support the function of drawers. With that, considering the factor of quality is an essential aspect.

He Runping, the founder of Foshan Aolisheng, visions to cater to the customers by providing premium furniture hardware. The company established its headquarters as well as the manufacturing plant in 2009 in Foshan, China. Due to the massive clientele base of the company and to fulfill their requirements, the manufacturing plant is built on 6000 square feet. The success of the company is fueled by the management team of 100 employees, a sales team consisting of 50 employees with highly skilled interpersonal communication skills, and 30 employees managing the department of engineering, research, and development.


Catering the customers based on their requirements builds and strengthens the relationship of reliability with them. Therefore, to cater to customers from various industries and companies, the company’s portfolio is segregated into residential and industrial products. Further fragmentation of the residential products includes residential drawer slides, side drawer slides, bottom drawer slides, and hinges, whereas the industrial products cater to the manufacturing industries, fire trucks, ships, warships, armored vehicles, and precision machinery.

Furthermore, the circumstance of households evolves over time – considering the pets, children, and elderly people. Households, particularly disabled or elderly members, require access to appropriate resources. This means the availability of furniture hardware that doesn’t cause challenging situations for them. For instance, the installation of drawer rails and hinges for smooth operations of drawers and cabinets with high-quality hinges to avoid jamming. Likewise, the commercial space, particularly industries that employ intensive labor. In a nutshell, both segments require safety measures to ensure the well-being of the people around them. Manufacturing sectors require heavy-duty drawer slides to avoid accidents usually caused by the mishandling of bulk documents or any other items.

Some countries have failed to impose mandatory compliance with the furniture safety requirements while other countries are strict with it. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing furniture hardware, Aolisheng cares about its customers and their safety. The company conducts an extensive research and development process in order to produce premium quality products to design commercial or residential spaces. Hence, the company aims to adopt a rigid quality control procedure by conducting several heavy tests before retailing it in the market.

Moreover, innovation is conquering the furniture hardware industry as many industries around the globe, particularly in China, are acing it by paving the opportunity of supplying to international channels. Aolisheng aims to maintain relationships with technology development organizations around the globe by importing equipment and machinery for the manufacturing plant from Taiwan, Japan, and Germany.

Aolisheng 15 years’ worth of experience with foreign markets signifies their knowledge of compliance with international safety standards and producing products accordingly. The company supplies products worldwide, including in Europe, Japan, Asia, North America, Australia, and South Korea.

Conclusively, Aolisheng understands the needs of customers and the challenges encountered by them in their daily lives, leading the team to persistently contribute their efforts in producing premium quality furniture hardware.



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